10 Best College Student Laptop Discounts You Can Get in 2023

This post is a detailed guide on how to find some of the best college student laptop discounts you can get.

Being a student has a lot of benefits when it comes to discounts on products. For instance, if you are into gadgets and electronic devices, HP Student Discount and Dell Student Discount saves you up to 50%.

However, if you’re an entertainment buddy, the Hulu Student Discount and the Spotify Student Discount can save you some really good cash.

On the other hand, you can Get Paid to Watch Netflix or better yet, get a Netflix Student Discount. For those in need of some new gym clothes, you can get the gym shark student discount.

When it comes to the internet, anything can be purchased at a good bargain. Sometimes, you may feel it’s a little overpriced.

But other times like this when certain groups of people can obtain the same products for an even lower price. It only gets better!

Generally, students and educators receive the best discounts of all people. Hence knowing where to find the best college laptop discounts is crucial.

There are several reasons to own a laptop in college, but sometimes we don’t want to spend so much money to acquire one.

College laptop discounts make it possible for you to buy any laptop you want at a surprisingly cheap rate.

We’ll go over some of the best discounts for college students and educators too.

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What Should A Good Laptop Have In Terms Of Specifications?

Best College Student Laptop Discounts

Laptops come in different shapes, specifications, and sizes.

Before purchasing a laptop, you should be aware of its basic characteristics.

The key things that distinguish it as a superior device for you are.

Here are some specifications to check for when purchasing a school laptop.

#1. Battery Life

Primarily, when choosing a college laptop the battery life is a crucial variable to consider.

A long-lasting battery is essential for a good laptop.

Consequently, having a laptop battery that only lasts an hour or two is not ideal.

Although some batteries can last up to four hours on average, this is insufficient.

A laptop with a battery life of at least seven hours, on the other hand, is sufficient for any task. That is the option you should go with.

#2. Processor

In the middle of a significant project, a good laptop with a fast processor will not forsake you and your job. Among Intel’s CPUs are the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors.

The processor functions similarly to the brain of a laptop computer.

It depicts a computer’s performance.

Because a laptop’s processor is powerful, programs such as photo editing and graphic design software will run faster.

Getting either a  Core i5 or core i7 processor should serve you just right.

#3. RAM

Your computer’s RAM is essentially short-term memory, where data is kept only as needed by the processor.

It demonstrates how your laptop will respond to commands and the number of programs it can perform. You can run more apps on a laptop if the memory is upgraded.

On good laptops, at least 4 GB RAM is becoming standard.

Mostly, 2 GB will not suffice.

It will be difficult for you because your laptop will be slow, particularly if you are using it to run heavy apps.

As a result, a laptop with greater RAM will be required.

Laptops with 8 and 16 gigabytes of RAM are now available.

#4. Hard drive

Another thing to think about when buying a laptop is the hard drive or storage capacity.

There are primarily two types.

The first is a hard disk drive (HDD), while the second is a solid-state drive (SSD).

Normally, an SSD computer will be faster than a laptop with a hard disk.

This is because the SSD has no moving parts that consume more power and need to be driven; unlike the HDDs.

However, both types hold information more or less permanently on your computer.

When Should You Buy a Laptop?

The best time to buy a laptop differs based on the season.

From July to September, there are a plethora of back-to-school-specials.

Then, in November and December, the Christmas deals begin. In the spring, around February to April, retailers reduce prices once more.

The back-to-school season, which spans from July through September, usually yields the best pricing for students.

Even so, don’t pass on a terrific deal simply because it’s the holiday season!

Discounts are offered throughout the year.

What are Student Laptop Discounts?

Student laptop discounts are usually available to college students where the prices for the laptops and accessories are reduced by the vendor or company.

This typically increases affordability for students and increases sales for the company too.

Best College Student Laptop Discounts You Can Get

With any of these college student laptop discounts, you wouldn’t have to pay the whole price.

A substantial chink o the cost will be slashed for you to easily afford the laptop.

#1. Student Discount: Apple’s Education Program

For a variety of reasons, Mac computers are becoming increasingly popular. On college campuses, Apple laptops are particularly popular.

And Apple only makes it better by offering some of the best college student laptop discounts.

Apple products provide student laptop discounts that are unmatched by their Windows counterparts.

Savings are aimed toward current and new college students, as well as their parents.

This is made available to teachers and staff by Apple, which benefits both educators and students.

It also provides education costs to home-school teachers of any grade level. The bulk of Apple’s products is covered by the Apple Education Pricing program.


#2. Best Buy Student Discount: Best Buy Student Deals

The world’s largest electronics retailer, Best Buy. It offers a variety of college student laptop discounts.

While discounts vary by department, Best Buy does provide discounts on laptops.

To take advantage of the student discounts, you’ll need to create or join a Best Buy account and sign up for Student Deals.

After you join up, you’ll receive email promo discounts that you can use both online and in-store.

You’ll be able to sort items by student discounts and then use your coupons appropriately.

#3. Dell Student Discount: Dell University

College student laptop discounts are available through Dell University.

This is a program offered by the PC manufacturer Dell.

One of the benefits is a price match promise for students.

Additionally, through the Dell Rewards loyalty program, students can earn up to 6% back on their purchases.

Moreover, additional bonuses include free expedited shipping and exclusive offers.

On its student laptops, you’ll get top-of-the-line hardware at a discount.

Making it shine as one of the best college student laptop discounts



#4. Microsoft Student Discount: Microsoft Education

Microsoft offers a 10% discount to students, military personnel, and parents on all of its products.

All three Microsoft Surface devices are included: the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book.

Remember to take advantage of Microsoft’s Office 365 offer. It is undoubtedly one of the best college student laptop discounts

All you have to do is enter your student email address to get free Office 365.

#5. Student Discount Amazon: Amazon Prime Student

Amazon remains the market leader in e-commerce, technology, and deals. Students at universities can sign up for an Amazon Prime account and receive exclusive discounts.

Such discounts from partners who only offer Prime Student members discounts.

Although a Prime membership is necessary, Amazon offers a six-month free trial and discounted subscription pricing.

Prime Student offers substantial discounts on laptops, phones, tablets, and other electronic goods.

Not to mention Amazon Prime’s other perks.

These perks include free one- and two-day shipping and access to Amazon Prime Video.


#6. Lenovo Student Discount: Academic Purchase

Lenovo also gives university students and professors discounts.

The Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, and other Lenovo devices are all eligible for the 5% discount.

After you add a device to your cart and validate your student identity with ID.me, you’ll receive the discount.

Keep in mind that this discount cannot be used with any of the site’s other promoted coupons.


#7. Acer Student Discount: Acer Online Discount

Acer provides a 10% discount to students as well as free shipping.

To receive the discount coupon, Acer will connect you to Student Beans to authenticate your status as a student.

Unfortunately, this offer excludes warranties, recovery hardware, Chromebooks, orders totaling more than $5,000, and any pre-orders.

Outside of the United States, no free shipping is available.

#8. HP Student Discount: Unidays HP Student Store Discount

While HP’s website no longer offers a student discount, Unidays can still offer a discount on an HP device.

Unidays is an excellent resource for students looking for great deals on a variety of well-known brands, including HP.

By registering with Unidays and verifying your student status, you can get quick access to the latest HP deals.

You should keep an eye on these deals because they change over time.


#9. Samsung

Generally, most Samsung items are discounted by up to 10%.

There are also some fantastic discounts, such as a $300 “speed and storage” bundle that includes two Samsung drives.

Easily making one of the best college student laptop discounts.

Samsung provides some exclusive student offers from time to time.

College students can access these discounts as they come and make the most use of them.

#10. Sony Education Store

On the Sony education store, you may save up to 10% on computers and accessories.

Also, as a student, you can tender your ID card at a sony store and get a discount

Purchasing online, you’ll need to verify your school and agree to t certain terms and conditions.

When you shop from Sony online, you’ll get even more excellent incentives, such as:

  • Upgrades and configuration options that are only available to you
  • Free delivery and a 30-day return policy are included.

Best College Student Laptop Discounts | Frequently Asked Questions

Are Acer laptops good for college students?

Yes! Acer laptops are affordable, making them ideal for college students.

Laptops from Acer, on the other hand, are known for their short battery life. As a result, you should consider a variety of other possibilities.

What size of a laptop is ideal for high school?

A laptop with a screen size of 13 inches is ideal for a high school student.

The Dell XPS Ultrabook is a powerful laptop that can handle even the most demanding workloads and software in a small 13-inch package.

Which is the best laptop for high school?

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the best laptops for high school students.

It is a sleek, portable, and durable laptop with high efficiency.


There are several options when it comes to student laptop discounts.

We’ve outlined some of the best on the market you can find.

Using any of these means is a good way to save some cash on any purchase you make.

So take a little time and peruse our list of the best college student laptop discounts


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