2023 Recruitment of Field Staff Officers in Zamfara – New Incentives

The Nigerian states of Jigawa, Katsina, and Zamfara are the target locations for the expansion of the team that New Incentives, a nonprofit organisation, is building with the goal of reducing the number of children who die before their fifth birthday. This article is solely for the purpose of identifying potential candidates for future scalability in the event of an emergency (potentially).


The New Incentives programme is one that will be supported by the Field Officers. This programme makes use of monetary transfers in order to encourage mothers to finish the immunisation schedule for their infants.

In the states of Jigawa, Katsina, and Zamfara, the programme is run in conjunction with the State Primary Healthcare Development Board. Beneficiary enrolment at public clinics will be the primary focus of this role’s responsibilities.


Field Officers are employed on a full-time basis and work at clinics located throughout the states of Jigawa, Katsina, and Zamfara. In order to be eligible for employment as a Field Officer, applicants must already be based in or reside in one of the following towns:


Bungudu Birnin Magaji-Kiyaw Gusau
Talata Mafara Zurmi
Kaura Namoda



Over the course of the past few years, Nigeria has made significant strides towards increasing the availability of vaccination services for babies. In spite of this development on the supply side, there is still a relatively low level of demand for vaccinations. New financial incentives are being offered to mums in the form of cash transfers to encourage them to properly vaccinate their infants and, in doing so, prevent their children from potentially fatal infections. The cash transfers compensate the mums for missed income and make it possible for the mothers to afford transportation to the clinic.


Key Duties:

Beneficiary enrolment at outlying public clinics and hospitals
Maintain vigilance over the vaccination services offered at your clinic.
Engage in conversation with members of the clinic staff and patients.
Carry out speedy assessments of a high quality.
Help out with several other responsibilities that are connected to the programme.

Take notice that this is a physically demanding position that requires people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are committed to their work.


The Required Qualifications Are As Follows:

1. Proficient command of the indigenous languages and dialects used in Zamafara State, with a focus on the Hausa language. In your cover letter, please specify the names of any languages or dialects that you are fluent in speaking, as well as your level of proficiency in each language.

2. A Nigerian national who has established residency in Zamfara State.

3. A minimum of a National Diploma, preferably a Bachelor’s Degree, with a focus on the field of health or one of the other natural sciences.

4. A willingness to work at outlying public clinics a few days a week and to commute to those clinics using public transportation.

5. Proven experience working within the Nigerian healthcare system and completing clinic paperwork, particularly in regard to paediatric care and immunisations.

6. It is desirable to have prior experience in accumulating (health) data, synthesising that data, and making conclusions from it.

7. Paying close attention to financial concerns and being responsible with the administration of funds

8. a conscientious and detail-oriented professional.

9.A burning desire to assist those in need and cut down on the rate of newborn mortality.

10. Exceptionally strong verbal and written communication abilities in English, Hausa, and other dialects (verbal and written).

11. Excellent responsiveness to email and phone queries.

12. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, internet browsers, mobile phone operating systems, and new forms of communication technology in general.

13. Dedicated to getting results while maintaining a loyal attitude.

14. The motivation to work in a youthful organisation that is adaptable to the feedback of its stakeholders and runs efficiently with a streamlined organisational structure.


Visit the recruitment portal listed below in order to submit your application for the post of Field Staff Officer.

Link to apply for positions as New Inceptives Field Staff Officers in the state of Zamfara:



Applications are only accepted online through Breezy HR, and they must contain the following attachments in order to be considered:

One-page CV

A condensed letter of inspiration or purpose (maximum of 300 words)

The candidates for this post will go through a tough selection procedure. The applications will be evaluated continuously as they are received.

Candidates who were shortlisted based on their online applications will be required to participate in a series of online exams and interviews that will enable for the open and merit-based selection of the individual who is the most qualified for the position. At the end of the process, candidates will be invited to in-person training, and positions will be offered to the candidates who demonstrated the most promise.


It is important to emphasise that New Incentives is committed to spending the maximum percentage feasible on its beneficiaries, and as a result, it limits the amount it spends on administrative expenditures.


Because of this, the salaries that are offered to its employees are not excessive but are sufficient. Do not have the expectation of receiving the remuneration that larger multinational organisations or corporations might provide.


Take heed: “We actively encourage female applicants to submit their applications.”


It is imperative that applications NOT be sent through email.

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