Top 10 Rated and Best Acting/Drama Schools in Florida in 2023

The best acting schools in Florida have recently undergone upheaval. The state is seeing more entertainment, but it’s still not as prevalent as it is in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Since there is a smaller pool of talent, it is simpler to find representation and stick in casting directors’ minds.

According to casting director Lori Wyman, “I know who all the good performers in the state of Florida are. I am familiar with the top 40 or 50 individuals across all categories. CDs in New York or Los Angeles are most definitely not comparable.

You might be wondering how we selected our best acting schools in Florida among many schools.

We looked at every regional theater and training school in Florida to determine which ones were well-known, had a track record of helping actors establish successful careers, and offered an opportunity for performers with various specialties and help you choose one of the best acting schools in Florida.

In order to help you make the decision that is ideal for your particular scenario, we will also provide you with information about specialties, fees, class size, and more regarding the best acting schools in Florida.

Here are Florida’s top 10 acting schools, so let’s get started.

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What Are the 10 Best Acting Schools in Florida?

Here are the best filming schools in Florida:

1. John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Center,

The John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Centers is one of the best acting schools in Florida and equip their students with the skills for success, including modeling, self-image improvement, professional acting, communication abilities, make-up, nutrition, and hair, as well as exercise and fashion.

They are dedicated to giving students the resources they need to develop a distinctive and individual style in a friendly, stimulating, and work-related setting.

In order to create “the ultimate style” for oneself, independent of the most recent trends, students learn timeless fashion techniques.

A strong sense of self that students create is always admired, acknowledged, and valued. To preserve the reputation we have built in a very competitive business, we continuously push for the highest standards.

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2. Truthful Acting Studios

At Truthful Acting Studios which is one of the best acting schools in Florida, actors of any experience level may lay a strong foundation in the art of acting.

However, they also provide classes and workshops in film techniques, commercial acting, improv, monologues, and auditioning.

They are known for their Master Meisner Program. For individuals who have finished the entire Master Meisner Curriculum, they also offer a conservatory program.

Their free industry workshops are a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in getting started.

Orlando, Florida address: 5542 Hansel Avenue

Internet address:

Phone: (407) 917-5580

$395 to $1,095 in tuition

The Sanford Meisner method is its specialty

3. Miami Acting Studio

Between the ages of 18 and 65, Miami Acting Studio offers training to both beginning and experienced performers and ranks among the best acting schools in Florida. They’ll educate you on how to gain auditions and connect you with Miami companies after a few months.

Based on Lee Strasberg’s methods, their curriculum emphasizes topics like neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, and hands-on immersion classes. Additionally, they provide public speaking training for actors and others who simply want to get better at it.

You don’t have to pay for your first lesson at Miami Acting Studio, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you without feeling rushed.

Miami, Florida address: 773 NW 28th St.

Phone: (786) 715-2049

Contact them for details about tuition.

Specialty: The Method and Public Speaking

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4. The Actors Workshop of South Florida

Everyone, from individuals looking for a hobby to professionals, can take classes at the Actors Workshop of South Florida which is one of the best acting schools in Florida. They start off by teaching you how to use tools from the industry and put your talents to use.

Improv, on-camera, cold reading, theatre, and cinema classes are emphasized so you can feel secure in whatever you choose to do.

In Deerfield Beach, Florida, at 201 SE 15th Terrace

The Actors Workshop Website

Phone: (954) 608-1606

$280 for an 8-week introductory course in fees.

Specialty: current workshops

5. StarCatcher Acting Studio

The philosophy of StarCatcher Acting Studio which is one of the best acting schools in Florida is that creativity, exploration, and empathy are the keys to finding your greatest acting. Through lessons, workshops, private coaching, and audition tapes, they assist performers in achieving success.

Orlando, Florida, 8810 Commodity Cir.

Starcatcher Acting Studio website 

Phone: (407) 902-1920

Course fees range from $165 to $350. Specialties include classes for kids and teens and audition tapes.

6. Universal Acting

The acting classes at Universal Acting, taught by professionals in the field, and is one of the best acting schools in Florida and will adequately prepare you for a career in acting. Although they do provide adult programs, their children’s program is the most comprehensive available; there are classes for kids as young as four.

The success of the children’s program can be attributed to the fact that these programs not only aid in the development of your talents but also provide you the chance to express yourself creatively and safely.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 99 SW 14th St.

Internet address:

Phone: (786) 291-0287

$150 to $350 for each course in tuition

Specialization: Child acting

7. Art’s Sake Acting Studio

One of the best acting schools in Florida includes Art’s Sake. In order to help actors of all experience levels hone their abilities for a career in film, they offer Core Film Acting, Scene Stud, and Audition Workout workshops.

The Advanced Intensive is an elite-level course meant to advance your talents, and those who have finished the required sessions may be invited to enroll.

Address: Winter Park, Florida, 680 Clay St.


Phone: (407) 629-4800

$350 for tuition per semester Concentration: acting for films

8. Orlando Shakes

With William Shakespeare’s legacy as its cornerstone, Orlando Shakes creates classic, modern, and kid-friendly plays in collaboration with UCF and is a part of the best acting schools in Florida.

They concentrate on using theater to help kids gain skills that will last a lifetime. They provide Saturday classes, summer programs, school excursions, workshops, and internships centered on learning the fundamentals of theatre and trying something new.

In Orlando, Florida, at 812 E. Rollins St.  is the website.

Phone: (407) 447-1700

n/a Specialization: Shakespearean theater

9. Creative Veins

Respect, integrity, community, involvement, humility, honesty, and discipline are the cornerstones of Creative Veins which makes it one of the best acting schools in Florida. They can offer the greatest acting instruction in Jacksonville because of their rigorous standards.

Their broad course selection consists of 4-week classes that cover everything from stand-up comedy to improv. For individuals seeking more intensive instruction, they also provide private coaching and conservatory programs.

In Jacksonville, Florida, at 337 E. Forsyth St.

Internet address:

Phone: (904) 323-2471

Payment: $149–229 for each 4-week course

Comedy stand-up is a specialty.

10. Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre

The Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is dedicated to fostering young people’s growth in the performing arts and is one of the best acting schools in Florida. In addition to summer camp, they provide classes, private sessions in person and via video chat, and all of these services at all of its sites.

In contrast to other acting schools, RMCT emphasizes the lessons behind acting techniques as well. Children will be able to successfully apply what they learn as adults in any field or environment.

They also provide a limited number of acting classes for adults.

201 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, Florida 32134

Phone: (561) 962-1570

Camp fees range from $925 to $1,775; class fees are $225 for five-week courses.

Specialization: Child acting

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What Are the Best Acting Agencies in Florida?

From client testimonials to years in operation, the Florida talent agencies we suggest are the very finest. If you choose to follow one of our top suggestions, you will have the appropriate direction to begin taking pleasure in your life and profession.

These Florida talent agencies have assisted students in a variety of ways; they will direct you as you identify, develop, and nurture your ability.

1. Stellar Talent Agency – Serving Miami, South Florida, And Broward County

The firm is excellent at ensuring that you receive the right direction to organize your talents. If you encounter particular difficulties, you’ll be prepared to handle them and launch your career. Many people have signed up, and they are pleased to receive the proper instruction. The organization has taken a number of steps to guarantee that employees receive the appropriate training to further their careers.

Location: Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009, 3001 West Hallandale Beach Boulevard

Phone: (954) 241-7376

2. SELECT Miami Talents

Numerous talents have been developed through the talent center. A group of professionals will welcome you and provide the necessary advice so that you can begin on your career path.

The professionals have a solid reputation for developing the training that will help you acquire the abilities you need to advance in your job. Following your visit to the agency, you will be equipped to launch your career.

1000 Fifth Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (786) 290-8070

3. World of Kids Model & Talent Agency

The agency’s highly qualified professionals will be able to assist you in receiving the appropriate instruction. They have assisted a number of kids in discovering and developing their skills.

Your progress in developing your gift will be carefully guided through the various steps you take.

There are many people who have signed up, and they are pleased to provide the appropriate instruction. If you choose to work with the agency’s professionals, you will always receive the best training.

Address: Hollywood, FL 33020, 2500 Hollywood Blvd., #211.

Phone: (305) 672-5437

4. The Kat Agency

Another company has a solid track record for providing the greatest services. You will receive the greatest instruction available, enabling you to enjoy your training. Many participants have signed up, eager to share their insights. You will be given a team of specialists who will quickly recognize your skill and then provide you the best guidance on how to develop it.

Postal Code: 33315 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 506 SW 10th St

Phone: (786) 505-1946

5. Future Faces Miami

The talent agency is well-known throughout Florida. They welcome the opportunity to mentor developing talents in all fields. They have taken the lead in assisting people in receiving the appropriate training. You can enroll, and they will be there to provide you with the appropriate instruction. The appropriate services have been provided to several persons. Test out the agency, and it will help you get the greatest instruction available.

Miami, Florida 33131, 333 SE 2nd Ave, Suite 2000

Phone: (305) 986-7193


If you manage to run with an agent from one of these prestigious movie agencies, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for them at networking events. Just make sure you’re prepared with superb, expert headshots, a website, a resume, and a reel. However, keep in mind that none of these agencies take cold calls, and most fresh talent does not begin their career with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Acting Schools provide student housing, financial aid, or scholarships? 

No, none of the above are things we provide. Partial work/study options may occasionally be available through The Acting School, although these are typically only available to registered students. The student is in charge of making their own housing arrangements.

Is The Acting School of South Florida accredited?

Unfortunately, we are neither accredited nor licensed. We are not a place of learning. Both academic and vocational training is not offered by us. The State of Florida labels our school as “avocational” since there are no regulations or training requirements in the entertainment business for work as an actor. The Acting School of South Florida is not allowed by law to state or imply that participants in the program will be more likely than nonparticipants to find work in the field to which the training relates.

Can I pay my bill online? 

Our website does not accept payments, however, there are 2 methods you can pay electronically instead:
A bank’s online bill payment service can be used to make a payment. [6 days beforehand]
PayPal’s Email Invoice System also accepts payments. [7 days beforehand].
Payments should be sent in cash, money orders, personal checks, or checks drawn on credit cards, according to the Acting School.


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