Top 10 Rated and Best Acting Schools in Atlanta in 2023

This article is a wonderful way to start learning about the best acting schools in Atlanta. It includes information on their agencies, costs, how to get into acting, and how to get hold of the free ones. Atlanta is considered one of the best in theater and acting.

This article also offers a lot about the best acting schools in Atlanta for intellectually and artistically exceptional kids, teens, and adults in its public school system.

Some of the best acting schools in Atlanta really stand out so that they are highly recognized among others. Considering this, we’ll discuss them in this article.

​How to Find the Best Acting Schools in Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to a tax credit that makes it simple for production companies to film in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is one of the best places to find an acting job. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder where to begin when looking for acting jobs. Use these suggestions to find auditions in Atlanta.

1. Join Local Film Groups

Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to start your search for the best acting schools in Atlanta. Look for acting groups in the neighborhood or nearby, such as the Greater Atlanta Film Community or the Atlanta Film Community. You’ll be able to network with other performers in these communities and learn about any new jobs that are available nearby.

2. Browse Area Listings for Acting Work in Atlanta

Utilizing the Backstage website is a further easy approach to find acting employment and also secure an admission in any of the best acting schools in Atlanta. There are currently more than 600 open casting calls on the website, and new ones are being posted every day. Spend some time searching for a few roles that would be a good fit for you because many of these shows are in need of a variety of actors.

3. Go to Local Events

You can also hunt for entertaining nearby events that welcome writers, producers, and actors in order to secure a good after position after attending any of the best acting schools in Atlanta. The CinemATL magazine’s Film Bar Mondays is one of these occasions.

Some event organizers do have certain guidelines in place, such as Film Bar Mondays. Any actor is welcome to participate, regardless of experience level. However, the website’s regulations state that it is not the appropriate place to provide your business card or headshot.

Do not be hesitant to contact the event coordinator and ask some questions if you are unsure of what is permitted at the event. Having this knowledge beforehand can help you learn more about the culture of the group you’re joining.

4. Monitor Site Tags

Acting auditions are posted on some websites, such as Project Casting, all over the world. Examine these auditions carefully to determine if there are any that might be a suitable fit for you in order to secure a space in any of the best acting schools in Atlanta. However, use their tag system to see posts in that area if all you’re looking for are casting calls in Atlanta.

The Southern Casting Call website, like Project Casting, contains a wealth of knowledge regarding acting opportunities in the South. If you wish to work in Atlanta, pay close attention to their Georgia tag.

You can follow the website on Twitter to ensure that you never miss a crucial post.

Always keep in mind that seeking acting jobs in Atlanta is similar to getting auditions anyplace else.

What Are The Best Acting Schools in Atlanta?

There are numerous large-scale productions filming in the Peach State, but you are the one thing that’s lacking. Here is your complete guide to submitting to some of best acting schools in Atlanta!

1. Houghton Talent

Only experienced adult, teen, or child actors above the age of five should send their most recent headshot and resume by regular U.S. mail.

Incorporate links to a top-notch reel as well as your contact information, including your phone number and email, in your resume. Calls or electronic submissions are strictly prohibited.

The agency advises you to research the field and the Southeastern market, enroll in acting programs for in-depth training, and speak with several photographers to get the best headshots for the business.

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2. J Pervis Talent Agency

Submit hard copies of your headshot and resume, along with any reel links. This could give you a slot into any of the best acting schools in Atlanta.

The business promises to get in touch with you within 30 days if they are interested in scheduling an interview.

Every three to six months, you can re-submit if you don’t hear back from them. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission if you’d like a prompt response or confirmation.

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3. People Store

We only permit online submissions through the business website for applications. They “often require at least three years of on-camera experience, or with theatrical actors, some on-camera training as well in order to be considered,” according to the business.

The professionalism of headshots must be at the highest level. When submitting, be sure to include your age, height, weight, email address, and phone number as well as any prior experience and training you may have had.

You will hear back from them in a few of weeks if they are interested in order to know if you have been admitted into any of the best acting schools in Atlanta.

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4. Atlanta Models &, Inc.

Ages 4 and up may submit their talents to Atlanta Models & Talent. You can utilize the online submission forms on the agency’s website to submit your work to them, as this could give you a slot in any of the best acting schools in Atlanta.

They are now looking for adult talent with several credits and years of experience, as well as young actors and actresses under the age of 15 who have credits and set experience. Check out the FAQs on their submission page for further details on the submission procedure.

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5. BMG Talent

A form on this website allows talent to register. “We are accepting seasoned talent of all ages,” the Atlanta agency declares.

We aim for talented actors with stage, on-camera, or improv experience while also reviewing all entries. We will also take into account seasoned models who want to diversify into commercial work.

To arrange a live audition, potential new talent will be contacted. The cold read portion of the audition will be followed by a quick interview.

Include your email address when sending hard copies of your headshot and resume; do not send the originals, as they won’t be returned. Packages that require a signature should not be submitted.

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What Are The Acting Classes in Atlanta?

Finding the right classes in acting for you is the first step toward an outstanding career. The best acting schools in Atlanta where you can find expertise and quality are:

  • Professional Actor’s Studio
  • Alliance Theater
  • Catapult Acting
  • Fox Theater
  • Good Acting Studio
  • Dad’s Garage Theater
  • Aurora Theater
  • The Basement Theater
  • The Actor’s Studio
  • Center Stage Theater
  • The Art Place
  • Compass Actor Services

What Are The Top Free Acting Classes in Atlanta?

Atlanta Hollywood Acting Studios offers the opportunity to try out one of their classes for FREE!

1. Tween / Teen Scene (Ages 11-15)

Every Monday from 5:15-7:15pm

Learn to develop a character, breakdown a scene, take direction and work well with your scene partner. Gain practical ways to grow your career on a regular basis including helpful ideas on marketing yourself as an actor and developing your talent with this exciting weekly class for teens and pre-teens! Teachers Rico & Zoë Soul are working actors in film & TV.

2. Meisner Technique(Ages 16+)

Every Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm

Having studied directly under Sanford Meisner, teacher David Cox breaks down this classic technique used by award-winning actors for decades. This weekly class will help develop your skills of listening, real-time instincts and working off behavior. Open to actors of all experience levels, don’t miss your chance to learn a beloved approach to acting from a master of the craft.

3. Audition Tune-up (Ages 16+)

Every Wednesday from 10am-12pm

Acting Coach Ken Feinberg is sharing the skills he has leaned in his 30+year acting, producing & directing career to help our film students nail the audition. We learn technique and technical aspects of auditioning including self tapes, character development and more.

4. Young Adult Scene Work & Improv (Ages 16+)

Every Thursday from 7pm-10pm

Teachers Rico & Zoë Soul teach this amazing class for Young Adult Actors.

5. Reel Kids (Ages 6-11)

Every Saturday from 10:30am-12:30pm

Learn to read and break down scripts, develop characters, understand how to take direction and make the most of a scene with this high-energy weekly kids’ class! Instructor Matthew Seiden uses a variety of acting techniques, memorization skills, and  more to tackle a variety of characters that will keep the fun coming!

6. Scene Study Intensive (Ages 16+)

Every Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm

Learn to use your skills as a storyteller with imagination, life-exploration, and active listening to unlock emotional connection in a high-energy scene study class. Learn to tap into your emotions and make adjustments for film acting with on-camera work blended with intensive scene study.

Theatre Schools in Savannah, Georgia

The city of Savannah, Georgia, is a fantastic place to get a theatre degree in any of the best acting schools in Atlanta. There are two colleges in the city that provide these courses, with Savannah College of Art & Design providing the greatest one.

The curriculum at that school has been rated with four stars, and the teaching staff has received a four-star rating as well. They include;

  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Savannah State Univeristy

Other schools located around Savannah includes;

  • Georgian Southern University
  • College of Charleston
  • Jacksonville Univeristy
  • Florida State College
  • Columbia College
  • Flagler College
  • New berry college


In addition to being a beautiful city, Atlanta has several top-notch acting schools that support high-quality education, which is crucial for any developing community’s social interaction and growth.

This article lists the top acting schools in Atlanta and includes details on tuition costs, acceptance rates, and other factors to think about before enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is acting school?

Acting schools specialize in pre-professional training in the theater and drama arts, which may include arts administration, acting, design, technical theater, and other related subjects.

What are good colleges for a acting career in Atlanta?

List of all Drama and Dramatics/theatre Arts colleges in Atlanta
School Average Tuition Enrolled Students
Emory University Atlanta, GA 5/5 14,415
University of West Georgia Carrollton, GA 2/5 13,238
Spelman College Atlanta, GA 5/5 2,120
Agnes Scott College Decatur, GA 5/5 1,067

How much do acting classes cost in Atlanta?

Average Cost of Acting Lessons in Atlanta, GA The average cost of 60-minute acting lessons in Atlanta is $76. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $30 and $125 per hour.

How do I break into the film industry in Atlanta?

Attend festivals. Festivals help unknown filmmakers get their films viewed by a live audience, professional critics, agents, buyers, and the festival board.
Network. Networking is crucial to any business, but especially for filmmakers.
Know the industry.



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