All About Bryn Mawr Acceptance Rate 2023 and Average GPA

As you read, you’ll learn about Bryn Mawr’s important standards, rates of acceptance and graduation, and tuition costs.

We’ll tell you a lot about what you need to do to get into Bryn Mawr College.

Read it all, and you’ll find everything you need to know.

About Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr College is a liberal arts college for women in Pennsylvania.

It has about 1,300 students enrolled in its degree programmes.

In 1885, Bryn Mawr College began as a Quaker University.

The college is one of the Seven Sisters, a group of the best schools in the United States that have always been for women.

The Tri-College Consortium is made up of Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, and Swarthmore College.

It was the first college for women to offer a graduate Ph.D. programme.

There are about 500 graduate students at Bryn Mawr now.

Bryn Mawr is a famous college for women and a leader in new ways of learning.

The school is in Pennsylvania on a beautiful site where people live.

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What do you need to do to get into Bryn Mawr?

The standards for getting into Bryn Mawr are not the easiest.

As a famous college for women, Bryn Mawr makes sure to choose the best applicants.

The average SAT score of most people who get into Bryn Mawr is between 1310 and 1500.

Most accepted students at Bryn Mawr said that the minimum ACT number was 29.

Many Bryn Mawr students got ACT scores between 29 and 33.

Also, the average GPA that you need to get into Bryn Mawr is around 3.94.

Because of all of these rules, Bryn Mawr is a pretty limited school.

There are a lot of competitive kids who send in applications, and you have to do better than them in some way.

If your GPA is lower than 3.94, you may not be ready for Bryn Mawr College.

The normal deadline to apply to Bryn Mawr is January 15.

But interested kids can also choose to go to college early.

The early decision date for Bryn Mawr is November 15.

How many people get into Bryn Mawr?

The number of people who get into Bryn Mawr is a good measure of how difficult a school is.

The average admissions rate at Bryn Mawr has stayed at 38% over the years.

This means that each year, less than half of the people who want to go to college are accepted.

Bryn Mawr is a very selective school with other standards like a high GPA.

Bryn Mawr generally looks at your GPA as one of the most important academic factors.

Also valuable are letters of reference.

How many people graduate from Bryn Mawr?

At Bryn Mawr, the completion rate shows how many students finish their studies on time.

Bryn Mawr has had an average graduation rate of about 85% for many years.

This number shows how many students out of every 100 finish their programmes.

Even though the statistic looks at how many students finish their programmes in 6 years, it’s a very good sign.

Also, the number of students who stay at Bryn Mawr has stuck between 87 and 88%.

The retention rate shows how many students from the first year have gone on to the second.

Bryn Mawr has also had about 7% of its students leave the school.

Students who get into Bryn Mawr are likely to finish on time and graduate.

How much is tuition for in-state and out-of-state students at Bryn Mawr?

Once you’ve been accepted to Bryn Mawr, you’ll have to pay fees.

Before you apply, it’s smart to think about how much the fees and other costs might be.

Out-of-state tuition at Bryan Mawr is the same as in-state tuition.

This means that payment is the same for students from Pennsylvania and from other states.

In 2022, it cost $55,025 to go to Bryn Mawr.

But there are also other costs to think about when going to school.

The total cost of going to Bryn Mawr for one year is $73,990.

This price covers tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and transportation.

Here is a list of how much it will cost you to go to Bryn Mawr.

$55,025 for tuition
One Semester Course Tuition $6,880
Room and Board: $17,370; Just Room: $9,910
College Fee $915 Continuing Enrollment Fee $450 per semester
The Student Government Association (SGA) fees are $380.
The best programmes that Bryn Mawr has to offer

There are many things you might want to do at Bryn Mawr.

One of the first things you have to do in school is decide what you want to major in.

At Bryn Mawr College, there are 8 students for every teacher, and 75.3% of groups have fewer than 20 students.

Some of Bryn Mawr’s most popular majors are:

Social Sciences
Foreign Languages
Language and Literature
The fields of maths and statistics
Multiple/Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology
Language and Literature/Letters in English
Science of Biology and Medicine
Science of the body
Science of computers and information
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There are scholarships at Bryn Mawr.

Sometimes, the cost of fees at Bryn Mawr can be too much, so there is a need for scholarships.

There are numerous choices for funding your Bryn Mawr education.

Scholarships here range from government loans to business loans to scholarships.

Federal Aid

Federal aid is only given to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

You can ask for federal aid to afford your cost of schooling at Bryn Mawr.

You must finish the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to do this.

Once you’ve been admitted, you can seek federal help anytime.

Other government scholarship aids and grants for students at Bryn Mawr include:

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
Federal Iraq and Afghanistan Grant
Federal Direct Loans
Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Parents
The Yellow Ribbon Program and Federal Work-Study for Veterans are two examples of these.
Help for institutions

All Bryn Mawr students can get help from the school.

When you apply for admission, you must also apply for financial help from the school.

You can only get institutional help if you ask for it at the same time you apply for admission.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to use for it in the future.

Here are some other Scholarships you can get as a Bryn Mawr student.

Bryn Mawr Grant
Bryn Mawr College Loan for Study Abroad
Bryn Mawr Scholarship for Excellence
Notable graduates of Bryn Mawr

Over the years, many of the best hands in the world have gone to Bryn Mawr.

Many famous people who went to this school have made a name for themselves and for the school.

Here is a list of some of the most famous people who went to Bryn Mawr:


Ann A. Abbott

Faith Angell was the chair of the graduate department of social work at West Chester University and the associate dean of the school of social work at Rutgers University.

U.S. Magistrate Judge, Eastern District, Pennsylvania
Atif Khary M.

Beth I. Barol is the programme manager for Staff Development Support at the Philadelphia DHS.

Associate Professor, Director of the MSW programme at Widener University Center for Social Work Education Government and others,

Lynette M. Brown-Sow is a Page-Walker Buck is the Vice President of Marketing and Government Relations at the Community College of Philadelphia.

West Chester State University has an associate professor who is in charge of the MSW programme.
Patricia Millar Burland

Professor of clinical social work at GSSWSR who is now retired. Head of the PA Society for Clinical Social Work Bryn Mawr Rankings.

You can get a better idea of what a school has to offer based on how it ranks.

Bryn Mawr has been at the top of many lists and still is.

It is tied for 7th place in the category of Best Undergraduate Teaching, and it is 30th out of all national liberal arts schools.

Bryn Mawr College is ranked 37th for best value and 19th for best first-year experience.

Based on these USNews scores, Bryn Mawr is a great school that you might want to attend.

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How much of a GPA do you need to get into Bryn Mawr College?

Bryn Mawr College has had high GPA requirements for a long time.

Even though many schools require a certain minimum GPA, this is often just the bare minimum.

It’s just enough so that you can apply without being immediately turned down.

The GPA is the most important factor because it gives you a chance of getting in.

Based on most of the people who got into Bryn Mawr, the average GPA requirement is 3.94.

Bryn Mawr College wants you to have a 3.94 GPA and be at the top of your class.

What ACT score do you need to get into Bryn Mawr College?

It’s not likely that Bryn Mawr College will have a hard ACT limit.

But if you don’t score well enough, your application will be turned down.

Students who were accepted to Bryn Mawr had an average ACT score of 31.

Bryn Mawr College is a strong prospect for ACT scores with this number.

At Bryn Mawr, the SAT score requirements are the same as the ACT standards.

Also, the average SAT score of those who were accepted was 1410 on a scale of 1600.


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