Best Military Colleges in Texas 2023 You Can Study


This list of Texas military colleges is your best bet if you want to find the best schools for boys and girls who are having trouble.

When you have a girl or boy who is having trouble, you might think about sending them to a military college. Or, maybe you want your child to have the most strict rules. Military schools do a great job of teaching their kids for the careers they want to go into.

There are a few military schools in Texas for boys, girls, and young people of all ages in high school, college, and university.

In this guide, we’ve chosen the best schools and colleges in Texas for people in the military. We’ve told you in detail what each school has to offer and why you might like it.

Why should you send your kid to a military school?

Most of the time, parents send their kids to military universities, colleges, or high schools so they can learn to be responsible and have good character.

But today, there are many more reasons to go to a military school than just to learn discipline and build character. Other reasons why Texas girls and boys should go to military schools;

Military schools turn out Cadets who are good citizens and good leaders every year.
Cadets learn how to be good leaders by learning things like patriotism, kindness, and freedom.
When they leave, cadets are known, confident, and well-rounded adults.
People who have given up on school or social life can also get a second chance at something at a military school.
Most of the time, military school graduates have a much better chance of getting into a good college than public school graduates.
Also, the number of students per teacher is small in military schools, which makes learning one-on-one easier.
The core programme at military schools includes English Language, Math, History, Foreign Languages, and Social and Physical Sciences.
Extracurricular events like the drama club, debate club, band team, and drill team can be done.

Texas has how many military schools?

Even though there are a lot of schools in Texas that are friendly to the military, there are only 7 military academies. Four military schools and three academies for high schoolers. Each is working with the basic idea that academics and focus are important.

List of the top Texas military colleges for 2023

Here is a list of military schools in Texas, broken down by the amount of education they offer.

The best military schools in Texas

1. The ROTC at St. Mary’s University

Grades: 16 -18
Length: 4 Years
Population: ~ 2,400
Faculty Number: 180
San Antonio is in Texas.
One of the best schools in Texas is St. Mary’s University. At the moment, college students can take part in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programme at the university.

When they finish the ROTC program, cadets are ready for challenges in the military and in school. Students can also take on leadership roles in their chain of command.

When a student graduates from St. Mary’s University ROTC, they have learned how to be a leader, how to run a business, how to be physically fit, how to find their way around, how to shoot, and other military skills.


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2. Corps of Cadets of Texas A&M

Grades: 16 -18
Length: 4 Years
Population: ~ 2,250
About 250 professors.
Bryan, Texas is where
The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is a famous programme that is open to all college students looking for the best military schools. The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets teaches both studies and leadership skills, so students are ready to go when they graduate.

Around 1,800 scholarships are available to college students as a way to help them with money. Students can choose a commission when they graduate, but they don’t have to serve after that.

Also, keep in mind that the school has special units for which Cadets can apply and try out. These units have rich military customs that Cadets can enjoy.


3. Texas Maritime Academy

Grades: UGRD
Length: 4 Years
Not Sure How Many People
Number of Teachers: Not Known
Galveston, Texas, is the place.
Texas Maritime Academy is one of the best places for an undergraduate who wants to continue studying marine science in a military setting.

The U.S. Merchant Marine, the Strategic Sealift, and the U.S. Navy have all used Texas Maritime Academy to teach deck and engineering officers.

At Texas naval Academy, students can choose from a number of B.S. programmes in marine and naval fields. Also, cadets who want to can get other degrees and take other classes at the college. But there is no guarantee that you will join the service after high school.


4. The AFROTC at the University of Houston

Grades: 16 -18
Time: 3 to 4 Years
Population: ~ 40,000
Faculty: around 3,500
The place is Houston, Texas
The University of Houston is the next best military college in Texas on our list. At the University of Houston, there is a programme called AFROTC, which stands for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

There are two ways to go through the AFROTC programme. Students who want to be commissioned after high school can choose either the 3-year or 4-year track. Students who meet the requirements can get a number of grants from the University of Houston.

In addition to their schoolwork, students take leadership lessons and work on their physical fitness. Cadets are taught to be selfless and obedient leaders by the academy’s foundation.


5. Marine Corps Military College

Grades: 8-12, PG
Population: ~ 300
Number of Professors: 26
Harlingen, Texas, is the place.
Since its start in 1965, the Marine Military Academy has been teaching high school students in a closed military base how to do well in school. It is a private school that is run by the military.

The Marine Military Academy makes sure that students do things outside of school with other cadets to help them build their social and interpersonal skills.

Every summer, for four weeks, the cadets go to a camp where they do different outdoor exercises that focus on teamwork, self-discipline, and physical fitness.


6. The Texas Military Institute

Grades: 9-12
Population: ~ 450
Number of Professors: 45
San Antonio is in Texas.
The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas started the Texas Military Institute, which is why it is also called The Episcopal School of Texas. As of now, one of the best military boarding schools for high school kids in Texas is Texas Military Institute.

There are many advanced classes at the institute, including arts and sports. By the time they graduate, the students are mentally ready and have grown into strong leaders with a strong sense of discipline.


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#7. San Marcos Baptist Academy

Grades: 7-12
Population: ~ 275
Number of Professors: 40
San Antonio is in Texas.
One of the best military high schools for both boys and girls is San Marcos Baptist Academy. Since it opened in 1907, the school has had classes for 7th through 12th graders.

The San Marcos Baptist Academy is both a day school and a boarding school. About three-quarters of the students live in the dorms, and the rest go to school during the day.


What do you need to do to get into a military college in Texas?

The standards to get into a Texas military school vary from school to school. Each school has its own set of rules, but some rules are the same for all schools.

In Texas, people who want to go to a military school need to meet the following standards.

Be a resident of Texas or a US citizen.
Can’t be married or have a baby.
You can’t be in charge of any child.
Be charged with a crime or a court case
To get into the Military school, you must be healthy both physically and mentally.
Must be at least the age the military school says you must be.
To check Fitness, you have to take part in a medical test.
You must fill out and send in all of the paperwork that the school needs.
Questions People Ask About Texas Military Colleges 2023

How Much Do Military Schools in Texas Cost?

There is no way to know how much fees and other costs will be. Each school has a different cost that students must pay to get in. Because of this, the cost of going to a Texas military school relies on things like;

– Where the school is.
– The level of education.
– The place where students learn – The level or quality of education

But the cost of going to a military school is thought to be between $25,000 and $50,000. Remember that this fee might or might not include other costs. It all depends on which school the person goes to.

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If I go to a Military School in Texas, do I have to become a soldier?

Not even close. When you go to a military school, you must not become a fighter. The goal of military schools is to teach control in body, mind, and character. Cadets who have finished their military education can go into so many different areas. In college, you can choose to study science, art, or the social studies.

How old do you have to be to go to military school in Texas?

Teens in Texas must be between 16 and 18 years old to go to a military college. High school kids can be between 7-14.


Whether you have a troubled boy or girl in your care or not, any military college or school in Texas is a good choice for every kid. You can be sure that each child will finish with good character, a healthy body, and good skills in school.

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