Best Military Schools in Indiana 2023 You Can Study

If you’re looking for a state with a lot of military and military-friendly schools, camps, and colleges for boys, girls, or any troubled young people, it’s not Indiana.

Even though Veluxx says that Indiana is one of the best places to live in the US, it’s not the best place to send your child to a military school.

As of 2022, only Culver Military Academy for boys and girls is a recognised military school in Indiana. However, there are a lot of other schools that are friendly to the military. But each of these schools has a long history of having both interesting classes and strict rules.

We looked into it and made a list of the best military schools in Indiana for boys, girls, and difficult teens. We’ve said what you need to do to get into each of these military schools.

Let’s dive in!!!

How do you get into Indiana Military Schools? What are the requirements?

First of all, there is only one military school in Indiana that is known and approved all over the country. Culver Military Academy is unusual because it has its own rules for getting in. To sign up, you need to meet certain requirements.

Other schools and colleges that are friendly to the military, like Culver Military Academy, also have their own unique admissions standards. But there are some rules that apply to all military schools in the state, whether they are for boys or girls, high school, college, or university.

Here are some of the general requirements for getting into an IN military school for troubled teens;

be of the right age.
At the time of application, you can’t be facing any criminal charges and there can’t be any court cases going on.
To join the school, you must be both physically and mentally able to do so.
Don’t use drugs or other things that are against the law. The Indiana Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy is not subject to this rule.
Also, applicants must send in all of the necessary supporting documents with all of the blanks filled in.
Any other needs will depend on the school.

Indiana has how many military schools?

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In Indiana, there is only one military school that is known to be good: Culver Military Academy. This means that Indiana only has a small number of military schools. But there are schools in Indiana that are friendly to the military and use military study habits to train and discipline soldiers.

Best Indiana Military Schools for 2023

Indiana has many of the cheaper places to live in the United States, so many people choose to live there. Even though there aren’t many military schools or schools that are friendly to the military in Indiana, the amount of schools and their reputation have spread across the USA, bringing in both Indiana residents and people from other states.

The only military school that is recognised has been approved by the right groups and bodies. Here is a list of Indiana’s best military schools;

Culver Military Academy comes first.

Grades: 9-12
Started in: 1894
The number of teachers is 87
855 people are in the class.
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:10
Boarders pay $52,500, and day students pay $42,000.
The address is 1300 Academy Rd, Culver, IN 46511, USA.
Culver Military Academy is the biggest and most well-known military school in Indiana. Culver Military Academy has been around since 1894, and since then it has built a name for academic and training excellence.

Because of the way it is set up, Culver Military Academy can run 3 smaller schools on the same site. This is why it is often called Culver Academies. The Culver Summer Schools and Camps, the Culver Military Academy for Boys, and the Culver Girls Academy are all examples of these schools.

Culver Academies Culver Military Academy is a military boarding school for both boys and girls that helps them get ready for college. The school is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the biggest military training schools in the state and the country as a whole.

The programme at the school is designed to prepare students for leadership roles and for the challenges they will face in life. Cadets are taught values like having integrity, being honest, and wanting to help their country in any way they can. So, if you’re looking for a military school in Indiana for both boys and girls, Culver Military Academy is one of the places to look. But keep in mind that since 1971, both men and women have been able to attend Culver Military Academy.


Anderson Preparatory School #2

Grades: K-12
Started in 2008
The number of teachers is 15
There are 905 of them.
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:18
Tuition: There is no cost to attend APA.
101 W 29th St, Anderson, IN 46016
One of the public charter military schools in Indiana that Ball State University helps fund is Anderson Preparatory Academy. This is one of the Indiana military schools for boys and girls in grades K–12.

Liberal arts and sciences are the main subjects taught at Anderson Preparatory Academy. Effective guidance and being a good citizen are also emphasised. Even though Anderson Preparatory Academy was founded on the same deep ideas as Culver Academies, its tuition is less.

Before you sign up, you should also know that Anderson Preparatory Academy is open to all students in the state, not just those who live in Anderson.


3. The Caribbean Mountain Academy

Grades: 8-12
Founded in 2012
No. of Teachers: n/a
Not a Single Student
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:18
Cost of tuition: $3,000 per child, per month.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804, 4150 Illinois Rd.
Caribbean Mountain Academy is one of the Indiana military schools you should look out for if you’re thinking about a military rehab academy. People often say that Caribbean Mountain Academy is a therapeutic boarding school with military-style discipline and change.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is different from most military schools because it sends its cadets out of their comfort zones and into environments that can change their lives for specific tasks. All cadets must take part in mission projects, which give them hands-on experience with things like leadership, giving, job skills, teamwork, and working with other people. These service trips are all about learning more about the world and the people who live in it.

When they leave Caribbean Mountain Academy, cadets are good at being good citizens and getting involved. This is a good military academy in Indiana for teens who are at danger and need to get away from a bad environment or bad people. So, think of Caribbean Mountain Academy as one of the military-friendly schools in Indiana that helps troubled and at-risk kids who are in a crisis. Remember that the programme will run for a year.



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#4: Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy in Indiana

Grades: 16-18
Beginning in 2007
No. of Teachers: n/a
The class has 200 students and 200 teachers. Ratio: 1:15
fees: IHYCA doesn’t charge for fees.
Location: 10892 North IN-140, Knightstown, Indiana 46148 One of the military schools for boys in Indiana is the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy. The Academy is an extension of a programme that sends troubled kids to military schools all over the country.

Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy in Indiana gives 16–18-year-olds military-style training. The Academy’s goal is to change the lives of teenagers who are in danger and steer them in a better way. As part of the training, young people get training and help from teachers to learn job skills and get their high school diploma.

All boys and girls can go to the Indiana Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy for free for 17.5 months. IHYCA is also dedicated to drug-free and crime-free lifestyles, as well as mentoring and post-secondary education counselling.


How much do Indiana’s military schools cost?

There is no set price for fees at military colleges and schools in Indiana. Depending on the type of school, you may or may not have to pay.

Some military schools, like Indiana Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy and Anderson Preparatory Academy, don’t charge tuition. On the other hand, Culver Military Academy not only charges tuition, but also costs for housing. Also, the cost of tuition at other military-friendly schools in IN will depend on the amount of education you want to get, where the school is, and how long the programme is.

Once you’ve decided on a school for your child, go to the school’s website to find out how much fees costs.

Also, here’s what you need to know about the best military schools in North Carolina.

Indiana Military Colleges: Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be in Indiana before you can go to military school?

Each military school in Indiana has its own age limit. For example, you have to be between 16 and 18 to go to the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy in Indiana. If you want to go to the Caribbean Mountain Academy, you have to be between 8 and 12, Anderson Preparatory Academy between K and 12, and Culver Military Academy between 9 and 12.

What is the name of Indiana’s famous military school?

Culver Military Academy is the most well-known military school in Indiana. The Culver Military Academy is the only military school in Indiana that is known and approved by the government.

Does Indiana have a free military school?

Yes, both the Indiana Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy and the Anderson Preparatory Academy are free military schools in Indiana.

What do you need to do to get into a military school in Indiana?

IN military schools have different standards for getting in, but all of them have a

– minimum GPA
– scores on standardised tests; – standards for physical fitness; – evidence of an interest in leadership and character development in the service.


All of the military schools we’ve mentioned above are approved by national bodies, which means they are safe and trustworthy places to go to school. Keep in mind that each school may have different standards and criteria for getting in. So, if you want to find out more about the schools, you can either apply or call the admissions officer for information that isn’t here.

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