Best Military Schools in North Carolina 2023 You Can Study

Are there military schools and colleges that are friendly to the military in North Carolina for boys, girls, and young people who are having trouble? Do you want to figure out which North Carolina military school is best for your cadet’s education, character, and discipline?


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First of all, North Carolina is one of the states with the most military influence in the US. So, you shouldn’t have any doubts about whether or not the state has armed schools.

Here is a list of the best military schools in North Carolina for both boys and girls. Most of the questions you have about this topic have also been answered.

Let’s dive in!!!

How do you get into military schools in North Carolina? What are the requirements?

There are other military colleges in North Carolina, and there are also other schools in the state that are friendly to the military.

The standards for getting into these schools are all different. But there are some rules that apply to all military schools in the state, whether they are for boys or girls, high school, college, or university.

For military schools in North Carolina, you must meet the following requirements:

Be in the age range that the military school says you need to be.
Those who want to apply must be US citizens or permanent residents who live in Florida.
The applicant shouldn’t be facing any criminal charges and shouldn’t have any court cases going on.
To join the school, all applicants must be both physically and mentally able to do so.
Anyone who wants to go to one of North Carolina’s military schools must not use illegal drugs or other substances.
Also, applicants must send in all of the necessary supporting documents with all of the blanks filled in.
Any other needs will depend on the school. Once you’ve chosen a school from the list below, you should go to the school’s website to learn more about the standards for that school.

North Carolina has how many military schools?

As of 2022, only the Military & Global Leadership Academy and the Oak Ridge Military Academy are military schools in North Carolina.

Even though North Carolina has one of the largest military populations in the country, it only has these two schools that offer education in a military setting.

Boys and girls are welcome at both places. But there are other schools in North Carolina that are good for people in the military.

List of the best North Carolina military schools

North Carolina is one of the best places in the country. And, as you might guess, the state has both military schools and universities. We’ve talked about each of the military schools in North Carolina and what makes them different.

Here are North Carolina’s best military schools;

Oak Ridge Military Academy comes first.

Grade: 7-12
Founded: 1852
Number of students: 95. Number of students to teachers: 5 to 1.
Oak Ridge is in North Carolina.
The Oak Ridge Military Academy is one of the oldest military schools in North Carolina. Oak Ridge Military Academy is like most military schools in that it helps cadets build their character, knowledge, and impact so they can become strong leaders.

Students from both inside and outside the country can apply. Oak Ridge Military Academy is not like most military schools in that its main goal is not to get students into the service. The school’s main goal is to get kids ready for university or college.

At Oak Ridge Military Academy, Cadets are required to take study hall classes and take part in extracurricular events. 93% of kids are ready for college when they graduate.

Before you apply to Oak Ridge Military Academy, you should know that getting in is very hard and depends on both your grades and how you act.


Asheville Academy for Girls, No. 2

Grade: 10 to 14
Started in 2008
Number of students: N/A Number of students per teacher: 8 to 1
Oak Ridge is in North Carolina.
As the name suggests, the Asheville Academy for Girls is one of the military schools for girls in North Carolina. Asheville is a private school that helps students with both their schoolwork and their personal problems.

In the classroom, the school gives students the tools they need to improve their behaviour. The small size of the classes lets the teachers work with each student at their own pace. On the other hand, the mental needs of each student can be met at the Asheville Academy through group, individual, family, and equine therapy.

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To apply to Asheville Academy for Girls, first call to talk about your child’s needs. Then, send in an application, go on a tour, and set up a date to start school.

Keep in mind that Asheville Academy for Girls is a safe place for girls with emotional problems like aggression, immaturity, and sadness, but it is not a place for girls with criminal records, drug abuse problems, or a habit of running away from home.


#3. Tarheel Challenge Academy

Grade: 16 to 18
Started in 1994
Number of Students: N/A Number of Students to Teachers: N/A
New London, North Carolina, is the place.
The Tarheel Challenge Academy is one of the best military schools in North Carolina. Most of the students at Tarheel Challenge Academy are at-risk teens or students who might otherwise drop out of school.

Tarheel Challenge Academy works with the North Carolina National Guard as part of their Nationwide Youth Challenge Program. This is different from other military schools in the state.

If you go to Tarheel Challenge Academy, you can get a high school diploma, get help with your social and emotional life, and work with business counsellors to learn job skills. Your physical and mental health are also taken care of. During their stay, cadets learn about citizenship, leadership, and community work.

Sad news: Tarheel Challenge Academy only takes kids who live in North Carolina legally.


4. UpROAR Leadership Academy

Grade: 5 – 10
Started in 2010
Number of students: 113; number of students per teacher: 9 to 1
Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tryon Street
UpROAR Leadership Academy is, as its name suggests, a public charter school that focuses on developing leaders in a military-style learning setting. The school pays attention to both academics and building good character.

The UpROAR Leadership Academy teaches students to be self-disciplined, to be honest by following the honour code, to have courage and honor, and to be committed. UpROAR Leadership Academy works hard to make sure that their cadets have a good academic foundation so that they can learn these values.

UpROAR Leadership Academy’s main focus is on academics, but sports and other activities are also available to make sure that kids get a well-rounded education.


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5. Wolf Creek High School

Grade: 7-12
Started in 1990
Students: 50 or more
Student / Teacher Ratio: 1-3
Mars Hill, North Carolina, is where
The Wolf Creek Academy is one of the best military schools in North Carolina. Wolf Creek Academy is a private school where teens with problems stay for about a year.

Wolf Creek Academy is different from most military schools in North Carolina because it is set up like a family. Cadets live together and share tasks with their teachers and therapists.

At Wolf Creek Academy, learning is centred on the life of the students, academics, and adventure treatment. Don’t forget that Wolf Creek Academy is a Christian school.


#6 Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy

Grade: 6-12
Started in 2013
There are 194 students.
11 students for every one teacher.
Oak Ridge is in North Carolina.
Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy is a public charter school in North Carolina that is set in a good place for learning.

Most military schools focus on building character, but the Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy also teaches skills like reading, communicating, and critical and creative thinking. This gives students a chance to learn how to fix problems, work hard, and grow into leaders.

The Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy focuses on helping students who are underserved or at risk in their neighbourhood. The school likes programmes that help all students catch up on their education from a very young age on.


7. Military and Global Leadership Academy

Grade: K-12
Founded: 1852
Number of students: 95. Number of students to teachers: 5 to 1.
Marie G. Davis, North Carolina is where
The other military school in North Carolina is the North Carolina Military Academy. The school puts a lot of importance on studies, sports, and things like pride, honor, and self-confidence. Military & Global Leadership Academy is the only 13th grade college prep school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System.

A uniform is used by MGLA to encourage togetherness, pride, and a feeling of belonging. The only difference between elementary school, middle school, and high school is the colour of the shirts. They are blue, gray, and black, in that order.

When kids are old enough, MGLA has programmes for them to learn how to drive and how to speak Arabic. Sports, a yearly science fair, and a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programme are some other extracurricular activities. Online, you can’t find out much about the sports programs, but they seem to focus on both individual success and working as a team.


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How much do North Carolina’s military schools cost?

All of North Carolina’s military schools for boys and girls have different fee costs. This is because the cost can vary depending on the amount of education you want to get, where the Academy is, and how long the programme is.

The average cost for a private student at Oak Ridge Military Academy is about $34,600, and the average tuition for a summer student is about $4,500.



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