Best Military Schools in Virginia 2023 You Can Study

About seven military schools and colleges for girls and boys at high school, college, and university levels can be found in Virginia.

If you’re looking for the best military school in VA to teach your cadet about studies, character, and discipline, the list below will help you find one of the best.

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Virginia has some of the best prep schools and private schools for the military in the country. Virginia is close to both ancient sites and Washington, D.C., which makes it a great place to go to prep school.

Here is a list of the best military schools in Virginia for both boys and girls. Most of the questions you have about this topic have also been answered.

Let’s dive in!!!

What do you need to do to get into a Virginia military school?

Each Virginia military school has its own standards for getting in. But there are some rules that apply to all military schools in the state, whether they are for boys or girls, high school, college, or university.

To get into the military schools in VA, you must meet the following requirements:

Be between the right ages.
Not be facing any criminal charges and have no court cases going on.
To join the program, you must be physically and mentally able to do so.
Don’t use drugs or other things that are against the law.
Also, applicants must send in all of the necessary supporting documents with all of the blanks filled in.
Any other needs will depend on the school. Once you’ve chosen a school from the list below, you should go to the school’s website to learn more about what it needs.

Virginia has how many military schools?

As of 2022, Virginia only has 7 military schools. All of them welcome both boys and girls. Some, on the other hand, only take one. All seven of the military schools in the state have been approved by the right groups.

List of Virginia’s best military colleges

Here, we’ve listed and described everything you need to know about all the military and military-friendly schools in Virginia to help you decide which one is best for your child.

Keep in mind that each school has different needs and is in a different place. We’ve said which school is a high school and which is a college so that everyone knows.

The following are some of the military schools in the state:

Fishburne Military School is number 1.

Grades: 7-12
Started in: 1879
120 students go to this private school, which costs $34,000 a year to attend.
Student / Teacher Ratio: 8:1
Waynesboro, Virginia, is the place.
Fishburne Military School is a military school for pre-teens that is like a high school. It is one of the oldest private military schools for boys in the whole United States.

Fishburne Military School has built a great name over the years, both as an institution and for its high-quality education.

Even though Fishburne Military School is a military school, its academics and JROTC programme are designed to prepare soldiers for college. The programme puts more emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This makes it one of the few schools in Virginia that can compete with schools from other countries in STEM.

All cadets at Fishburne Military School must follow the school’s founding principles: honor, honesty, personal duty, and respect for everyone. One student who works hard is also given the Leadership for Life grant.

It’s always important to remember that the U.S. Army JROTC Cadet Command recognises the Corps of Cadets at Fishburne as an Honor Unit with Distinction.


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Fork Union Military Academy No. 2

Grades: 7-12
Started in: 1898
There are 365 students.
Private Student / Teacher School Ratio: 9:1
Fork Union, Virginia is where
Borders tuition is $40,000 per year, or $17,800 per day.
Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) is still one of the oldest military schools in Virginia that is still open. Another well-known private military school in the Old Dominion is Fork Union Military Academy.

The only people who can go to Fork Union Military Academy are men, just like at Fishburne. The college is an all-boarding school. Its curriculum makes sure that cadets are ready to meet the standards of Ivy League schools and other government service academies.

Fork Union Military Academy thinks that its cadets should be positive every day, and it has taught them to do so. As a military school, FUMA makes sure that cadets take part in drills, routines, sports, clubs, and other student groups.

According to its “One Subject Plan” curriculum, cadets in grades 9–12 are only allowed to focus on one topic at a time, instead of the usual multiple classes and subjects.


#3. Massanutten Military Academy

Grades: 6-12
Started in: 1899
140 students are enrolled in this private school. Ratio: 7:1
Woodstock, Virginia is where
Tuition is $18,000 per year for online students, $25,000 for 5 days of boarding, and $29,000 for 7 days of boarding.
Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) is the next school on our list of the best military schools in Virginia. Massanutten Military Academy is an old school, but it still has a great name for training and education. MMA is a military school in Virginia that both boys and girls can attend.

At MMA, you can choose to be a border student or a day student. Even though the MMA military training programme is focused on academics, it is regularly ranked as one of the best in the country by the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, which is an Honor Unit with Distinction.

In the JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB), cadets can try to win national fame. Through MMA’s world-class STEM-based program, graduates have won millions of dollars in scholarships.

Scholarships like the Steve and Kim Rehman Scholarship and flexible payment plans can help pay for college.


Hargrave Military Academy is number 4.

Grades: 7-12
Started in: 1909
There are 220 students.
Private Student / Teacher School Ratio: 7:1
Chatham, Virginia is where
Cost of tuition: $40,000 per year (border), $16,000 per day
The Baptist General Association of Virginia runs Hargrave Military Academy (HMA), which is a private military school for boys only. Hargrave Military Academy was named a National School of Character in 2016 because of the way it works to build good character.

As a military school, Hargrave Military Academy has a military structure. However, unlike some other military schools in Virginia, JROTC is not required. Cadets wear outfits to look like a group and follow a set of rules.

One reason to go to HMA is that the school’s “Enhanced Learning Through Technology” programme lets students learn at their own pace. With this, cadets can study and finish tasks at their own pace and from anywhere on campus.

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You can also go to both Danville Community College and Liberty University at the same time if you sign up for Hargrave Military Academy. HMA also offers regular high school degrees and advanced high school diplomas. Also, you can spend one year after getting your degree on campus before going to another school.

When students graduate from Hargrave Military Academy, they will have shown the school’s four core values: character, faith, academics, and sports.


#5. Franklin Military Academy

Grades: 6-12
Started in 1980
There are 365 students.
School Type: Public Tuition: It doesn’t cost anything
Student / Teacher Ratio: 11:1
Richmond, Virginia is where
Franklin Military Academy is one of the few public military schools in Virginia and the United States as a whole. At Franklin Military Academy, cadets can choose to do something other than get a high school diploma. Here, cadets learn in a way that is typical for a military setting.

This is one of the few military schools for boys and girls in Virginia. All cadets at FMA are expected to take part in Junior Reserve Officer Training (JROTC) and take a lot of difficult classes. Cadets can take classes in Spanish, business, art, band, or choir as electives. In addition to schoolwork, cadets take part in as many extracurricular events and sports as they can, such as football, basketball, baseball, and track.

In 2012, U.S. News and World Report’s list of the best high schools in the country gave Franklin Military Academy the prestigious bronze ranking. This was because the school has a great way of teaching.


#6. Randolph-Macon Academy

Grades: 6-12
Started in: 1892
There are 292 students.
Private Student / Teacher School Ratio: 12:1
Front Royal, Virginia is where
Upper School Boarding tuition is $41,784, Upper School Day tuition is $21,487, Middle School Boarding tuition is $38,696, and Middle School Day tuition is $18,457.
The Randolph-Macon Academy is the next school on our list of the best military schools in Virginia. Randolph-Macon Academy is a private military school that helps students get ready for college. It has ties to more than one group. It has ties with the United States Air Force and the United Methodist Church, which is a very important deal.

Randolph-Macon Academy takes both day and boarding students. Cadets in grades 6–8 have their own dorms and classrooms. The Air Force JROTC programme is one of the best things about school at Randolph-Macon. This programme is for cadets in high school (grades 9-12) to help them learn how to be good leaders and take care of their civic duties.

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Randolph-Macon Academy has a lot of things outside of the classroom, such as band, theater, chorus, speech and debate, colour guard, drill teams, and 16 coed varsity sports.

Cadets learn the value of community service and get to work closely with Air Force flight instructors and aviation programmes after they graduate.

Keep in mind that the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools have both approved Randolph-Macon Academy.

Join Randolph-Macon College.

7. The Virginia Military Institute

Grades: Ugrd
Started in: 1839
There are 1,700 students.
The number of students to teachers at a private school is 11:1.
Lexington, Virginia is where
Out-of-state and foreign students pay $37,570 per year, while in-state students pay $19,120.
Virginia Military Institute is a military school for first-year students. It was the first military college in the United States that was paid for by the state. The ROTC programme at VMI gives combat training over the course of four years.

The ROTC programme is required for all cadets, but students are not required to join the military when they graduate, even though most of them do.

Every student at Virginia Military Institute is a cadet, so everyone is expected to follow strict military rules. Cadets work on their physical fitness, academics, and leadership skills all at the same time.

Remember that Virginia Military Institute is one of the military schools in Virginia. It has majors in engineering, liberal arts, humanities, and the sciences, among other things.


How much do Virginia’s military schools cost?

The tuition fees for military schools in Virginia can be different. Only one of Virginia’s seven military schools, Franklin Military Academy, does not charge fees.

Also, the cost may vary from institution to institution based on the type of education you want, where the Academy is located, and how long the programme is.

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