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Since the introduction of web-based tools and websites such as Kahoot!, Blooket, Gimkit, and many others, the method of instruction has undergone a significant transformation. In this article, we will discuss the online learning platform Blooket/play games, as well as the optimal way to play and utilize it.

The COVID 19 virus has made remote access to education widespread. Teachers are looking for ways to maintain student interest and prevent boredom. In the classroom, assessments, quizzes, and games contribute significantly to the learning process.

These activities aid the instructor in effortlessly capturing the students’ attention and maximizing their active learning capacity. If you are an educator who employs brick-and-mortar methods but not the most modern techniques, I would recommend that you modify your teaching methods.

It is possible to start a sentence with Blooket. This is a brief overview of the program and how you can use it to enable your students to play games that teach them what you’ve always wanted to teach them.


What Does Blooket/play Mean?

Blooket is the most recent variant of the games-based learning strategy utilized by teachers and students. It’s a totally free website that offers a novel and exciting method of learning through a variety of classroom games in which students can earn points for answering questions correctly.

Tom Stewart and Ben Stewart created the entertaining and educational platform to make teaching and learning more memorable. Booket does not offer an app at this time, but it does have its own website.

Teachers can use it to create “sets” containing questions on any topic. They may also utilize “sets” created by teachers other than the primary instructors. Each set can be utilized to organize various enjoyable activities for children.

The advantages of

Blooket assists teachers in completing their teaching duties and facilitates students’ learning. Here is a list of the benefits Blooket offers to both parties.
Teachers can download and implement sets of questions similar to those found in various games. Additionally, they can utilize sets created by other educators.

Students can engage in activities at their own pace and are able to respond to any questions. They are not required to wait for the timer to expire or for those who are slower or faster than them.

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The games on Blooket permit students to compete against one another. This increases student motivation, helps them become more productive, and keeps them occupied.
This website’s games are so entertaining that they keep children of all ages entertained.

Blooket is available for free download and features an intuitive user interface.
Disadvantages of blooket/play

Since every coin has two sides, you must be aware of Blooket’s limitations and disadvantages. Let’s examine the most important one:

Blooket enables teachers to determine the time at which the game will close on a specific date or when a player reaches a certain amount. Therefore, a student who completes the game quickly may encounter repetitive questions if there are insufficient questions.

There is no integrated reader available on the website. Therefore, students will be required to read each question.
The set of questions created by teachers other than the instructor cannot be modified.

You must create a payment account for yourself if you wish to view or download the entire report, which includes each student’s data. The free version can only report the proportion of questions answered correctly or incorrectly for the entire class and for each individual student.

Some Blooket games can be quite complicated, and you may not enjoy them as much as other players.


How can Play Blooket benefit educators?

Blooket presents no challenges for teachers and educators. Here is a brief and straightforward explanation of Blooket’s platform for educators.

You must initially sign up for an account with your email address and a Google account. It is simple and free. After registering, log into your newly created account.
After logging in, you will be presented with the dashboard, where you can create an entire set of responses or select one of the available options within the questions. This page’s left side contains navigation tabs for News, Shortcuts, and other sections of the website.

You can utilize Favorites to locate and save games and other sets of questions you wish to include. You can also access the Homework tab, which allows you to view or add homework assignments assigned to your students.

You can also find answers to your questions through the tab titled Your Discover Sets. After selecting the answer set to which you will respond, choose one of the options provided. The next step is hosting the game.

You will then be given a Game ID that you must distribute to your students. The Game ID can then be used to play the game. After your students have participated, you will be able to examine the results and evaluate their performance.

How can students engage in Blooket/play Games?

Blooket is incredibly simple to use for students everywhere. Students are able to play online games without an account. However, having an account will always be the preferred option.

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Participants must input their Game ID to play a game organized by the teacher or to complete their homework. Additionally, they can enter their username and icons.

Students can utilize Solot to play online games with their preferred strategies in a variety of subject areas. It allows them to learn a great deal of fascinating information without becoming bored.

What are Blooks?

Blook is a small and entertaining block game that is fun to play. It is a game that represents players, and Blooket provides access to a variety of similar games.

Games can be played on Blooket.

Blooket offers a vast selection of exciting and entertaining games. This is a concise summary of the best games.


It is a popular game comparable to Kahoot. Students must respond rapidly to questions in order to earn points and advance up the leaderboard. While playing this game, all students are asked the same questions.

Participants in Gold Quest will be able to examine each question and download it to their mobile devices in order to complete the task at their own pace. If they are able to correctly answer the questions, they will be able to choose three of the unlockable boxes.

Some players own gold. Some players do, while others do not, and some even allow them to steal gold from other players. The winner is the player with the most silver at the end of the game.

Battle Royale

It is played by students who answer questions in person. With group mode, you could also play games with a group. The player who provides the correct response wins the game and may proceed.


The objective of this competition is for students to complete tasks quickly and efficiently in order to serve customers and replenish supplies at the cafe they manage. The winner is the student who has the most cash at the conclusion of the competition.

In order to win, racing students must be able to answer questions precisely and quickly in order to Blook at their opponents.

Tower of Destiny

Students must answer questions in order to collect cards necessary to defeat the Blooks and gain access to the Tower of Doom. It is ideal for assignments or homework.


It is similar to Cafe in that students are expected to know how to correctly answer and apply their method to upgrade and unlock their Blooks, as well as manage their factories to achieve great success.

Crazy Kingdom

Students must be able to answer questions quickly in order to manage their own kingdom, including taking care of guests’ requests and managing their own resources.

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