Canadian Army Recruitment For Foreigners 2023/2024 | Application Guide & Requirements

If you are a foreigner interested in joining the Canadian Army, it is indeed possible to do so, but you must first become a Canadian citizen. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join the Canadian Army as a foreigner:

Step 1: Meeting the Requirement of Canadian Citizenship

To become a Canadian citizen, you must have legally lived in Canada for three consecutive years. Once you meet this requirement, you can apply online for Canadian citizenship, pay the immigration fee, and mail in your completed application. After your application is approved, you will need to take a citizenship test and interview, and upon passing, you will receive your Canadian citizenship.

Step 2: Age Requirement

To apply for the Canadian Army, you must be at least 18 years old, or you can apply at the age of 17 with parental consent. Some programs may have age exceptions, and with parental consent, you can apply for Paid Education programs if you are 16 and older. You can also apply for the Primary Reserves if you are a full-time student.

Step 3: Education Requirement

You must have completed up to Grade 10 at a minimum to get started on a Canadian Armed Forces career. However, some jobs may require higher levels of education, such as an engineering degree for engineering positions.

Step 4: Filling Out the Application for Canadian Army

Visit the Canadian Armed Forces website and click on “Start Application Now.” You will need to sign in with your online service information or create a GCKey ID and password. Complete the online form, ensuring that you provide accurate information. Once submitted, you cannot edit your application.

Step 5: Mail in Required Documents

After submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation email with a list of required documents to mail in. These documents may include your birth certificate, government-issued photo ID showing Canadian citizenship, education transcripts, trade qualifications, and professional licenses.

Step 6: Complete Reliability Screening Forms

Fill out the reliability screening forms honestly and completely. Provide non-family references and disclose any legal obligations you may have, such as parole, student loans, or large debts. You may also be requested to provide fingerprints.

Step 7: Fill Out a Clearance Pre-Assessment for Living Abroad

You will receive an assessment and instructions via email about living abroad. Complete the assessment and gather any official documents requested in the email. Mail the documents back to the Canadian Armed Forces.

Step 8: Schedule and Complete Aptitude Test

Your recruiter will contact you to schedule an aptitude test. Complete the practice test to get a sense of what the questions will be like. The aptitude test will assess your verbal, spatial, and problem-solving skills, and the results will help determine your job type in the Canadian Army.

Step 9: Complete Medical and Fitness Examination

Complete a medical questionnaire about your medical history and undergo a physical examination with a licensed doctor. The doctor will assess your height, weight, hearing, perception, and vision.

Step 10: Prepare for Your Interview

A military career counselor will invite you to an official job interview. Review the job description and reflect on why you want to join the Canadian Army. Dress professionally and be prepared to discuss your experience and education.

Step 11: Pass the Reliability and Security Screenings

Submit the required documents for a security check. Different jobs may require different levels of security clearance. You will be contacted if additional documents are needed.

Step 12: Enroll in the Canadian Army

If you are offered a job, you will receive a job offer from the military career counselor. You have 10 days to accept or refuse the offer. After accepting, you will attend an enrollment ceremony where you will swear into the Canadian Armed Forces.

Congratulations, you are now part of the Canadian Army!

Please note that salaries and ranks may vary depending on your position and rank in the Canadian Armed Forces. This recruitment process can take between 6 to 18 months, so patience and dedication are essential.

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