Civil Service Commission Promotional (COMPRO) Examination Past Questions and Answers

Have you submitted an application for the Compro Exams? Do you need to find the solutions to old Compro Exams questions? The most recent version of Compro’s exam questions and answers may now be downloaded directly from our site, so there’s no need to waste time looking for them elsewhere.

Sample Questions from Previous Compro Certification Exams

All government employees are required to take the Civil Service Commission Promotional Exams, and this page will direct you to previous exams’ questions and answers.

For your convenience, we have included a free sample pack of questions from our three examinations (the Basic Compro Exam, the Bachelor’s Compro Exam, and the Master’s Compro Exam) in this series. If you need to prepare for one of these tests, then these questions are an excellent resource.

The way we’ve laid out the examinations is the most surefire approach to do well on them. If you can’t answer a question, you should make an educated assumption. If you do that, you’ll know for sure if your assumption is right. When it’s too much of a hassle to memorize every rule and every question, it’s preferable to have a few bad answers rather than none at all.

The Value of Reviewing Old Exam Questions and Answers for COMPRO Tests

Students in today’s increasingly competitive academic climate are always on the lookout for any edge they can get. Exam preparation can be aided by reviewing prior exams’ questions and answers.

Everything from programming languages to database administration to networking protocols to hardware components is fair game on the COMPRO test. To do well on this test, you need to know not only the theoretical foundations of these areas, but also how to apply that knowledge in the real world. This can be accomplished, in part, by reviewing the content of previous COMPRO examinations and their corresponding responses.

Why Re-Reading Old Exams and Their Answers Is Important

In order to succeed in the COMPRO exam, it is crucial to review previous questions and answers. In this category are items such as:

Prepare for the Exam By reviewing previous COMPRO exams, you can get a feel for the exam’s structure and timing. Both the likely questions and the expected answer structure should be reviewed. You’ll be better prepared for the exam if you know what to expect on the day of the test.

You can learn more about the subjects on the COMPRO exam by reviewing old questions and answers. It will show you where you already have a firm grasp and where you need to concentrate your study time.

Strengthening Your Capacity to Apply What You Know in Real Life The COMPRO exam is intended to assess your problem-solving abilities. The study of previously asked issues and their solutions is a great way to hone your ability to deal with difficult situations.

Practicing with a Wide Variety of Questions: The COMPRO exam is well-known for its diverse question pool, which includes everything from multiple-choice questions to case studies and scenario tests. You can improve your abilities in answering various types of questions by reviewing previously posed and answered questions.

Reviewing old questions and answers gives you a chance to see where you may need further work. This will allow you to zero in on the specific areas where your knowledge is lacking and devote more time to studying for the COMPRO exam.

The Best Places to Look for Previous Questions and Answers from the Compro Certification Exam

You can get examples of questions and answers for the COMPRO test in a number of places. Many people enjoy, for example,

Looking for previous questions and answers? The official COMPRO website is a wonderful place to start. To help you study for the COMPRO exam, this site offers sample tests and other study materials.

Study Aids There are a variety of online study guides available for the COMPRO exam. Questions and answers from the past, as well as additional study materials and advice, are common features of such manuals.

Participating in a study group is another excellent method of gaining access to previous COMPRO exam questions and answers. Members of your study group may have taken the test before and can therefore offer valuable insight and resources.

You can find a variety of commercial study materials tailored to the COMPRO exam. In addition to providing solutions to previously asked questions, these guides also provide study guides, recommendations, and other study materials.


If you work for the government, you have to take the COMPRO exam in order to get a promotion.

To sign up for the COMPRO Exam,

Go to first.
Click on “Start Signup.”
Choose your test based on what grade you are in (GL-07 – Senior Compro Exam, and GL-06- Junior Compro Exam)
Fill out the form, and if you have a valid passport, submit it online.
First, go to the OFFICE OF THE HEAD OF THE CIVIL SERVICE OF THE FEDERATION (OHCSF)-HQTRS to get a hard copy of the form.

To get the form, you can click here.


Once you have gotten the Compro form from OHCSF Hqrs and filled it out, you can pay for the exam.

Follow the steps below to pay for the COMPRO Examination;

Go to
Click Pay States & TSA
Choose FGN
What do you want to do in the field?
Description: Type Type 3000 is the amount of the COMPRO EXAM registration fee.
Name: Type your full name in the right place.
Phone Number: Type in the right phone number.
Email: Type in the right email


Fill all forms
Put a uniform passport on it.
Include a copy of the Remita Payment Slip or Receipt.

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Past Questions of the Civil Service Commission Promotional (COMPRO) Exam:

English Language Rules for the Public Service
Financial Regulations
General Office Paper or Special Office Paper? Compro Past Questions Financial Regulations
Compro Past Questions General Paper News and Events
Compro Past Questions Verbal Reasoning in Common Law
Reasoning with Numbers

Some examples of past COMPRO questions and answers from different years are given below to help you.




Choose from the list of words that start with the letter A the one that is almost the opposite of the word in the sentence that is underlined.

Yesterday, the humble woman came here.
(a) Rich

(b) proud

c) Refusing to give up

(d) poor

(e) clever

The bad guy chased after the goat.
(a) not strong (b) not careful (c) good (d) careful
The book is simple to understand.

(b) soft

(c) poor

(d) difficult

(e) dangerous

I found ten keys in a pile by the river.
(a) Didn’t go

(b) positioned

(c) was made

(d) lost

(e) stole

There is a lot of moisture in the air.

(b) hot

(c) fine

(d) cold

(e) windy

What does financial regulation mean in question 6?


It’s a way of regulating or keeping an eye on financial institutions, like banks, by putting certain rules and requirements on them. Financial regulation is meant to keep the financial system stable and safe, protect consumers well, cut down on financial crime, and keep the market’s trust.

b) Name five things that the Accountant-General of the Federation does.

Answer: The following are the jobs of the Accountant General of the Federation:

He is in charge of the money that comes in and goes out of the government of the federation.
Watches over the finances of federal ministries, non-ministerial offices, and other parts of the government.

Gathers, presents, and publishes statutory financial statements of the Federal Government and any other statements of account required by the minister of finance.

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Manages investments made by the federal government.

manages the accounts of the consolidated revenue fund, the development fund, the contingency fund, and other public funds. It also gives the federal government the cash it needs to run.


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