Complete WAEC Syllabus for Furniture Making 2023, Text Books, and Topics

You must study the topic of furniture making from the WAEC syllabus in order to take the test. It includes the goals and benchmarks, notes, and test structure for the furniture-making exam.

To prepare for your exam, you must study the Furniture Making syllabus. You can use it as a guide to help you decide which topics to read about. Additionally, there are notes on ideas that you ought to learn carefully.

Exam preparation without reference to the Furniture Making syllabus is equivalent to visiting a farm without your farm equipment. You won’t be effective in the end. Make sure to use the syllabus when you start your exam preparations.

The West African Examination Council’s Furniture Making syllabus and suggested textbooks are included in this article (WAEC).


WAEC Furniture Making

Papers 1, 2, and 3 are the three required papers that must all be taken. A composite paper consisting of Papers 1 and 2 must be taken in one session.

Paper 1 will include forty multiple-choice objective questions that must all be answered within 45 minutes for a total of 40 points.

Paper 2 will include two portions, Sections A and B, which must be completed in two hours for a total of 60 points.

Ten short, mandatory questions with a framework will make up Section A, and each must be answered correctly to receive 20 points.

Three questions on design and drawing will be included in Section B, one of which will be required.

Candidates must answer the mandatory question for 30 marks and any other question for 10 marks in 11.5 hours. Each question requires sketching.

Paper 3 will be a three-hour practical exam. One practical question worth 100 points will make up the test.

Schools must get a list of the test materials at least two weeks prior to the exam date so that they can make the necessary preparations and purchases.

Alternative to Practical Test

In the alternative, the Council may consider assessing candidates’ level of theoretical proficiency with the practical skills outlined in the syllabus in the case that materials for the real practical test cannot be obtained.

For this alternative test, there will be two sets of compulsory questions both of which must be answered in 2 hours for 100 marks.

S/No Contents Notes
1 Furniture Workshop. Workshop safety rules and regulations
Hand tools safety
Workshop bench and appliances
Machine tools safety
Portable power tools safety
Sources of workshop accident.
             2 Furniture Making Materials. Timber growth, structure, classification, parts and cross section.
Conversion of timber, methods, advantages and disadvantages.
Seasoning of timber, methods, advantages and disadvantages.
Defects in timbers, causes, classification, illustrations with sketches.
Preservation of timber, preservatives – characteristics, types and applications.
Manufactured boards, types, method of production, uses, advantages, disadvantages and sketches.
Wood adhesive definition applications, preparation, types, uses and characteristics.
Nails and uses – sketches, methods of driving in nails.
Screw types and uses, illustrations with sketches and methods of driving in screws.
Cabinet fittings, types, uses, sketches and procedures of fittings.
  3 Woodworking tools and equipment. Hand tools – types, classification, uses and sketches.
Machines – types, uses and operation.
Portable power tools – types and operations.
Other tools and equipment used in furniture making.
Maintenance of furniture tools and equipment.
 4 Furniture Design and Construction. Timber preparation – cutting to sizes, marking and planing timber to final sizes.
Common wood work joints – types, classification and uses.
Construction – types of construction-frame box construction.
Free hand sketching of common household furniture items.
Design fundamentals, elements and principles of design.
Stages – preliminary sketches and working drawing.
Planning – working rod, selection of materials, cutting list.
Construction of different items of furniture, procedures – preparation of materials, setting out of joints, cutting of joints, assembling and finishing.
  5   Upholstery work. Meaning and forms.
Tools and machines.Traditional and modern padding materials.
Design and construction of upholstery frames.
Padding and stuffing.
Fixing sewn materials.
 6  Entrepreneurship in furniture marking. Business opportunities in furniture making.
Starting a furniture business, factors to be considered.
Managing of furniture workshop, estimate and costing of furniture item.

List of Facilities and Equipment

1. Try Square 20
2. Mitre Square 10
3. Sliding Bevel 10
4. Marking Gauge 10
5. Mortise Gauge 10
6. Marking knives 10
7. Four Fold (wooden Rule) 10
8. Tape Rule (Metric) 20
9. Jack Plane 10
10. Smooth Plane 10
11. Trying Plane (jointing Plane) 5
12. Block Plane 5
13. Rebate Plane 5
14. G Clamp 5
15. Plough Plane 5
16. Bull Nose Plane 2
17. Router Plane 2
18. Rip Saw 10
19. Crosscut Saw 10
20. Tenon Saw 15
21. Panel Saw 10
22. Coping Saw 5
23. Compass Saw 2
24. Nest of Saws 2
25. Keyhole/pad Saw 1
26. Fret Saw 2
27. Dovetail Saw 5
28. Firmer Chisel 10 sets
29. Bevelled Edge Firmer Chisel 10 sets
30. Mortise Chisel (set) 10 sets
31. Turning Chisel 2 sets
32. Centre bit 5 sets
33. Auger Bit 5 sets
34. Twist Bit 5 sets
35. Rose 2 sets
 36.  Bradawl  10
37. Gimlet 5 sets
38. Ratchet brace 5
39. Dowel Rounder 5
40. Drill Bit 10 sets
41. Screw Driver (set of 6) 5 sets
43. Mallet 20
44. Claw Hammer 10
45. Cross Pein Hammer 10
46. Ball Pein Hammer 10
47. ‘F’ Clamp 10
48. Sash Clamp 10
49. Hand Screw 10
50. Bench Holdfast 5
51. Mitre Box 5
52. Mitre Cramp 5
53. Mitre Shooting Board 5
54. Flat Files (assorted) 10
55. Scraper(flat) 10
56. Dividers 10
57. Pincers 5
58. Spoke shave 2
59. Dowelling jig 5
60. Rasps 10
61. Sewing Machine 2
62. Scissors 10
63. Staple Gun 2
64. Needle (set) Curved and Straight 10
65. Tack Hammer 10
66. Pliers 5
67. Magnetic Hammer 5
68. Ripping Chisel 5
69. Knives 5
70. Tape (tailors type) 10
71. Web Strainer 10
72. Spring Cutter 5
73. Spanner (set) 2 sets
74. Wrenches 2 sets
75. Botton Making Machine 2
76. Work Bench 10
77. Bench Vice 20
78. Paint brush (sets) 5
79. Putty knives 5
80. Storage box 2
81. Water stone 2
82. Oil can 2
83. Veneer hammer 2
84. First-aid box 1


S/N        NAME           AUTHOR      PUBLISHER
1 WOODWORK FOR G.C.E &C.S.E(Metric Edition) J.N GREEN Mills and Boon Ltd
7 PRACTICAL UPHOLSTERY C.HOWES F.A.M.U Evans brothers Ltd London
8 WOODWORK DESIGN AND PRACTICE DAVID .M.SHAW Hodder and Stoughton London Sydney, Auckland Toronto


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