Complete Exam Questions and Answers on Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

It is in your best interest to take a break from your mission to save the world and sit in on a few lectures at the illustrious school that the Paldea region is famous for. Even though you do not need to give all of the correct answers to the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet class questions, it is to your advantage to do so.

You can receive some rare rewards, such as Pokémon from that region, if you do well in your tests and make friends with your instructors. You might even get a sneak peek at Paldea’s most valuable possession.

This guide will explain how classes operate, the answers that you should select for your midterms and finals, and what you get in exchange for all of the effort that you put in.

When you go to Naranja Academy for the first time, which you should do as soon as possible, you can sign up for a few classes, such as biology, math, and history. During each class, your teachers ask you a few questions and go over information that you might already know if you know a lot about Pokémon. For example, they might talk about how effective different types of damage are.

Others, like the history class, include a bit of Paldea’s history and fit in with plot developments that are probably happening at the same time as your classes, depending on how far along the Victory Road path you are.

As you move through the main story, new classes will become available, so make sure to check the academy every so often. After three sessions in a certain class, you can ask to take a midterm test in that subject by going to the front desk. Then, after three more sessions on the same subject, you can take a final exam.

So far as we can tell, the answers you give in normal lessons don’t affect your relationship with teachers or the rewards you can get later in the game. The answers you give on midterms and finals do matter, though, and you can get some rare rewards if you do well on them and make friends with your professors, the director, and Nurse Miriam.

As you go to class, you naturally get to know your teachers, and it seems that doing well on tests gives you a boost. As your relationships with each teacher get better, sometimes short story events will happen. If you look at the school map and see an exclamation mark next to one of the spots, it means that there is a new event at that spot.

Except for Director Clavell and Nurse Miriam, most professors have one more thing you need to do after exams to get their last reward. After you finish Operation Starfall and Victory Road, they will give you their final prizes.
All the answers for the midterm in Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet midterms

Picture: Midterm answers for Nintendo Life Biology
What button do you press to let a Pokémon out of its ball so it can walk with you?

Use one letter and one number to correctly say when and where eggs are found.
(at picnics) A and 2 (in a basket)
Which of the following is a good way to warm up Eggs?
What is NOT something that will make it easier to catch Pokémon?
By giving them berries
What will make catching Pokémon of higher levels easier?
Gym badges
Math answers for midterms
How much damage does Water Gun do to a Pokémon that is made of fire?
Double damage
When Razor Leaf hits a Fire-type Pokémon, how much damage does it do?
Half damage
How many $200 Poké Balls would you get if you spent $2,000 on as many as you could?

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What is the average chance that a Pokémon will land a critical hit?
About 4 percent
When a move lands a critical hit, how much damage does it do?
Almost 1.5 times as much
History answers for the midterm
What do you call the rock formation in the middle of the Paldea region?
The big hole on Paldea
What did people think was buried deep in Area Zero for a long time?
When did the Paldean Empire start to rule over this area?
back 2,000 years
How long has this school been around?
Paldea Oranges’ oranges and grapes are the best place to look for (fill in the blank)
History test for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life Languages midterm answers
Thank you is the same thing in Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese. What’s that?
Thank you
Which of these words means “tasty”?
Which of these doesn’t make sense?
Time for food
What is the first step to getting along with someone when you talk to them?
Give them praise.
What is the name of your favorite teacher?
Salvatore Battle Studies midterm answers
The higher a Pokémon’s Special Defense, the less damage (fill in the blank) does to it. attacks

Which of the following does not change how much damage a move does?
The name of the move
On a Tera Raid Battle team, how many Trainers are there?
What’s a good way to break through an opponent’s Tera Shield?
Trying to scare and attack
What kind does Ms. Dendra like best?
Fighting Art midterm answers
What is the name of the gem that shines over the head of a Pokémon when it Terastallizes?
Tera Jewel

What kind of answer does the flower-shaped answer to question 1 mean?
Type of grass
What kind of shape do most snowflakes have?
Where is the place to eat where a Tera Type can be changed?
How does something become beautiful?
No answer is right

Home Ec midterm answers
What doesn’t happen when you eat at a picnic?
Getting faster
Which of these doesn’t affect the types of Meal Powers you get from a meal?
The fillings and toppings
Which of these Berries can help a Pokémon get its HP back?
Oran Berry
Leandro gave his Pokémon an Oran Berry so it could decide on its own when to use its item in battle. He hopes that this will work.
If a move’s PP runs out, it can’t be used anymore. If a Pokémon has used up all of its PP, it can do nothing but sit there and be upset.
All the answers to the final exams for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Final tests for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life
In each class, the final exams include both questions you’ve already answered and new ones from more recent lessons.
Answers to Biology Final Exam
How many of the following four ways to catch a Pokémon make it easier? Putting them to sleep, using a Poké Toy, feeding them a Berry, or sneaking up behind them.
True or false? Only by catching them yourself or trading with other Trainers can you get new Pokémon.

If a Pokémon has an Everstone in its hands and uses an item that causes evolution, like a Fire Stone, will it evolve?
How likely is it that you’ll run into a Shiny Pokémon?
1 in 4,000
True or false? Oricorio is a Pokémon with three different looks.
False math answers on the final exam
If each Great Ball costs $600, how many could you buy with $3,000?

What will the move’s power be if a Water-type move with 100 power lands a critical hit on a Grass-type Pokémon?
How likely is it that Stone Edge will score a critical hit when everything is normal?
12 percent
How much damage will a Pokémon’s physical moves do if it uses Swords Dance twice to raise its Attack by four stages?
Triple damage
If a Rock-type Pokémon whose Tera Type is Rock Terastallizes, its Rock-type moves will be stronger by how much?

History answers for the final exam
What is the name of the area inside of the Great Crater of Paldea?
Area Zero
How long ago was this school started 805 years
In the Paldean fairy tale about the four treasures, which of these did not appear?
A folding fan
Who on the Area Zero Expedition kept a record of what the team did?
How long ago did Professor Sada (or Turo) come up with the idea of Tera Orbs?
10 Battle Studies Scarlett and Violet
Picture: the answers to the final exam for Nintendo Life Languages
Which of these words means “tasty”?

How do you translate these two foreign phrases? Je t’aime! Ich liebe dich!
I love you
What do you think Pikachu was feeling based on what you just heard?
What do you think Pikachu was feeling based on what you just heard?
What is the name of your favorite teacher?
Salvatore’s answers to his final exam on Battle Studies
During a Tera Raid Battle, which cheer increases Attack and Sp. Atk for all allies?
Try your best
What do we call the battles that the Pokémon you send out with the R Button do on their own?
Auto fights
How do you obtain LP
Send and receive things
When Flat Rules are used in Link Battles, the level of high-level Pokémon is changed to what level?
Level 50
Normal Rules let you use more than one Pokémon of the same type and more than one of the same held item in a Link Battle.
Answers to the True Art final exam
What is the name of the restaurant where a Pokemon’s Tera Type can be changed?
The Treasure Food Shop
What is the name of Brassius’s most famous piece of art that we talked about in class?
Surrendering Sunflora

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How many waterfalls are on the list of Paldea’s Ten Sights?
Where is the Million Volt Skyline located?
Marks are what a Pokemon has when you first meet it, and you can’t add more later.
False answers to the final Home Ec test
Which of the following Meal Powers makes Shiny Pokémon easier to find?
Sparkling Power
Which of these is NOT a result of Egg Power?
It helps strong Pokémon hatch.
What is a simple but important thing you can do to make Meal Powers work better?
Cook with other people
How should you clean up your cute Pokémon when they get dirty?
Wash the Pokémon


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