Complete NERC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) started inviting candidates for aptitude test | NERC Recruitment CBT exam / Test 2022/2023 | NERC Aptitude test 2022/2023: NERC Aptitude Test Past questions Practice for 2023 will help you prepare faster and also help you understand the exam pattern for the best performance.

The 2023 NERC recruitment test will be announced after the application process is over. As usual, people who want to take the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) exam are looking for past questions and answers and for information about how the exam is set up.

NERC Questions and Answers from the Past – Exam CBT Test

Our team of dedicated human resources staff put together our NERC past questions and answers with care so that candidates can easily pass the CBT test. Do you want to pass this test of job skills right away? If you said yes, then you need our Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) past questions and answers in PDF.

Past Questions and Answers from the Online Test

The NERC job aptitude test has always been given on This may still be the case this year. These TestMi past questions for Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission cbt test are what you need to pass the exam. Our NERC past question paper is in PDF format so that you can study on any device and easily download it.

This information will help you get ready for any of the jobs advertised by the NERC. Some of those jobs are: Chief Manager, Internal Audit, Senior Manager, Internal Audit, Analyst I: Human Resources, Protocol, Principal Manager, Analyst I, Data Aggregation Platform (DAP), Analyst I – Licenses, Principal Manager of Tariff and Rates, Principal Manager of Corporate Planning Strategy, Assistant Manager, Complaints from Customers, Analyst I, Research Analytics, Chief Manager – Legal, Assistant Manager – Generation Safety, Analyst I – Software and IT Support, Deputy General Manager, Communication, Analyst I: Complaints from customers, Manager in charge of renewable energy, Principal Manager of Compliance, Senior Manager of Tariffs and Rates, Senior Manager of System Planning, Analyst II—Help with IT, Analyst I: Consumer Education and Awareness, Accounts Analyst II, Compliance, Senior Manager, Analyst II, Front Desk Agent, Assistant Manager, New Media, Senior Manager, Transmission Services, Analyst I: Standards for Customer Service, Manager of Tariff and Rates, Principal Manager of Research (Data Aggregation Platform), Analyst I, Front Desk Officer, Manager of Performance Monitoring, Assistant Manager of Customer Service Standards, Manager of New Media, Generation Services Manager, Assistant Manager, Corporate Planning and Strategy (CPS), Assistant Manager, Metering Standards, Deputy General Manager, Legal, Assistant Manager, Accounts, Manager, Transmission System Operations, Assistant Manager, Tariff and Rates, Assistant Manager, Compliance, Manager, Metering Standards, Manager, Accounts, Manager, Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis, Assistant Manager, Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis, Senior Manager, Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis. Assistant Manager, Network Safety. Senior Manager, Market Analysis and Competition.

NERC Exam Format / Likely Questions to Expect:
Here is how the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) exam is set up. If you want to pass this test, the first thing you need to do is learn how the exam is set up and what kinds of questions you might see.

Questions about your position
Reasoning with Numbers
Verbal Reasoning
Current Affair
General Paper, English, Math, Quantitative Reasoning, etc.

Download the PDF version of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Question Paper

Having known the format of the test, the easiest way to pass Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) examination is to purchase our full version of NERC past questions papers in PDF as it has all the exam focus questions that will enable you pass the cbt test with ease.


NERC Past Questions and Answers for the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Test

NERC Aptitude Test Past Questions

1. The standard voltage and frequency in Nigeria are and, respectively.
A. 230 V / 50 Hz
B. 302 V / 75
C. 420 V / 70
D. 530 V /50
Answer: 230 V / 50 Hz


2. One of these is not a way to get power.
A. Sun
B. Wind
D. Hydrogen
answer: Hydrogen


3. How quickly can work be done?
A. Power
B. Energy
C. Strength
D. Fitness
Answer: Energy


4. What is PPM?
A. Prepaid meter
B. Permanent meter
C. Power meter
D. Prefer meter
Answer: Prepaid meter


5) If a car is going 90 km/hr, how many minutes will it take it to go 27 km?
A. 3.3 minutes
B. 2430 minutes
C. 18 minutes
D. 0.3 minutes


6) If a rectangular tank is 5 meters tall and can hold 200 liters per foot, how many gallons can it hold all together?
A. 3281 gal
B. 1000 gal
C. 867 gal
D. 8670 gal

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In the next question, there is a pair of words or phrases that go together and then a pair of words or phrases with five letters. Choose the lettered pair that best shows the same kind of relationship as the original pair.

A. tone: scale
B. Waves of sound
C. verse: poem
D. dimension: space


8) Choose the lettered word or phrase whose meaning is the most close to the opposite of the word DIFFUSE:
A. concentrate
B. contend
C. imply
D pretend

Choose the right answer for questions 9 through 15:


9) I have no idea.
A. where’s your pencil?
B. where did you put your pen?
C. where’s the pencil?
D. where did you put your pen?


10. ___ him if you want to see him.
A. please tell me.
B. please let me know.
C. please tell me.
D. please let it be known


11. The little girl scampered out of the yard.
A. Worrying about the dog
B. The dog that scares her
C. The dog’s fear has been
D. Was worried about the dog


12. At 4 p.m., the manager will be here.
A. is expected to come
B. is expected to come
C. will probably come
D. is expected to come


13. Many people have gotten richer because of the devaluation, but many others have lost money.
A. ruined
B. have been ruined
C. have ruined
D. would have gone wrong


14. Since yesterday, the man has been in the hospital.
A. because of his bad wound
B. because of how badly he was hurt
C. because of how badly he was hurt
D. since his wound was bad

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15. Your idea, which is _____, is good for both the company and the workers.
A. not the same as his
B. in addition to
C. as he does
D. like his

Choose the word or group of words for each blank in the sentence below that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

16) People often don’t notice that their hearing isn’t perfect in the early stages of hearing loss because their other senses can make up for small amounts of loss.
(A) discovery… showed
(B) development … prevented
(C) finding out is hard
(D) treatment… helped

Choose the right tense for the verbs in brackets in questions 17 through 40:


17) I usually take the train, but I’m taking the bus this weekend. Even though it takes longer, it costs less.
A. take
B. takes
C. is taken
D. will take


18) I don’t think that your brother is having a good time at the party. He looks at his watch all the time.
A. doesn’t believe
B. didn’t believe
C. don’t worry
D. not thinking about


19: They are painting the hall right now, so it doesn’t look its best.
A. is being
B. is
C. will be
D. going to


20) Right now, I have my typewriter (repaired).
A. repairing
B. repaired
C. gets fixed
D. Getting fixed

Questions and Answers About Electricity

1). How many coulombs of charge move through the filament of a lamp in 1.75 seconds if it has a current of 6 A?

A. 10.5 C

B. 105 C

C. 3.4 C

D. 34 C

The right answers are: A

2. Current is limited by resistance.

A. True

B. False

The right answers are: A

3. When close to each other, two things with a positive charge will

A. Attract

B. Become neutral

C. Become negative

D. Repel

The right answers are: D

4). A circuit breaker is what kind of thing?

A. Fuse

B. Change

C. Resettable protective device

D. Resistor

The right answers are: C

5. The name for things that have a lot of free electrons is

A. Conductors

B. Insulators

Semiconductors (C.)

D. Filters

The right answers are: A

6. For a 4,700 ohm resistor with a 10% tolerance, the colored bands are

A. Gold, yellow, violet, and red.

B. Yellow, violet, orange, gold

C. Yellow, violet, red, silver

D. Orange, violet, red, silver

The right answers are: C

7). Free electrons are what make electricity work.

A. True

B. False

The right answers are: A

8). Normal conditions do not allow current to flow through a/an

A. Conductor

B. insulator

C. Semiconductor

D. Valence

B is the right answer.

9) A circuit’s current can’t be more than 24 A. What is the best value for a fuse?

A. There is no need for a fuse.

B. 24 A

C. 210 A

D. 20 A

B is the right answer.


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10). A circuit that has a full path for the current to follow is not open.

A. True

B. False

B is the right answer.

11. A brown, red, yellow, or gold resistor can have a maximum resistance value of

A. 126,000 Ω

B. 126,600 Ω

C. 114,000 Ω

D. 132,000 Ω

The right answers are: A

12. The insulation for a cable should be made of

A. low price

B. Strong electric charge

C. A lot of physical strength

D. Every one of these

The right answers are: D

13. In a cable, there is _____ right above the metal sheath.

A. Getting down to earth

B. Armouring

C. Bedding

D. None of these.

The right answers are: C

14. Which of the following types of copper conducts electricity the best?

A. Copper was made harder through induction

B. Hard drawn copper

C. Pure annealed copper

D. Copper with a little bit of silicon

The right answers are: C

15). These are good materials for making permanent magnets with high retentivity and high coercivity.

A. High, low

B. How high

C. Low, high

D. Low, low

B is the right answer.

Other Questions and Answers as Examples

16). A report has 20 pages, and each page has 55 lines. Each line has 65 characters. This report has been broken down into 65-line sheets, with 70 characters on each line. The percentage decrease in sheets is closer to

A. 20%

B. 5%

C. 30%

D. 35%

The right answers are: A

17). The price of a Hunda car goes up by 30%, but the number of sales goes down by 20%. How much has the total amount of money made changed?

A. – 4%

B. – 2%

C. + 4%

D. + 2%

The right answers are: C

18). If a piece of cloth that was 36 inches long shrinks to 33 inches after it is washed, how many inches long will the same piece of cloth be after it has been washed if it was 48 inches long?

A. 47″

B. 44″

C. 45″

D. 46″

B is the right answer.

19). A man eats 25 kg of rice and 9 kg of wheat every month. Rice costs 20% more than wheat, so he spends a total of N350 per month on rice and wheat. If the price of wheat goes up by 20%, how much less rice will be eaten for the same amount of money (N50)? Given that the price of rice stays the same and the amount of wheat used stays the same:

A. 40%

B. 25%

C. 36%

D. 24%

The right answers are: C

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Choose the answer that best explains the first statement:

20). You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.

A. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to come.

B. You only come when you feel like it.

C. You come unless you don’t want to

D. You don’t have to come unless you want to.

The right answers are: A

21). Choose the phrase or word that fits each sentence the best:

He learned it, even though it was a long poem.

A. off the top of your head

B. in the past

C. by rote

D. in the end

The right answers are: C

22). What year did the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) start working?

A. 2015

B. 2016

C. 2017

D. 2018

The right answers are: C

23). When it comes to electricity in Nigeria, NERC’s main job is?

A. Management

B. Regulatory

C. Establishment

D. Assessment

The right answers are: C

24). In which year did Nigeria start making electricity?

A. 1900

B. 1880

C. 1914

D. 1886

The right answers are: D

25). When electricity first came to Nigeria, what was the first amount of electricity made?

A. 60kw

B. 600kw

C. 25kw

D. 1205KW

The right answers are: A

26). The first thing in Nigeria to create an electric current was a?

A. Kanji Dam

B. Car

C. Grinder

D. Generator

The right answers are: D

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