Top 10 Rated and Best Dance Schools in Connecticut in 2023

Connecticut is a state in southern New England, the United States. It is one of the tri-state areas with New York and New Jersey, which when combined make up metropolitan New York City.

It is known for its amazing dance and drama programs that attract a good number of students every year in search of the best education.

Applying to a dance school in Connecticut should be one of the essential choices one would be making to take their dancing skills to the next level.

Connecticut dance schools are widely known for their excellent dance technique, they’ve been able to train thousands of students for their successful careers.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the various options Connecticut has to offer in dancing from colleges, its academy, theatre, and dance competitions.

What are the Best Dance Schools in Connecticut?

Dancing is beyond just randomly moving your body. It is art and it is life. A degree in dancing isn’t quite offered at every dance school in the United States, but there are schools that have a program in the field which is top-notch when it comes to a sound academic system.

Connecticut city has been able to boast of having the best schools with dance programs in the United States.

It gets overwhelming trying to choose which dance school you should find yourself going for.

The dance school you choose to invest your time and money in matters. To help you make the decision that is right for you, we’ve come up with the best dance schools in Connecticut. They include:

1. Connecticut Dance Academy 

Many people enjoy dancing but not everyone would want to give all it takes to become a professional dancer. Dancing doesn’t just involve moving your body but it takes a wholesome amount of sacrifice, time, and money to become a great dancer.

Connecticut offers a dance academy for students who are willing to move forward to another level with dance. They aim to maximize the potential of dancers by bringing out their very best and making them independent enough to stand on their own in the society of today.

Connecticut Dance Academy is filled with highly qualified instructors and choreographers with a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to students of all abilities. It was recently ranked the top dance studio in the Best of Hartford/CT.

The dance academy offers classes in the following dance styles: Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Pointe, Tap, and Tumble. It also offers a summer dance camp for children aged 4-7.

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2. Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts university located in Middletown, Connecticut. It was established in 1831 as a men’s college under the patronage of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Dance is a collaborative art. It deepens one’s awareness and expression of the human experience.

The Dance Department at Wesleyan College is a contemporary program with a global perspective. The curriculum centers on creative behavior – imagining, making and doing.

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3. University of Hartford

The University of Hartford offers a Fine Arts degree program in dance performance and ballet pedagogy (teaching). The school offers a rigorous, professionally focused conservatory curriculum and is committed to preparing students for careers in the evolving field of dance.

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What are Connecticut Dance Studios? 

The City of Connecticut is home to different dance studios. A dance studio aims to help dancers properly rehearse their craft with the necessary space they need.

The studio space isn’t for free as dancers are most likely to pay for using the place. Payment could be done per hour or for the particular time they would need to use the studio.

Connecticut Dance Studios are properly equipped with everything the dancers would need to enhance their skills. There are also dance classes in these studios that people interested in learning how to dance can take.

Here are the Dance Studios in Connecticut:

1. Starship Dance Studio

Starship Dance Studio is located in Guilford, Connecticut, United States. The studio offers mainly ballet classes to people interested in learning or perfecting their knowledge of ballet.

Starship Dance Studio offers professional technical dance training in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, motivation, and a positive self-image.

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2. The Spot at Just Dance Studio

The Spot at Just Dance Studio is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. The Studio offers dance classes with dance styles like contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, etc.

It has a tuition of $50 annual fee per family. Other fees include;

30 Min Workshop – $395

45 Min Class – $925

1 Hour Class – $965

1 Hour Workshop – $790

Tumbling Class – $735

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3. Rhythm-N-Sync Dance Studio

Located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, United States. With a developed love for the art of dance, this studio provides a fun and nurturing environment developing rhythm, balance, and coordination.

This studio aims to introduce dancers to all styles providing them with an opportunity to excel.

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4. Tia Russell Dance Studio

The Tia Russell Dance Studio, commonly known as TRDS, is a privately owned dance education program located in Woodbridge. The studio welcomes new and experienced students, offering various styles of dance including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, West African, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Lyrical & Acro Dance.

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What are the Dance Schools in Connecticut? 

Connecticut Dance schools are known to be one of the best in the United States. Offering different dancing styles with qualified and professional dance tutors that brings out the best in dancers.

Dancers are left to master different dance techniques and can find their place in the industry. Dance classes are usually for groups of children, teens, or adults at different levels of dance skills, including dance fundamentals classes for preschoolers

Here are the Dance Schools in Connecticut:

Located in Monroe, CT. Connecticut dance schools offer dance classes for all ages. The school is the best dance school in Connecticut with dance styles like classical ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, hip-hop, and Irish Step.

1. Connecticut Dance School

Connecticut Dance school has been committed to producing excellent students because they’re very dedicated to their craft. With a huge passion for ballet, the school has been engaged in different competitions in the states.

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2. Premier Dance School

The Premier School of Dance is a prestigious, award-winning dance school. Its headquarter is in Gilles Plains, a northern suburb of Adelaide. It offers dance lessons for children and adults, beginners, and advanced dancers.

The Dance School strives to inspire a love of dance and provide high-quality training. With a fully equipped dance studio, students are encouraged to learn from passionate and skilled instructors.

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3. Morlock School of Dance

Located in East Hartford, CT. Morlock School of Dance provides one of the best Dance services in the states.

Morlock School of Dance gives young dancers the confidence to be their best versions. The school believes dancing is an art that everyone should enjoy.

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4. Cheshire Dance Centre

Since 1995, the Cheshire Dance Centre has been delivering the highest quality choreography to the Greater Hartford area.

It is a home for dancers and staff who spend their time pursuing the art of dance. The school of dance offers expert instruction in ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap dancing for children and adults.

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What are the Dance Theatres in Connecticut?

Most of the time, dancers end up performing in theaters for large audiences. Theatrical dancers perform a variety of dance styles in performances that may include ballets, musicals, concerts, and shows.

Connecticut dance theatres are known for their exquisite taste in the love of art and dance. Theatre dancers specialize in a specific form of dance and can build themselves to be independent artists or work for companies.

Here are the Dance Theatres in Connecticut:

  1. Connecticut Dance Theatre & the Arts
  2. FineLine Theatre Arts
  3. Northwest Dance Theatre Center
  4. Ballet Theatre Company

What are the Dance Competitions in Connecticut? 

Connecticut offers dance competitions for dancers from different academies and colleges to compete healthily. It is hosted every year in Connecticut to nurture dancers in love for dance.

Rewards are given to those who come out of the competition at the top and can impress the judges with their routines. Dancers can see their strengths and correct their flaws.

Dancers are advised to engage in dance competitions to be able to learn more and compare their skills with other dancers. It builds the characters of these dancers and takes them to the next level of their craft.

There are several dance competitions in Connecticut but there are only a few:

  1. Constitution State Dancesport Championships
  2. Paragon Open DanceSport Championships
  3. Tri-State Challenge Dancesport Championships
  4. Royal Dancesport Challenge
  5. Diva Dance Competition
  6. All Out Dance Competition

What are the Dance Colleges in Connecticut?

If you’re looking to major in dance in Connecticut then you’re at the right place. Connecticut has been able to produce different colleges that offer majors in dance to students that would like to study dance professionally.

Dance colleges in Connecticut have been able to produce well-disciplined and outstanding dancers all over the globe. Offering different styles of dance with a sound academic curriculum, students can do well in every aspect of dance.

Here are the Dance Colleges In Connecticut:

1. Paier College

Paier College of Art is a private 4-year art school located in Hamden, Connecticut, in the suburbs of New Haven. The College is committed to learning and service programs that are able to provide intensive practice in art skills and other areas of study.

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2. Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Northwest Connecticut Community College is a public community college located in Winstead, Connecticut. It is the smallest or second smallest of the twelve colleges in the Connecticut community college system. The school offers dance programs for students interested in professionally pursuing a dance career.

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3. Benjamin Franklin College

Benjamin Franklin College is one of Yale’s new residential colleges. It has a dance department that covers many dance genres. The college encourages students to explore their creativity and achieve personal growth in the performing arts.

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4. Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College is a public community college with its main campus in New Haven, Connecticut, and its automotive technology campus in North Haven. The college offers dance programs for students interested in learning the art of dance. It requires students to analyze their original choreography as well as that of other students.

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What are the Irish Dance Schools in Connecticut? 

Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating from Ireland. It encompasses dancing both solo and in groups for different occasion performances.

Connecticut is home to one of the best Irish dance schools in the state. It embraces Irish culture and allows dancers to explore their options and find themselves.

Here are the Irish Dance Schools In Connecticut:

1. Lenihan School of Irish Dance 

The Lenihan School of Irish Dance is Connecticut’s premier Irish dance school. They provide a fun, inspiring environment for children and adults to learn Irish dance for entertainment purposes or to win championships.

Students at the Lenihan Irish Dance School always come out with outstanding performances and are recognized across the state.

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2. The Gray School of Irish Dance

The Gray Irish Dance Academy has over 43 years of experience teaching dance to children from across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

The school believes that Irish dancing is a great sport that builds confidence and discipline in students.

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3. Thorne Academy of Irish Dance

Thorne Academy of Irish Dance was founded by two sisters who fell in love with dancing. The goal of the academy is to develop students in their respective talents and make lessons fun and exciting while keeping the tradition of Irish Step Dancing alive.

The Academy builds confidence and enriches the lives of students while offering a supportive place for them to study.

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4. The Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance

The Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance specializes in promoting Irish culture through traditional and contemporary Irish dance techniques. They embrace students from age three and above looking to learn about Irish dance and traditions. The Academy is willing to share Irish culture through the beautiful art of Irish dance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What styles of dance do Connecticut dance schools offer?

Connecticut dance schools specialize in all types of social and partner dancing, from ballroom and Latin dances in both American and International styles. The school also offers contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, musical theater, and other interpretive styles.

2. Is there a dress code for dance classes in Connecticut?

Dancing is all about movement with rhythm and enjoyment. It is recommended to wear something comfortable that allows you to be flexible and relaxed during the dance practice. Students are allowed to wear anything they want for the first lesson but afterward, recommendations would be made based on the style and direction preferred.

3. Is there an age limit to apply for dancing school?

Applying to dancing school has no limit because dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression. It has no age restrictions, and dance schools in Michigan are open to people of all ages that are ready to take their skills to the next level.

4. What is the fastest way to improve as a dancer?

The key to improving your dance skills and becoming better at dancing is nothing else but consistency. Dance schools in Michigan have a well-rounded, balanced program that incorporates all aspects of dance styles from group classes to private lessons, and social dance parties.


Connecticut is home to a lot of dance schools, giving dancers different options to choose from. As important as it is, getting the best dance schools will take you to the next level of your dancing career.

The number of dancers today is increasing rapidly as many professional dancers are doing the same dance routine. To survive as a dancer in society, you need to embrace uniqueness in your craft. As such you’ll need a dance school that’ll help you grow and train your skills to perfection.

Connecticut is one place you should be looking at. We hope you’ve been able to come to terms with the categories of dance schools in Connecticut, dance academies, theatres, and studios. If dancing is important to you then you should check them out.


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