Top 10 Rated and Best Dental Hygienist Schools in Chicago in 2023

Dental hygienist schools in Chicago offer outstanding programs at a cheap tuition fee that will train you to become a dental hygienist.

If you’re considering joining the team of oral healthcare experts in Illinois Chicago, you’re making the right choice.

Illinois Chicago has numerous job opportunities for dental hygienists.

Dental hygienists in the State earn a considerable salary and have a great job outlook compared with other careers in the State.

But to enjoy the job opportunities made available to dental hygienists in Illinois, you will need to be educated.

By education, you need to be enrolled in any dental hygienist program, and Chicago has many of them.

Dental hygiene schools in Illinois Chicago are equipped with up-to-date state-of-the-art facilities and professionals who will guide you on a journey to becoming a dental hygienist.

At the end of your program, you can take care of a patient’s oral health care needs.

But First, you need to enroll in any of the accredited dental hygienist schools.

In this guide, we have done our research and come up with a list of the cheap schools for dental hygiene in Chicago, Illinois.

Our choice of institutions was based on the state of the school’s accreditation, tuition cost, and academic excellence.

Also, you will know the factors to consider before settling for a dental hygiene school in Chicago.

And to cap it, you will find answers to many career questions in this field that will help you if you want to study and become a dental hygienist in Chicago, Illinois.

Let’s get you started!!!

Does Chicago Have Dental Hygiene Schools?

Talking about dental hygiene schools in Chicago, there are just 3 schools of dentistry that trains students to become a dentist.

However, when it comes to dental hygiene schools in Chicago, Illinois, there is quite a handful of them.

Most students study dental hygiene in Chicago because of the overtly recognized higher learning system and outstanding educational curriculum.

Attending any dental hygienist programs in Chicago will train you thoroughly to become a dental hygienist and take up jobs in the State.

Also, upon graduation, students can take and pass the state, national and regional Licensure exams and get their licenses.

What Programs are Offered in Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida?

Many career paths will train you to become a dental hygienist in Illinois.

Here are the undergraduate and graduate programs available in dental hygienist schools in Chicago are;

  • Associate Degree: Technical and Community Colleges.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Universities.
  • Master’s Degree: Universities.
  • RDH-BSDH Degree: Universities

Each of these programs prepares you for a career in dental hygiene.

An RDH-BSDH degree program is for those with an associate degree who want to take their career up a notch.

What Courses Will I Learn in Dental Hygienist Schools in Illinois, Chicago?

Becoming a dental hygienist will mean you want to learn to take care of the oral health of patients.

Dental hygienists are involved in preventive oral healthcare and educating patients on how best to care for their oral cavity.

You will be trained across various dental hygienist programs scheduled in courses spread across semesters to be equipped for such.

Majorly, the dental hygiene programs in Chicago will cover a variety of courses such as Radiology, Periodontology, Dental anatomy, Patient Communication, and Dental Materials.

Also, courses such as Preventive dentistry, Dental Instrumentation, Community dental health, Anxiety and Pain Control, Dental practice management, and leadership, among others.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dental School in Illinois Chicago.

Before you choose to attend a dental school in Illinois, there are many factors you must put into perspective.

This list of factors will help you choose the best school for you.

While choosing a school, you should choose a school based on your academic needs.

Here are the factors to consider in schools for dental hygienist programs;

1. Is the School Academically Sound?

Before enrolling in any dental school, you must determine your academic excellence level.

Your school choice should be based on academic excellence and how well the course is taught.

Quality education is what makes you ready for the jobs out there.

Therefore, to have adequate knowledge of any dental school on your list, check out Alumni reviews on the university’s website.

2. Is the Dental Hygienist Program Flexible?

Can you study on weekends?

Are there online options for students who don’t want to be on campus?

Are there night programs for dental hygienists taking an RDH-BSDH degree program?

These questions will help access the flexibility of the dental hygiene schools in Chicago in your list.

Therefore, you have to ensure the dental hygienist program you’re enrolling in Chicago schools is flexible for you.

3. Dental Hygienist Program Lasts for How Long?

The Dental Hygiene Programs can take up to 30 Months to complete and some 4 years.

This factor is important when choosing a school for dental hygienist training because you will know how long you will have to spend in school.

Also, it determines how much you get to spend on tuition.

4. Which Dental Hygiene Program Does the School Offer?

There are two undergraduate career paths for dental hygienists.

The associate or bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

Also, there are master’s degree program options for students who want to further.

Some schools also offer that for Registered Dental Hygienists who want to go for an RDH-BSDH degree program.

So which are you going for, and what schools are offering it?

5. What is the Cost of Dental Hygiene Schools in Chicago?

Another factor to consider when choosing a school from the list of dental hygienist schools in Chicago, IL is the tuition cost.

Most students want to attend dental hygienist schools in Chicago, Illinois, which are cheap.

So, you will have to find out dental hygiene schools in Illinois with dental hygienist programs whose tuition is cheap.

To find out how much it will take you to complete a degree in dental hygiene in school in Chicago?

How Long is a Dental Hygiene Program in Chicago, Illinois?

As we made you understand earlier, two undergraduate career paths exist to getting a dental hygiene degree in Illinois.

Each of these programs has its duration.

An associate degree in dental hygiene in Chicago will take 20 – 30 months or just 2 years to get a degree.

A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, lasts for 4 years.

And if you want to go into dental education and tutoring, a master’s degree program in dental hygiene schools and colleges takes 1 to 2 years.

What is the Cost of Attending Dental Hygiene Schools In Chicago?

How much you will get to pay for tuition in dental hygiene schools and colleges in Chicago will vary based on factors such as

  • School.
  • Dental program.
  • Location of school.

An associate degree will cost between $3,700 – $41,130, while a bachelor’s degree program $17,160 – $75,230.

A master’s degree in dental hygiene will cost $22,370 – $69,070.

List of Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Chicago, Illinois 2023.  

Here is a list of dental hygienist schools in Florida, the programs they offer, tuition, and the requirements to apply;

#1. Southern Illinois University

  • Location: Carbondale, Illinois 
  • Dental Program: Bachelor’s Degree, Online Dental Hygiene Management/Education, and Degree completion program. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Varies By Program.

If you pursue a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in Chicago, Southern Illinois University should be your only consideration.

Split into three paths: earn a bachelor’s degree or enroll in a degree completion program or an online Dental Hygiene Management/Education program.

Also, students who study at Southern Illinois University go through supervised hours of clinical practice, internships, and clinical rotations.

To complete a bachelor’s degree program, you must complete the 32-credit prerequisite coursework, the degree completion program requires 60-credit, and the online  Dental Hygiene Management/Education requires 31-credit hours.

#2. Lake Land College

  • Location: Mattoon
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years.

At Lakeland College, dental hygienist graduates find it easy to blend into the workforce.

Because of their level of expertise in teaching and training, students quickly pass the national and state licensing exams.

Therefore, r you to enroll at Lake Land College, you must have a Grade C in high school.

And to graduate, you must complete a 71.5 credit coursework.

#3. Fox College

  • Location: Midway Campus in Bedford Park 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: 20 Months  

Fox College is one of the cheap dental hygiene schools in Chicago IL equipped with advanced facilities.

Also, Fox College’s on-site simulated dental provides students ample opportunity to attend to patients.

By the end of the program, students are job-ready and can pass the state and national licensure examinations.

#4. William Rainey Harper College

  • Location: Palatine, Illinois
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years 

William Rainey Harper College is highly selective, making it one of the dental hygiene schools in Chicago, Illinois.

The dental hygienist programs offered at William Rainey Harper College are real-time because students get to work on patients in well-equipped dental clinics in Chicago.

Students are ready to pass the state and national licensing exams upon graduation.

But to keep abreast, William Rainey Harper College only accepts 36 students each year who graduate after completing 81-credit coursework.

#5. College of Lake County

  • Location: Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years 

College of Lake County is one of the dental hygienist schools in Chicago, providing students with up-to-date dental hygiene education.

At the College of Lake County, every course in the program prepares you to perform procedures on patients’ oral cavities.

To become a dental hygienist in Chicago, Illinois, as trained by the College of Lake County, you will need to have a minimum grade of “C” in high school.


#6. Illinois Central College

  • Location: East Peoria 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years 

Only 24 students are admitted annually to Illinois Central College’s dental hygiene program for an associate degree.

Also, students are required to complete a 76.5 credit curriculum to graduate.

Illinois Central College also helps those who want to pursue higher education by guiding them toward a bachelor’s degree at other universities.

#7. Lewis and Clark Community College

  • Location: Godfrey 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years 

Lewis and Clark Community College focuses on clinical laboratory and dental hygiene clinical learning.

Students get to learn in state-of-the-art facilities from dental professionals.

But to graduate, you will need to complete 60 credit hours of coursework.

#8. Rock Valley College

  • Location: Rockford 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

Next on our list of best dental hygiene schools in Chicago is Rock Valley College.

Another peculiar characteristic of Rock Valley College is the close-knit environment, small-sized classes, and professional staff.

Also, graduation requires the completion of 80-credit coursework of classwork, lab training, and clinical rotations.

#9. Parkland College

  • Location: Champaign, Illinois 
  • Dental Program: Bachelor’s Degree, Online Dental Hygiene Management/Education, and Degree completion program. 
  • Dental Program Duration: Varies By Program 

Parkland College aims at training students who will improve oral health care in Chicago.

The program requires you to complete 79.5 credits in biological, behavioral, social, and dental hygiene courses.

#10. College of DuPage

  • Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree. 
  • Dental Program Duration: 5 Semesters. 

College of DuPage is one of the cheap dental hygiene schools in Chicago, Illinois.

Though affordable, student dental hygienists study in highly equipped state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Although the College of DuPage offers an associate degree in dental hygiene, it also helps students who want to advance to get a bachelor’s degree to get a discount in healthcare management at Concordia University.

Students will have to complete an 82-credit curriculum to graduate.1

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Hygiene Schools in Chicago, Illinois.

Where do Dental Hygienists work in Chicago?

You will find a dental hygienist working in a
Doctors offices,
Nursing Homes,
Pediatric Homes,
Offices of Physicians,
Local, state, or federal government.
Dentists’ offices are both private and shared practices.

How Much Do Dental Hygienists in Chicago Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists in Chicago, Illinois, earn $74,210 on average.

But depending on your location, the facility where you work, and your experience level, your salary may be higher or lower than that.

For instance, dental hygienists with less than 1-year experience earn $54,790, while those with 20 or more years of experience earn about $97,010.

Are Dental Hygienists High In Demand in Chicago?

Currently, about 9,440 dental hygienists are working in Chicago.
The number, according to statistics, is expected to grow by 5.40% between 2018 and 2028.

This will create an additional 510 jobs for dental hygienists in the State.
This growth can be traced to the ever-increasing population of residents, which means more need for health professionals, including dental hygienists.

Is Being A Dental Hygienist Hard?

Dental hygiene can be a demanding career physically, and if we do not look after our bodies, all that scaling can begin to take a toll.
Remember to do some stretching and muscle strengthening to help with your posture.

What Cities in Chicago Pay Dental Hygienists More?

If you want to be paid more as a dental hygienist in Chicago, here are the cities to look for jobs;

What Dental Hygienist Organizations in Chicago Can I Join?

Here are some helpful associations for dental hygienists in Chicago;
Illinois Dental Hygienists Association


We hope you found this article very enlightening

Any of these Dental Hygiene Schools in Chicago, Illinois, we have listed above, have programs accredited to train you to become a dental hygienist.

Upon graduation, you can get your appropriate license and start practicing.

Remember, your choice of school should be based on your educational needs.

Ensure you visit the school website to find out the requirements for applying.

Good luck!!!




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