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These practice questions for the Eco Bank Aptitude test will help you prepare more quickly, efficiently, and effectively for your best result.

EcoBank provides genuine work possibilities for recent graduates and seasoned candidates. Nonetheless, it is recommended to fully prepare for the test you will need to take.

Examrunz can provide assistance with this preparation: Our TestPacks contain study guides and a large number of practice questions. Timed tests designed to enhance performance in EcoBank

EcoBank provides banking services as well as investment management. It has locations throughout Nigeria and Africa.


EcoBank’s Hiring Methodology

The recruitment procedure at ECOBANK may vary based on the post for which you are seeking, its level, your experience, and other factors. The following outline describes the fundamental steps:

Online application is required.
You may be asked to take an online examination.
If you pass the online examination, you will be invited to participate in computer-based assessments. The manager will conduct an interview with you.

Evaluation Center: You will be invited to an evaluation day. There may be interviews, testing, and group activities such as debate, presentation, and role-playing on this day. The Assessment Centre assists in gaining a more precise understanding of you as a candidate and whether you are a suitable fit for the organization and the relevant role.

Multiple examinations may be required during the employment procedure.

The EcoBank Aptitude Exams

The evaluations you’ll be required to take depend on the position you’re seeking, and may include:

Reasoning with numbers Calculation exams and/or questions on facts and figures that evaluate quantitative skills.

Verbal Reasoning: Assesses your grammar, vocabulary, and understanding through a text that you will evaluate and be asked questions about.
Non-verbal and/or spoken examinations that evaluate your information evaluation and attention to detail.

Abstract Reasoning: You will be given multiple-choice questions concerning the logic of symbols and patterns in order to assess your ability to comprehend new concepts and abstract notions.

Excel/IT/Banking Competencies: Examines your proficiency and knowledge of Excel and other ICT/Banking-related software.

Verbal Reasoning

Some proverbs and idioms, along with their definitions, are provided here. Choose the appropriate definition of the proverb or phrase.
To put one’s hand to the plow is to .
A. undertake a challenging activity B. engage in agricultural farming C. become caught in unimportant matters D. take an interest in technical work
A is the correct response.

Which word in the selection is unusual?
A. Airplane B. Canoe C. Train D. Automobile E. Traveler
E is the correct response.

E is the correct response.

S: completely equipped rooms
The correct order should be
B is the correct response.

Each question consists of two words with a specified relationship to one another, followed by four pairs of words with the same relationship. Choose the pair with the same relationship.
A. Leonardo: music B. colors: pallet C. art: appreciation
D. fresco: painter
The appropriate response is D.


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Numerical Reasoning

What is the smallest number that, when divided by 10, leaves a remainder of 9, when divided by 9, leaves a leftover of 8, when divided by 8, leaves a remnant of 7, etc., until when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of 1?
A. 2,131\sB. 2,337
C. 2,519\sD. 2,477\sE. 2,517
2. The right response is C.

Imagine you are constructing a toy brick tower. The height of a yellow brick is 19 millimeters and the height of a green brick is 21 millimeters. How many of each are required to construct a tower measuring precisely 562 millimeters in height?
A. 15 bricks in yellow and 15 in green.
13 yellow and 15 green bricks make up B.
13 yellow and 18 green bricks make up C.
D. 10 yellow bricks and 11 green ones.
E. 17 yellow bricks and 13 green ones.
The correct response is B.

The average of five quantities is ten, while the average of three is nine. What is the mean of the final two?
A. 12.5 B. 11.5 C. 12 D. 11 E. 9
B is the correct response.

To get to work, Justin takes the subway and an escalator at the train station. If Justin runs up the escalator’s six stairs, it will take him sixty seconds to reach the top. If he rushes up the escalator’s 13 stairs, it will only take him 42.5 seconds to reach the top.
How many seconds would it take for Justin to reach the top of the escalator if he did not run?
A. 75.0 B. 70.0 C. 60.0 D. 42.5 E. 17.5
A is the right answer.

If you remove 29 oranges from a total of 60 oranges, how many oranges will remain?
A. 89 B. 60 C. 31 D. 29 E. None of the preceding
The proper response is D.

Mrs. Priscilla receives a weekly salary of N1,500 in addition to 2% commission on sales. How much did she make for the week in which her sales totaled N29,230?
A. N2,084.60\sB. N2,184.60\sC. N2,284.60\sD. N2,384.60\sE. N2,484.60

What is the sum of their squares if the difference between two numbers is 10 and their product is 13?
A. 125\sB. 126\sC. 100\sD. 169\sE. None of the preceding

A man named Ike declares, “I am just three times the age of my son. My father is forty years older than me. We are only 1,240 years old collectively.” What age is Ike?
A. 360 years old
361 years of age
362 years of age
D. 363 years old
364 years of age

Complete the series: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15,. A. 17 B. 18 C. 19 D. 20 E. 21 F. 17

1. Add 0.98 + 45.102 + 32.3333 + 31 + 0.00009

A. 368.573 B. 210.536299 C. 109.41539 D. 99.9975 E. 80.8769543
What does 37 times 47 equal?

A. 64\sB. -84\sC. 65\sD. -75\sE. -66
What is the sum of positive integers smaller than 100 whose division by 3 leaves a remainder of 1 and division by 4 leaves a remainder of 2?

(a) 416\s{b) 620\s(c) 1250\s(d) 1314

4. Biological clocks are of such ___ adaptive significance to living species, that we would anticipate most organisms to ___ them.

A. clear-avoid
B. meager-evolve
C. significant-eschew D. obvious-possess
E. ambivalent-develop

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Guidelines for Purchasing The ECO Bank Full Course PDF

The whole collection of practice questions with correct answers for the Union bank aptitude test costs N2,000.

Contact the Whatsapp number 09125747170 to inquire about the availability of this classic puzzle.

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Guaranteed Performance on Time
How can you guarantee that we will offer you the answer to the previous question after receiving payment?

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How to Pass the ECO BANK Aptitude Testin 7 Straightforward Steps

Make reading less of a priority and more of a hobby in your life. On their resumes, many individuals declare that reading is one of their favorite hobbies, and they may have a point if they have a college degree or higher. However, since “You” are still a student, reading should not be viewed as a pastime, but as a crucial requirement. To raise your skill level, you should engage in extensive reading.

Obtain Study Guides for Your Examinations: These materials include textbooks, dictionaries, past Eco Bank aptitude test questions, sample questions, etc. These materials will assist you in comprehending the breadth of knowledge covered on the tests for which you are prepared.

Enroll in Extra Courses: Enroll in classes outside of the university’s standard curriculum and take them at your current location. In addition to refreshing your memory, this course will demonstrate your academic growth and acquired information.

You should get as much sleep as you need to consolidate your memories, which will aid you in any upcoming exams. Caution: Do not push sleep, and sleep only as much as you need.

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Ensure your physical health by: You won’t be able to concentrate on what you’re reading if you have a fever or acute weariness. Immediately inform a parent, nurse, or doctor if you feel unwell. Ensure that you are in good health.

You should eat whenever you’re hungry, but it’s recommended to avoid large meals prior to the exam so that you can concentrate. Instead of binging when hunger strikes, munch on a few small, light items. Fruits, milk, and glucose are all excellent suggestions. This will help to improve memory retention.

Reduce your usage of social media. Some individuals never leave the convenience of their phones for social connection, never leaving Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Messenger. This is a terrible development for students who are preparing for exams. Reduce your time spent on social media immediately. After the finals, you might be able to return and utilize it as a bed.

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