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Have you applied to take the First Bank of Nigeria Aptitude Test and been selected to take it?

If so, then review these Aptitude Test Questions and Answers from First Bank of Nigeria. One of the keys to doing well on the First Bank of Nigeria Test is to study for it with a specific goal in mind. In order to save time and effort when studying for your exam, this booklet will provide you with questions that were actually asked on the exam in the prior year.

You can get accustomed to the format and standards now in use by reviewing First Bank of Nigeria’s sample questions and answers, which feature questions that have appeared on previous exams.

To help you prepare for the First Bank of Nigeria GTP Aptitude test, we’ve compiled a set of practice questions and answers from previous exams.

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Questions and Answers from Previous Exams at First Bank of Nigeria, Recently Updated

There are more than 300 pages of official questions and answers from 2013 to the present day from First Bank of Nigeria.

i. Critical Reasoning

ii. Verbal Reasoning

iii. Numerical Reasoning

iv. Analytical Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning Example (IV) Questions & Answers from the First Bank of Nigeria’s Past Question 2023

Petroleum, or crude oil, is a fossil fuel found deep in the ground. The petrified remains of organisms like algae and plankton gradually accumulate over time to create this.

As further layers are added on top of one another, the bottommost layers are heated and subjected to pressure, causing the matter to convert into the waxy material kerogen. Further prolonged exposure to heat and pressure causes the kerogen to undergo the catagenesis process, changing it into a liquid and gases.

After this pyrolysis (heating) process, crude oil is produced. The term “oil window” is used to refer to the temperature range in which kerogen is converted into crude oil. Below this temperature, crude oil is still kerogen, and above it, it turns into a natural gas.

1. Crude oil stays solid when the temperature is too low, but it turns into a gas when the temperature is too high.
A. True B. False
C. Can’t say

2. Crude oil can’t be made again.
A. True B. False
C. Can’t say

3. In the catagenesis process, when kerogen is heated and pressed even more, it turns into crude oil.
A. True B. False
C. Can’t say

4. It takes many hundred thousand years for crude oil to form.
A. True B. False
C. Can’t say

5. Plants like olives and sunflower seeds can also be used to make oil.
A. True B. False
C. Can’t say

6. How many professional jobs are held by women?
A. Don’t know
B. 100\sC. 95\sD. 297

7. How many people work in professional positions at the company as a whole?
A. 95\sB. 285\sC. 380\sD. 420
8. How many women are Heads of Department out of all the women in management positions?
A. 2/11\sB. 11/2\sC. 2/27\sD. 2/360
9. How many male employees work in professional and management positions?
A. 122\sB. 211\sC. 333\sD. 188
10. What percentage of men in professional grades are women in HR?
A. 285/45\sB. 3/19\sC. 1/6\sD. 45/295
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Questions and Answers from the Past at the First Bank of Nigeria 2022
Which month did Hole in the Roof and Stones’ Throw have the most different sales?
January B. March July D. August October 13 Which month did the most sales for all the businesses as a whole?
April B. May C. June D. July E. August 14. I’m looking forward to: A. seeing you C. having seen you C. seeing you D. seeing you

Each of the analogy questions below has two words that go together in a certain way. Then there are five-letter pairs of words that go with it. Choose the pair of words with the letter.

A. milk: quart B. square inch
C. classes in society
D. letter: alphabet
E. time: minutes

16. Which one doesn’t belong?
A. Pencil B. Crayons C. Paper D. Pen E. Marker

17. A pear is like an apple’s potato.
A. Banana
B. Radishes C. Strawberries
D. Peach E. Lettuce

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Fill in the blank with the best answer from the list.

18. The pastor chose to keep the position of chairmanship for himself.
A. for B. with C. to D. by 19. What is Niger State’s capital city?
Niamey A.
B. Ndjamena
Minna C.
D. Montreal E. Maiduguri

20. The politician is well liked by the people in his area, and he has a lot of public support.
A. voters B. real C. people on the ground D. inside

21 I look forward to _______ you A. be seeing B. have seen C. see D. seeing
22. If apples are sold for 30 per rupee. How many apples must be sold for a rupee for a 20% profit to be made?
A. 28\sB. 25\sC. 20\sD. 22

23 What part of a computer lets you see what’s happening?
A. Graphics Display Unit
D. Control and display unit for visuals

24 Who is the current minister of petroleum as of January 11, 2016?
A. Baba Raji Fashola
B. Ifeanyi Uba
C. Mohamodu Buhari
D. Alison Madueke
E. Emmanuel Ibe Kuchiku

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In the questions below, choose the word in brackets that means the same as or is closest to the word in capital letters.
A. lament B. foster C. exalt D. enjoy E. forgive
A. cool B. laid-back C. safe
D. picky
E. viable
27. During a two-week work period of 15 days in a row, the average pay for a worker was N90 per day.
His average pay for the first seven days was N87, and for the last seven days, it was N92. how much did he make on the eighth day?
A. 83\sB. 92\sC. 90\sD. 97 \s28. The average of five amounts is six. The mean of the three is 8. What is the average of the two numbers that are left?
A. 6.5\sB. 4\sC. 3\sD. 3.5

Three years ago, there were 3,600 people living in a town. It’s now 4800 right. What will the population be in three years if the rate of population growth has been the same over the years and has been adding up each year?
A. 6000\sB. 6400\sC. 7200\sD. 9600

30. A man invests N5,000 for three years at 5% p.a., which is calculated each year. At the end of every year, 20% of the interest earned is taxed as income. Figure out how much it will be at the end of the third year.
A. 5624.32\sB. 5630.50\sC. 5788.125\sD. 5627.20

Find out how many triangles are in an octagon.
A. 326 B. 120 C. 56 D. We don’t know
Find the equation of a line whose points of intersection are twice as long as the line. 3x – 2y – 12 = 0\sA. 3x-2y = 24\sB. 2x-3y = 12\sC. 2x-3y = 24\sD. Neither of these Answer A\s33 Find the area of the triangle with the points (-6, -2), (-4, -6), and (-6, -2) (-2, 5)
A. 36\sB. 18\sC. 15\sD. 30 \s34. Which of these is not correct?
A. An incentre is the point where the two lines that cut an angle in half meet. The middle point of any triangle side cuts that side in half at a right angle.
C. The orthocentre is the point where the three sides of a triangle meet.
D. The center of the circle is where the three lines that cut in opposite directions meet.
35. From two points on level ground on the tower’s opposite sides, the angle of elevation at the top is 45 degrees and 60 degrees.
How far is it from one point to the other?
A. 30\sB. 51.96\sC. 47.32\sD. 81.96

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36. A man gets to work 20 minutes later than usual if he walks at only 3/4 of his usual speed. What does he usually do?
A. 30min B. 60min C. 70min D. 50min
37. In 1.1 km, a bicycle wheel turns 560 times. What is the radius of the wheel?
A. 31.25cm B. 37.75cm C. 35.15cm D. 11.25cm
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38. X can do a piece of work on his or her own in 15 days, and Y can do it on his or her own in 10 days. For N720, X and Y agreed to do it. They did it in 5 days with the help of Z. How much does Z get paid?
A. N360 B. N120 C. N240 D. N300
39. A red light blinks three times per minute, and a green light blinks five times every two minutes.
How many times do the lights flash together in an hour if they both start flashing at the same time?
A. 30\sB. 24\sC. 20\sD. 60
40. From the first thirty natural numbers, a number is picked at random. How likely is it that it’s a multiple of 3 or 13?
A. 17/30\sB. 2/5\sC. 11/30\sD. 4/15
41. When the circle’s radius grows by 20%, the area grows by: A. 44% B. 120% C. 144% D. 40%
E. None of those things

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42. A piece of land is in the shape of a trapezoid. The dimensions of the land are shown in the figure below.
A. 50m B. 64m C. 72m D. 84m E. none of these
43. If 3/p = 6 and 3/q = 15, what is p-q?
A. 1/3 B. 2/5 C. 3/10 D. 5/6 E. None of those things
44. How big must the positive number n be for 3n to be a factor of 1815?
A. 15 B. 18 C. 30 D. 33 E. 45
45. The mean of 5 numbers is 10, and the mean of 3 numbers is 9. How many are left? What is the average?
46. PLENTITUDE: A. 11 B. 12 C. 11.5 D. 12.5
A. Luxuriousness B. Beauty
C. Richness D. Contentment
E. Shortage
A. Good B. Wild C. Big D. Volatile E. Itchy
A. Praise B. Repeating C. Getting away D. Ratifying E. Adding
A. Get worse B. Get weaker C. Get smaller D. Get bigger E. Fold
A. Fiery B. Florid C. Clean D. Unneeded E. Plentiful

Aptitude Test Past Questions

Stagflation is a combination of the words “stagnation” and “inflation.” It happens when the rate of inflation of a country’s currency slows down while the unemployment rate stays high. It makes public policy hard to figure out because actions meant to lower inflation can make unemployment worse and vice versa. One way to measure stagflation is to add the unemployment rate to the inflation rate. This is called the “misery index,” and it was used to change the results of the 1976 and 1980 presidential elections in the United States.

1. What are the causes of stagflation?
a. Unemployment is high and inflation is high. b. Unemployment is low and inflation is low. c. Unemployment is high and inflation is low. d. Unemployment is low and inflation is high.

The Ansari X prize was a space competition in which the X prize foundation offered $10 million to the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks. This prize was based on aviation prizes from the early 1900s and was meant to help spread the idea of cheap space travel. The tier one project, which launched the manned space plane Spaceship One in 2004, was the winner and the first group to successfully launch a private space flight. Since then, other X prizes have been announced, like sending a rover to the moon and making it work there.

2. What was the name of the Ansari X prize project that won?
Canadian Arrow B. Star Chaser Industries C. Tier One D. Inter Orbital Systems

Social democracy is a political philosophy from the center-left that sees itself as a type of reformist democratic socialism. Social democratic policies might give everyone the right to public services like healthcare, workers’ compensation, and care for the elderly. Social democracy is now linked to the trade union and backs workers’ rights to collective bargaining. Even though Marxist and socialist intellectuals came up with the idea of social democracy, it has become synonymous with liberal capitalism. Critics of the movement say that it has abandoned its original goals and aims and has little in common with the socialism from which it came.

What does the passage not say about social democracy as a policy?
A: Workers’ compensation B: Collective bargaining C: Care for the elderly D: Cooperative businesses

Business Mathematics Past Questions

The relationship between x and y is 1/2. What is the value of X if the ratio of x + 2 to y + 1 is 2/3?
A. 6 B. 4 C) 3 D) 2 E) 1

A shopkeeper sells an item for a price that is a whole number of dollars. If she paid $50 for an item, which of the following could be her profit as a percentage of what she paid?
(A) 15%\s(B) (B) 25%\s(C) 33 1/3 %\s(D) 40%
(E) 75%

3. The average of five amounts is six. The mean of the three is 8. Find the average of the two numbers that are left.
(A) 6.5\s(B) 4.0\s(C) 3.0\s(D) 3.5\s(E) 5.0

4. $432 is split between three workers A, B, and C so that 8 times A’s share is equal to 12 times B’s share, which is equal to 6 times C’s share. How much did “A” get?
A. ₦192\sB. ₦133\sC. ₦144\sD. ₦128

5.A trader says he’s selling his goods at a loss of 8%, but they only weigh 900 grams instead of 1 kg. Find his real percent loss or gain.
A. 2% loss
B. 2.22% gain
C. 2% gain
D. Neither of these

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Using your head

Eric is younger than Tanya.
Tanya is younger than Cliff.
Cliff is younger than Eric.
If the first two are true, the third is either A. true or B. false.
C. uncertain


2. Strawberries are cheaper than blueberries.
Raspberry prices are higher than blueberry prices.
Blueberries and strawberries are cheaper than raspberries.
If the first two are true, the third is either A. true or B. false.
C. uncertain

3.Every tree in the park has flowers on it.
Dogwoods are some of the trees in the park.
All of the dogwoods in the park are trees that have flowers.
If the first two statements are true, then the third one is either A. true or B. false.
B. false
C. uncertain

4. There are more stores at the Kingston Mall than at the Galleria.
There are less stores at the Four Corners Mall than at the Galleria.
There are more stores at the Kingston Mall than at the Four Corners Mall.
If the first two are true, the third is either A. true or B. false.
C. uncertain

5.Statements: Every bag is a cake. All lamps are cakes.
Conclusions: Some lamps are bags.
No lamp is bag.
A. The only conclusion I can reach is
B. Only conclusion II is the next step.
C. Either I or II comes after C.
D. I or II doesn’t make sense.
E. I and II come next.


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