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The date for the screening exam has finally been set by the Nigerian Navy. In this article, Examrunz will be sharing with our esteemed readers free past questions to help you successfully pass the Nigerian Navy Examination.

Practice Nigerian Navy test questions and answers from 2022 so that you can study and get ready ahead of time. The PDF file is free and easy to download.

The Nigerian navy Aptitude Test is basically a Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) with multiple-choice questions that are broken up into different groups. Namely: English, Math, Current Events, and Other Topics.

During the aptitude test, you’ll be asked to answer 100 questions in 60 minutes. This means that you have 36 seconds for each answer.

Past questions and answers about the Nigerian Navy
Here, you’ll find questions and answers that are likely to show up on exams this year.

We’ve made 50 questions for you to test your knowledge.

Which of the following is the Nigeria Navy’s main job?
A. Punishing those who break the law
B. Making sure the law is followed C. Making sure Nigerians are safe
D. Sending foreigners back home

2. The NN was taken out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in 1946, 1956, 1958, 1964, and 1966, respectively.

3. The NN was made official by an act of parliament in A. 1963 B. 1957 C. 1964 D. 1976

4. The first country in Africa to start using e-passports was
South Africa A.
B. Ghana C. Liberia
D. Nigeria

5. How many comptrollers general have been in charge of the NN since it began?
A. 10\sB. 12 \sD. 8\sE. 15

6. A. Umar Dahiru is NN’s current chief of staff.
B. Uhuru Kayidee
Boniface Cosmas C.
D. Usman Jibrin

7. George Washington was the first secretary general of the Common Wealth.
Smith, C. Arnold
D. Joseph Garba

8. Lagos became a British colony in 1862, 1861, 1841, or 1886.

9. The first World War was from 1911 to 1914, 1914 to 1916, 1916 to 1918, or 1914 to 1918.

10. Western and eastern Nigeria got their own government in 1959, 1960, 1957, and 1956, respectively.

11. A. Yakubu Gowon B. Aguiyi Ironsi was Nigeria’s first leader.
C. Tafawa Balewa
D. Nnamdi Azikiwe

12. A. Sanni Abacha was the first president of Nigeria who was a militant.
B. Ibrahim Babangida
C. Aguiyi Ironsi
D. Yakubu Gowon

13. Nigeria became a republic in ______. (Choose one.)

14. The Northern and Southern protectorates joined together in 1914, 1919, 1921, or 1900.

15. A. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first President in charge.
B. Olusegun Obansanjo
C. Sheu Shagari
D. Jonathan Goodluck

16. A. Tulma Goldie was the first colonial Governor General of Nigeria.
B. James Robertson
C. Clifford Huge
D. Lord Lugard

17. The highest court in Nigeria is the A. Court of Appeal B. Supreme Court
C. High Court of the Federal
D. Magistrate court

18. ECOWAS was set up in A. 1967, which is also where its administrative headquarters are. Lome B. 1975 Lome C. 1975 Lagos D. 1967 Lagos

19. Nigeria held its first general election in A. 1959 B. 1960 C. 1963 D. 1999

20. Nigeria has one of the following types of government:
B. Unitarism
C. Paliamentaism
D. Federalism

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21. What is the chance of throwing a fair coin once and getting an odd number?
A. 1/6\sB. 1/3\sC. 1/2 \sD. 2/3

Use the information below to answer questions 2 and 3.
The last name of forty When the kids in a class were put in alphabetical order, 16 of them had last names that started with “O,” and 9 of them had last names that started with “A.” There are 14 letters that are never the first letter of a last name.

22. What is the chance that the last name of a random child in the class starts with either “O” or “A”?
A. 5/8 \sB. 7/8\sC. 9/16\sD. 14/25

23. If more than one surname other than A and O starts with the same letter, how many surnames start with the letter?
A. 2\sB. 3 \sC. 4\sD. 6

24. What is the chance that three people waiting in line at a bank will be helped in the order they got there?
A. 1/6\sB. 1/3\sC. 1/2 \sD. 2/3

24. There is a 1/4 chance that Kodjo and Adoga will pass an exam, and a 1/5 chance that Adoga will pass. Find the chance that both boys will fail the test.
A. 1/10 \sB. 3/10\sC. 1/2\sD. 2/3

25. In an experiment, the average of 20 observations is 4. If the largest value seen is 23, find the mean of the other values seen.
A. 4 \sB. 3\sC. 85\sD. 2.60

26. Eleven people in a group can speak English, French, or both. Seven people can speak French, and six people can speak English. How likely is it that a random person can speak both English and French?
A. 2/11\sB. 4/11 \sC. 5/11\sD. 11/13

27. A box has two white marbles and one blue marble that are the same. What is the chance that two marbles of different colors will be picked at random, one after the other, with no replacement?
A. 2/3\sB. 3/5\sC. 2/5\sD. 7/20

28. Mrs. Jones is going to have a child. The chance that it will be a baby is half, and the chance that she will have blue eyes is also half. 1/4 . how likely is it that she’ll have a boy with blue eyes?
A. 1/8\sB. 1/4 \sC. 3/8\sD. 1/2

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29. Change the speed of a car going 90 km/h to meters per second.
1.5ms-I A. 1.5ms-I B. 2.5ms-I C. 2.5ms-I D. 1.5 x 103ms-I

30. Uche and Chidi split a sum of money in the ratio m:n. If Chidi’s share was N4,200, what was Uche’s share?
A. N4,200n/m
B. N4,200/mm
C. N4,200m/n D. N4,200/n

The average speed of a car is 80kmh-1. A. 13.3 meters per second (m/s) B. 22.2 meters per second (m/s)
C. 133.3m/s D. 222.2m/s

32. If the children split N10.50K in the proportion of 6:7:8, how much is the biggest share?
A. N3.00 B. N3.50 C. N4.00 D. N4.50

33. A trader loses 15% on the sale of an item. Find the ratio of the selling price to the cost price.
A. 3:20\sB. 3:17\sC. 17:20 \sD. 20:23

34. A car goes x km/h for 1 hour and then y km/h for 2 hours. What is the average speed? A. 2x12ykm-1/3 B. X + yhmh – 1/3 C. X +2 ykmh-1 D. 2x + ykm-1/3

35. Three men’s ages in the ratio 3:4:5 If the oldest man is 18 years older than the youngest, find the total age of the three men.
A. 45 yrs B. 72yrs
C. 108yrs D. 216yrs

36. A bicycle wheel with a diameter of 42cm is rolled 66m. How many times does it go around? [Take pie=22/7]
A. 2.5\sB. 5\sC. 25 \sD. 50

37. The number of good oranges to bad oranges in a bag is 5:4. If there are 36 bad ones, then. Total, how many oranges are there?
A. 81 \sB. 72\sC. 54\sD. 45

38. A man’s son is four times as old as he is. How much older or younger they are Find out how old they are all together.
A. 45yrs B. 48yrs
C. 60yrs D. 74yrs

39. Three men named Bedu, Bakare, and Kofi split N500 in a way that was 3:2:X. Bedu’s portion is N150. Find out what x is. A.1 B.3 C.5 D.6

40. The ratio of the lengths of the sides of two cubes is 2:5. What is the ratio of their volumes?
A. 4:5\sB. 8:15\sC. 6:125\sD. 8:125

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41. Pick the word that comes closest to the one in BOLD 41. After a lot of hard work as a trader, he finally found gold.
A. He got rich. B. He won a big contract. C. He started digging for gold. D. He became a goldsmith.

42. One important thing about the jet age is that it makes people want to take shortcuts.
A. Not to deal with every problem
B. Want to get rich fast?
C. Want to avoid trouble that isn’t necessary
D. Give up the chance to get more education

43. The woman who won the beauty pageant walked well.
A. Name B. Appearance C. Elegance D. Carriage

44. It would take a top student at the university to get a first-class degree.
A. A clever performance B. A true genius C. An excellent student
D. A smack in the face

45. The book gives you a bird’s-eye view of the subject.
A. a detailed account B. an even-handed account C. a biased treatment D. a general survey

Fill in each blank with the best answer from the list that comes after the blank.
46. Many people turn to God when their finances are in bad shape.
A. Worried B. Interested
C. Given out D. Given out

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47. We can’t all wear expensive shoes because: A. Demand and supply are different B. Wear and tear aren’t the same C. Our buying power is different D. The national income is hard to predict

48. Since the center forward scored, the goal was not counted.
A. In an offside position. B. In a great spot. C. A great player. D. The team captain.

49. AIDS is a disease that kills slowly but surely
A. Too dangerous B. Very dangerous
C. So deadly
D. So dangerous a

50. It was a bad night because

A. We had just started talking when the light went out.
B. The conversation had just started when the light went out

C. The conversation had just started when the lights went out

D. The light had just gone out when the conversation started.

51. SON stands for… (a) the male child of a couple (b) the son of the great Notredemus (c) the Standards Organization of Nigeria (d) none of the above

52. AIE in Accounting and Finance means:

(A) Permission to spend money (B) Permission to spend money (C) Permission to bring in experts (D) Permission to spend money
53. NHIS stands for

National Health Insurance Scheme b. Nigerian Health Insurance Scheme c. National Health Insurance Sector d. Nigerian Health Insurance Sector


54. Marx’s theory says that people who make a living by selling their labor are called

a). Bourgeoisie b). Proletariats c). Feudal lords d). Slaves

55. Which of the following is NOT a good way to make democracy happen?

a). Referendum
b). Recall c). Initiative\sd). Plesbicites

56). A law that affects everyone and is meant to help everyone is called a “general welfare” law.

a). A private bill b). A decree c). An Appropriation bill d). A public deal

57). Under the Republican Constitution of 1963, the president had a lot of power.

a) the power of the courts; b) the power of the government;
c) Nominal power d) Concurrent power

58. The first time the idea of federal character was stated was in the

a). 1989 constitution b). 1963 constitution c). 1999 constitution d). 1979 constitution


59. One big difference between pressure groups and political parties is

a) the people who join b) the goal c) the voting pattern d) the beliefs

60. Equal treatment before the law is part of

a) the rule of law; b) checks and balances; c) the separation of powers; d) constitutional law.

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