Download FREE RPMS-PPST 2022-2023 ppt Presentation

The RPMS Tools are assessment instruments used at various phases of a teacher’s career to ensure effective performance. In addition to the roles and responsibilities of teachers at various career stages, the Key Result Areas (KRAs) and precise goals for achieving the KRAs are described.

“By integrating the RPMS with the PPST, we enhanced teacher effectiveness and quality. According to Usec. Cabral, the PPST-based RPMS will be utilized to accomplish the crucial documentation and validation of high standards of teaching practice.

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What are the PPST, or Professional Standards for Teachers in the Philippines? A set of professional requirements for educators that elaborates on continuous learning for teachers and operationalizes K–12 teacher quality reform components.

Each career level consists of 37 performance indicators. It provides instructors and other interested parties with a professional language for communication.



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