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How well do you think you would do on the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test? Get a sense of what will be expected of you on test day by practicing with some sample questions.

These Zenith Bank Job questions were taken from our studypack of previously administered aptitude tests for Zenith Bank jobs. For your convenience, we have provided the correct answers to each question in the samples provided.

Take note of the examination structure: The Zenith Bank aptitude test consists of three parts: Logic based on numbers, Knowledge of the English language and other related subjects (Sports)
Sample Sample Questions and Answers from the Zenith Bank’s Aptitude Interview
Using One’s Words to Reason

An Overview of Zenith Bank

Located in Lagos, Zenith Bank provides banking services and oversees a number of investments. In addition, Zenith Bank provides banking and related services to its clientele. Several of its locations are found outside of Nigeria as well.

How to Get Hired at Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank’s application and hiring procedures may vary with the specifics of the role you’re seeking, its level, your prior relevant work experience, and other factors. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

To submit an application, please do so via our online application system.
You will need to take an aptitude test via computer to move on to the next round of the hiring process.

On-site interviews with the experienced manager.

You will be asked to attend an evaluation day. That day could consist of individual interviews, group tests, and collaborative exercises like role playing and scenario presentations. The Assessment Centre aids in forming a more complete picture of who you are as a candidate and whether or not you are a good match for the company and the open position.

The Aptitude Exams of Zenith Bank

According to the position you are seeking, you may be required to take one or more of the following tests:

Calculational tests and/or factual knowledge questions are examples of numerical reasoning tests.
In the Verbal Reasoning section, you’ll be tested on your language skills (grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension) by reading and answering questions based on a passage.
Evaluation of your ability to evaluate information and pay close attention to the details is at the heart of any logical test.

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) presents a number of hypothetical situations and asks you to choose an appropriate response. Checks how well you handle difficult situations.
Question types such as “Yes/No,” “Least/Most,” and “Similar” are used to gauge your level of agreement or disagreement with statements about your personality.

You will be tested on your ability to form and understand abstract concepts and ideas through a series of multiple-choice questions based on the logic of symbols and patterns.
Excel: Evaluation of skill and familiarity with Excel.


Why You Should Download Previous Aptitude Test Questions from Zenith Bank in PDF
When you use this question, you’ll get a taste of the questions and answers that have been asked for years, as many of them are recycled every year with minor tweaks. You should make sure you have a copy of this old question because otherwise you will be at a disadvantage.

It does, however, tell you what kinds of questions you can expect, which is helpful in avoiding any surprises.
Find and easily respond to questions that have been asked before.
Exam length and the total number of questions are both available here.
Sample questions from the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test
We’ve decided to provide you with some free examples to show that the Zenith bank aptitude test past questions we’re distributing really are authentic and from the bank’s own archives. J.A.M.B. Score

We think it’s great that the state recently celebrated its silver jubilee because it’s a significant milestone.
Critically A. important, B. memorable, C. historic, and D. crucial

The governor’s speech during his recent visit to our city was completely impromptu.
A. completely out of control
b. prompt
Confidently C. on the sly D. with ease of mind

Third, the authorities were given one of the applicants who had presented fake identification at the interview.
True B. Incomplete A. FALSE
“C.” unsigned
change letter D

There is a theory that all Nigerian languages are descended from a common ancestor.
Both (A) and (B) are true.
D. stresses C. suggests

Fifth, the candidate’s disrespectful behavior led to his elimination from the running.
The correct answer is (C) being careless.
D. atypical

When did Nigeria begin shipping crude oil abroad?

A. 1952 B.1956  C. 1958 D. 1961

7. What is the name for a bank’s own personal check?

Cashier’s check Money order Certified check Cash 8. If a/(a+b) = 37/40. Find a/ (b – a)

A. 7/34 B. 3/37
C.7/37 D. 3/34

Zenith Bank Past and Questions

The cricket match seemed ___ to our visitors, who are used to watching sports where the action is over in a maximum of two hours.
Frustratingly Incomprehensible: Type A
B. unimportant
C. endlessly
D. Implausible
E. evanescent

The accountant we have now is the most ____ we’ve ever had; he’s never made a mistake in all the years he’s worked here, unlike the ____ who held the position before him.
(1) A. unconventional; (2) Heretical
B. Reliable; Hardworking
C. careful to the point of painstaking
E. meticulous – unreliable D. asinine – hardworking

Check the Solution
Even if the refugee doesn’t speak any English, she can take classes and become fluent in a few short months.
A. Disbelievably
B. unbeatable
C. Meaningless or unimportant
D. insinuating
E. imprudent

We thought his summary of the situation was excellent; he was succinct without being vague, and his position was clearly defined.
Comprehensiveness, Type A: Inadequacy
B. brief; to the point; urgently C. articulate; convincingly
D. wordy : tersely
Slang. eloquently grandiloquent

The correct answer is 5; he has recordings ranging from classical piano performances to rock concerts to jazz to even Chinese opera, so his musical tastes are certainly .
A. prehistorical

B. eclectic

C. concordant
D. resonant
Incredible E.


Thinking Mathematically, If a stamp costs two cents, how many stamps are in a dozen?
A. 2

B. 10

C. 12

D. 24

E. 30

Check the Solution
Second, after a 40% weekly increase, the price of garri dropped by 40% this week. What is the overall percentage increase or decrease?
A. 40%

B. 16%
C. 20%

D. 100%
E. 67%

In a classroom with 24 students, the mean age is 36 years old. The average rises by 1 kg when the teacher’s mass is factored in.
How much does the professor weigh?
A. 37kgs
B. 45kgs
C. 61kgs
D. 72kgs
E. 75kgs

Mr. Kalada is three times as old as his son, as you can see in the Answer 4. Mr. Kalada will be twice his son’s age in fifteen years. In conclusion, how old is Mr. Kalada right now?
A. 48

B. 45

C. 42

D. 36

E. 28

5 is the next number in this sequence (please see the answer). 917452, 97452, 9745, 975.
A. 975

B. 974

C. 97

D. 95

E. 94

Nigerian striker Rashidi Yekini, who won the 1993 African Footballer of the Year award, was very successful. On ___________, 2012, he passed away.
Date Options:

A. August 12th

B. March 27th

C. May 4th

D. July 18th

Who has won CAF Player of the Year three years in a row?
A. Yaya Toure,

B. Mr. Didier Drogba
C. Professor Kanu Nwankwo
D. Samuel Eto’o, Ph.

The Nigerian football team, known as “The Dream Team,” (answer 3) won the Olympic gold medal in the sport.
Year A: 1992 Barcelona Year B: 1996 Atlanta
D. Beijing (2008) C. Athena (2004)

The winner of the 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Championship was .
Choose one:

A. Rafael Nadal

B. Roger Federer

C. Andrew Murray
D. Novak Djokovic

Who was the first African-American to design, construct, and run a golf course?
A. Powell, Bill
B. Mr. B. Philip Anderson
C. Obama, Barrack
D. President Bill Clinton
E. Mr. E. Evander Bolton

Typical Interview Questions Asked by Zenith Bank

You may be asked some version of the following questions below during the interview. So, think of some solid rejoinders in advance.

Explain your background and experience by walking me through your resume.
Please explain why you are the ideal person for this position.
Tell me about the banking industry in general and our company in particular.
How would your former employers describe you?

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How to Ace the ZENITH BANK Aptitude Test in 7 Easy Steps

Make reading less of a priority in your life and more of a hobby. Many people claim that reading is one of their favorite pastimes on their resumes, and they may have a point if they are college-educated and above. However, since “You” are still a student, reading should not be treated as a side activity but rather as a vital necessity. In order to increase your skill level, you should read widely.

Acquire Study Guides for Your Tests: Included among these resources are textbooks, dictionaries, Zenith bank aptitude test past questions, mock questions, and so on. These resources will help you better understand the breadth of knowledge tested on the exams you’re preparing for.

Take Extra Courses: Sign up for classes outside the university’s regular curriculum and take them where you are. In addition to jogging your memory, this course will showcase your progress in the classroom and the knowledge you’ve gained.

You should sleep as much as you need to in order to consolidate your memory, which will help you on any exams you may be taking. Caution: Don’t force yourself to sleep, and only sleep as much as you need.

Guarantee your physical well-being by: You won’t be able to focus on what you’re reading if you’re sick with extreme fatigue. If you aren’t feeling well, tell a parent, nurse, or doctor right away. See to it that you are healthy.

You should eat whenever you’re hungry, but during the time leading up to your exam, it’s best to avoid heavy meals so that you can focus. When hunger strikes, snack on a few small, light foods instead of binging. Fruits, milk, and glucose are all good ideas. Doing so will aid in increasing memory retention.

Cut back on your use of social media. When it comes to social interaction, some people never leave the comfort of their phones, never leaving Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Messenger. For those who are studying for exams, this is a disastrous development. Reduce how much time you spend on social media right now. Perhaps you can return to it and use it as a bed after the finals are over.

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