English Language NECO Exam Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo Leaks)

This page contains answers to the NECO English Language 2023 examination. If you’ve been looking for an expo to help you pass the NECO English Language 2023/2024 exam, look no further; we have all the answers to both objective and essay questions, as well as other exam information for the NECO 2023 exam.

You can now easily find answers to NECO English Language objective and essay questions on this page. Please be advised that all NECO English Language questions have been demonstrated here for free. Continue reading to view all of the solutions.

English Language NECO Test Questions and Answers Objective and Essay for 2023

The June/July 2023 Expo Runz Real and Verified NECO English Language (Objective and Essay/Theory) Questions and Answers are now available.

All NECO English Language questions have been thoroughly answered and will be uploaded to this page shortly. If you really want all the answers at your fingertips, continue reading to discover what is required.

Our team has taken the time to answer all of the questions in the NECO English Language 2023 exam, so you can rest assured that the answers you receive from us will lead to A’s in your final grade.

If you’re still looking for answers to 2023 NECO English Language theory and OBJ questions, your search is over; in a moment, our team will publish 2023 NECO English Language theory and OBJ answers for all students who are interested. See below for NECO English Language objective questions and essay answers.

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Objective and Theoretical NECO English Language Answers 2023

You must first comprehend the nature of these examinations. The National Examination Council (NECO) of Nigeria administers the NECO English Language Objective and Theory Questions and Answers for 2023.

In Nigeria, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education are administered by the National Examination Council (NECO) in June/July and November/December, respectively.

For those inquiring about specialty areas, please note that the 2023 NECO English Language questions are based on the SS1-SS3 English Language curriculum.

Once our team uploads the answers to the free NECO English Language expo questions 2023, we advise students to frequently refresh this page to be among the first to take advantage of them.

Keep refreshing this page, as we will definitely update this page as soon as the Latest 2023 English Language Questions and Answers are out…

In the meantime, go through these past questions and Answers for the previous years because they are likely questions for NECO English Language 2023.

Past Questions and Answers on English NECO Exam

The NECO English Papers I through III consist of multiple-choice questions that must all be answered in one hour for a total of 40 marks.

Paper II will consist of five essay questions and a passage to assess candidates’ comprehension and summarization abilities.

Candidates will be required to compose an essay on one of the provided topics and answer all questions on Comprehension and Summary passages, which carry a total of 100 points.

Paper IV will consist of sixty multiple-choice questions on the Test of Oral Communication for candidates in Nigeria and Liberia and on Listening Comprehension for candidates in Ghana, Gambia, and Sierra Leone. All questions must be answered in 45 minutes for a total of 30 points.

PAPER II: SECTION A (Continuous Writing)

You are only required to respond to one question in this section. All questions carry equal marks. Your response must be at least 450 words. You should spend approximately 45 minutes on this section.

Since the introduction of social media in Nigeria, cyberbullying and the dissemination of fake news have increased. Write an article for publication in a national newspaper about the need for government regulation of social media.

There have been numerous newspaper articles recently criticizing child trafficking. Write an article condemning this practice for publication in one of your national dailies.

A close friend confided in you that she plans to drop out of school to pursue. Write her a letter outlining at least three reasons why she should continue her education.

Your school has performed poorly on standardized tests for the past three years. Write a letter to your principal proposing ways to increase student engagement with academic work.

5. Create a narrative to illustrate the idiom, “I killed two birds with one stone.”

Section B: Understanding

This passage was engaging. The subject matter was within the candidates’ knowledge and understanding, and the passage provided all of the information necessary to correctly answer content questions.

Nonetheless, a number of candidates did not demonstrate a thorough comprehension of the passage. As answers, these candidates simply copied portions of the passage.

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C Section (Summary)

Note Crucial for Candidates: During the summary portion of the examination, a number of candidates copied and pasted complete sentences without modification. Candidates must master paraphrasing and be able to distinguish between the main points and illustrations and examples in given sentences. It is not summary writing to copy portions of the set passage verbatim without regard to the question.

In addition, some candidates employed preambles that, when combined with their points, did not make for good sentences. Candidates who utilize preambles must do so correctly.

Candidates must comprehend what the passage says and what the questions require in order to successfully answer summary questions.

1st Section

Each of the following sentences contains one highlighted word and one blank space. Choose, from the list of words labeled A to D, the one whose meaning is closest to the opposite of the underlined word and which also fits the sentence correctly.

The majority of African nations are impoverished, while a select few enjoy……………

The influence of

B. funds

C. affluence

D. power.

Last year, our farmers grew more crops than theirs did.

A. destroyed

B. removed

C. harvested

D. yielded

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Division 2

Choose the best word from the letters A to D to complete each of the following sentences.

Our school would have experienced a riot if not for the prompt intervention of our staff.

A. interference

B. interruption

interference by


The armed robbers searched every room in the bank for money.

A. explored

B. ransacked

C. raked

D. swept.

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