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New Recruitment Incentives for Field Staff Officers in Kano 2022: Non-Profit Organizations New Incentives is looking for people to fill the role of Field Officers so that it can grow its team of people who are committed to reducing the rate of child mortality in the state of Kano in Nigeria.

This post is solely for the purpose of identifying potential candidates for future scaling in the event of an emergency (potentially).


The New Incentives programme is one that will be supported by the Field Officers. This programme makes use of cash transfers in order to encourage mothers to complete the immunisation schedule for their infants.

Kano State’s Primary Healthcare Development Board is working alongside the program’s administrators to ensure its continued success. Beneficiary enrolment at public clinics will be the primary focus of this role’s responsibilities.


Field Officers are employed on a full-time basis and work at clinics located throughout Kano State. In order to be eligible for employment as a Field Officer, candidates must already be based in or reside in one of the following towns:



Kunchi Dawakin Tofa Warawa
Kano Municipal Dawakin Kudu Karaye Garun Malam
Takai Tudun Wada Ajingi Kura
Bichi Tofa Dambatta Gwale Rimin Gado Wudil Kibiya Sumaila



In recent years, Nigeria has made significant strides towards expanding the range of vaccination services that are made available to infants. Despite the progress that has been made on the supply side, there is still a relatively low demand for vaccinations.

New financial incentives are being offered to mothers in the hope that they will vaccinate their children to the full extent possible, thereby protecting their children from potentially fatal diseases. The mothers are compensated for lost income and given enough money to afford transportation to the clinic thanks to the cash transfers.


Key Duties:

Beneficiaries are being enrolled in far-flung public clinics.
Keep an eye on the vaccination services provided at your clinic.
Interact with both the staff at the clinic and the patients.
Carry out speedy evaluations of a high standard.
Help out with a variety of other tasks that are associated with the programme.

Please be aware that this is a hands-on job that requires young candidates who are dedicated and willing to work hard.


Essential Requirements Include:

1. Proficient command of the indigenous languages and dialects used in Kano State, particularly Hausa. In your cover letter, please make sure to list the names of any languages or dialects that you are fluent in, as well as your level of proficiency in each language.

2. A citizen of Nigeria who already resides in the state of Kano.

3. A National Diploma as a bare minimum, preferably a Bachelor’s Degree, and preferably in the field of health or another natural science.

4. A willingness to spend a few days each week working in outlying public clinics and to commute to those clinics using public transportation.

5. Knowledge of the healthcare system in Nigeria and of the documentation required for clinics, particularly as it relates to the health of infants and vaccinations.

6. It is desirable to have previous experience in assembling, analysing, and deriving conclusions from (health-related) data.

7. Devoted focus on the management of funds and all matters pertaining to finances.

8. a professional who pays careful attention to detail.

9.A burning desire to assist others and bring down the rate of infant mortality.

10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, Hausa, and other languages as well as dialects (verbal and written).

11. Excellent responsiveness to email and phone requests.

12. Expertise in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as internet browsers, mobile devices, and other forms of new communication technology.

13. Dedicated to their work, focused on achieving results, and loyal.

14. The motivation to work in a young organisation that is continuously evolving as a result of the feedback received from stakeholders and that maintains a lean organisational structure.

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Please visit the recruitment portal that can be found below if you are interested in applying for the position of Field Staff Officer.

Here is the link to the application for the New Inceptives Field Staff Officers position in the state of Kano:



Only applications submitted online through Breezy HR will be considered, and they need to include the following attachments:

One-page CV

A brief letter outlining your interests and goals (maximum of 300 words)

The procedure for choosing candidates for this position is cutthroat. The application process will be conducted in an ongoing manner.

Candidates whose online applications are selected for further consideration will be required to participate in a series of online tests and interviews that will help determine, in an open and merit-based manner, who is the most qualified individual for the position. At the conclusion of the process, candidates will be invited to participate in in-person training, and positions will be made available to the most qualified applicants.


Please take into consideration that New Incentives is committed to spending the largest share possible on its beneficiaries, and as a result, it limits the amount it spends on administrative costs.


This results in salaries that are not excessive but are sufficient for its employees. Do not have the expectation of receiving salaries comparable to those offered by larger international organisations or corporations.


Please take note that “We strongly encourage female applicants to apply.”¬†Application materials should NOT be emailed in any way.

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