Biography and Cause of Death: Garrett Shunk Obituary, Garrett Shunk Has Passsed Away

Garrett Shunk Obituary and Cause of Death – It is with tremendous regret that I must inform you that my Brother-in-Law Garrett Shunk died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday. My younger sister Dotti, who is now 26, my niece Scarlett, who is three, and my nephew Garrett Jr., who is eight months old, survive him.

As a result, Lettie was cared for at home by my sister because she was unable to attend school or creche. Although there are many unknowns at the time, we are crossing our fingers that money is not one of them. My sister Zoe has created a Gofundme campaign for Dotti in order to provide her and the kids some breathing room as they grieve and figure out their future steps. I’ll include a link to both my bio and my stories. During this difficult time, our family is overwhelmed by the financial and other assistance you have offered for my sister.

Garret was a thoughtful buddy who never passed up an opportunity to provide a warm smile, encouraging words, or a helping hand to a fellow traveller. He was the type of person who would assist you in moving into a new home, landscaping your yard or putting together Ikea furniture. He was that type of pal. He was also the primary earner in the family because my niece Lettie has a weakened immune system and is medically susceptible.

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