Geography NECO Exam Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo Leaks)

This page contains answers to the NECO Geography 2023 exam. If you’ve been looking for an expo to help you pass NECO Geography 2023/2023, your search is over as we have all the answers to both objective and essay questions, as well as other exam information for NECO 2023.

You can now easily find NECO Geography objective and essay responses on this page. Please be advised that all NECO Geography questions have been demonstrated here for free. Continue reading to view all of the solutions.

Geography NECO Exam Questions and Answers Objective and Essay for 2023

The June/July 2023 Expo Runz Real and Verified NECO Geography (Objective and Essay/Theory) Questions and Answers are now available.

All NECO Geography questions have been thoroughly answered and will be uploaded to this page shortly. If you really want all the answers at your fingertips, continue reading to discover what is required.

Our team has taken the time to respond to each and every question in NECO Geography 2023, so you can rest assured that the answers you receive from us will lead to A-level results.

If you are still looking for answers to 2023 NECO Geography theory and OBJ questions, your search is over; in a moment, our team will upload 2023 NECO Geography theory and OBJ answers for all students who are interested. See below for NECO Geography essay and objective questions and answers.

Objective and Theory NECO Geography Answers 2023

You must first comprehend the nature of these examinations. The National Examination Council (NECO) of Nigeria administers the NECO Geography Objective and Theory Questions and Answers for 2023.

In Nigeria, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education are administered by the National Examination Council (NECO) in June/July and November/December, respectively.

For those inquiring about specialty areas, please note that 2023 NECO Geography questions are based on the SS1-SS3 Geography curriculum.

Once our team uploads the answers to the free NECO Geography expo questions 2023, we advise students to frequently refresh this page so they can be among the first to utilize them.

Keep refreshing this page, as we will definitely update this page as soon as the Latest 2023 Geography Questions and Answers are out…

In the meantime, go through these past questions and Answers for the previous years because they are likely questions for NECO Geography 2023.

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Past Questions and Answers on Geography NECO 2022

Second Geography Paper The second essay will last one hour. Try all the questions in this section

Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by five alternatives labeled A through E. Choose the correct answer for each question and shade in pencil the answer space on your answer sheet that begins with the same letter as the option you’ve selected. Give only one answer per question and completely delete any response you wish to change.

Complete all preliminary work on your exam paper.

An illustration is provided below:

Which of the following countries does not border Nigeria?

A. Benin

B. Cameroon

C. Chad

D. Niger

E. Togo

The correct answer is “Togo,” which begins with the letter E. Consequently, answer space E will be shaded.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E]

Use the MOLAI S.W. map to answer questions 1 through 10.

Questions on Geography NECO Objectives
The map’s scale in Representative Fractions is 1.

A. 1:50,000.

B. 1:100,000.

C. 1:150,000.

D. 1:200,000.

E. 1:250,000.


What is the approximate distance in kilometers between Iwere and Uvu along the footpath?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 9

E. 10

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The contour interval in meters of the map is

A. 20.

B. 30.

C. 40.

D. 50.

E. 100.


4.On the map, the wireless mast is located at an altitude of ___ metres.

A. 40

B. 100

C. 120

D. 140

E. 160


Which of the pairs of settlements listed below is intervisible?

A. Dakka and Lere

B. Dakka and Uvu

C. Iwere and L. Reese

Uvu and D. Iwere

The pair E. Lere and Uvu


The drainage pattern of the River Omomu is as follows:

A. Annular.

B. Centripetal.

Dendritic, C.

D. Radial.

E. Trellis.


The characteristic marked ‘X’ is a/an

A. cliff.

B. escarpment.

C. hill.

D. hilltop

E. valley.


8. The residents of Iwere are likely to be involved in


B. angling

C. lumbering.

D. mining.

Quarrying is E.


The approximate bearing from the Leper Hospital to the Dakka settlement is

A. 65°.

B. 115°.

C. 120°.

D. 276°.

E. 320°.

What is the flow direction of the River Ofu?

A. East

The North

C. Nord-Ouest




11. The planet whose rotation is counterclockwise is the

A. Terra

B. Jupiter.

C. Pluto.

D. Uranus.

E. Venus.


Which of the following is not a result of the rotation of the earth?

A. Day and evening

B. Winds and ocean currents deflected

Seasonal variations

D. Dawn and sunset

The daily increase and decrease of

Geography Theory NECO Answers 2022

III. Geography PAPER The second essay will last 1 hour 30 minutes. Try all the questions in this section

Question 1aii)

Better medical care

It has encouraged more births than deaths.
Its knowledge of the causes of infectious diseases and how to prevent them has contributed to population growth.
Better sanitation, which has helped to reduce disease outbreaks and spread, has led to a rise in population.

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Question 1b)

Jara is situated in a lowland with deep volcanic and alluvial plains that are conducive to agriculture and human settlement.
Favourable climate: This region has year-round moderate temperatures and abundant precipitation, and it is irrigated for crop production.
Jara is endowed with rich volcanic alluvial soils that foster the growth of numerous crops.
Intensive agriculture: Due to the soil’s fertility, it is continuously and intensively cultivated for the cultivation of rice and other crops.

Question (2ai)

(2ai) URBAN:

Industrial purpose
Commercial purpose
Administrative capacity

Agricultural function
Durable function
Function of Fishing Question


Urban areas are dependent on rural areas for food provision.
Unskilled labor availability: Typically, rural industries are the source of unskilled labor supply.
Medicinal roots and herbs are typically transported from rural to urban areas for pharmaceutical use.
Question 2c)

i)Rural areas provide food to urban areas.

ii)Rural areas provide unskilled labor to urban areas.

iii) urban areas provide manufactured goods to rural areas

iv)urban areas provide higher education to rural areas

v)Rural areas provide raw materials to urban areas.

Question (3b) (3b)

Question 3c): Labor Transport Market Water Site Climate

Influencing Factors of Industrial Location:

The proximity to sources of raw materials is of vital importance when determining the location of an industry.

A sufficient supply of low-cost, highly-skilled labor is necessary for the industry. Weber refers to the ratio of labor cost to total cost of production as the “Labour cost of Index”; it determines the attractiveness of labor centers to industry.

Access to Markets: The proximity to markets is an important factor that the entrepreneur must consider. Generally, industries producing perishable or bulky goods that cannot be transported over long distances are situated close to their respective markets.

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As in the case of bread and bakery, ice, tins, and cans manufacturing, etc., industries located near the markets may be able to reduce the costs associated with transporting the finished product.

The importance of market accessibility is greater for industries that produce consumer goods than for those that produce producer goods.

Transport Infrastructure: Transport infrastructure generally influences the location of industries. Collectively, the three modes of transportation—water, road, and rail—play an important role. Thus, the intersections of waterways, roads, and railroads become hubs of industrial activity.

In addition, the modes and costs of transportation as well as the government’s transport policy have a significant impact on the location of industrial units.

The heavy concentration of the cotton textile industry in Bombay is a result of the inexpensive and superior transportation network, both for raw materials and for markets.

The availability of inexpensive power is another factor that influences the location of an industry. Water, wind, coal, natural gas, petroleum, and electricity are the primary sources of energy. Prior to the invention of the steam engine, both water and wind power were highly sought after as sources of energy.

During the nineteenth century, proximity to coal fields was the most important factor in establishing new industries, particularly heavy industries.

With the introduction of alternative power sources such as electricity, gas, and oil, the power factor became more adaptable, resulting in the dispersion and decentralization of industries.

Question 4a)


Fluvial plain of Fadama Sokoto River Crossing Question 4b)

i)presence of unique landforms

ii)presence of unique historical and religious centres

iii)unique environmental conditions

iv)existence of both a natural and manmade lake

Question 4c)

Unstable political variables and administration policies
The lack of maintenance at the tourist center
High rate of crime in the nation.
Transmission of diseases

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Question (5a)


Question (5b)


circulation of goods and services
Migration of people
Tourism development opening up new lands and regions
Revenue generation Question (5c)

It is very expensive to construct and maintain railways. In some regions, rail transport is relatively slow.
The railway system is generally inadequate.
Question 6a)

Cross River plains have a tropical-humid climate with wet and dry seasons, average temperatures between 15°C and 30°C, and annual precipitation between 1300 and 3000 mm.


Poor road system in Africa
Poor quality of tools
Political issues among African members

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