Health Education NECO Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo Leaks)

If you’re a candidate looking for Health Education NECO Questions and Answers for 2023, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll break them down for you. We will go on to explain how Health Education NECO questions are structured and how to best respond to earn full marks.


Health Education NECO Questions and Answers

In June/July and December/January, respectively, the National Examinations Council of Nigeria administers the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education.

Keep refreshing this page, as we will definitely update this page as soon as the Latest 2023 NECO Health Education Questions and Answers are out…

In the meantime, go through these past questions and Answers for the previous years because they are likely questions for NECO Health Education 2023.

Health Education NECO Past Questions and Answers

PAPER III: Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by five lettered options, A through E. Choose the correct answer for each question and mark with a pencil the answer space on your answer sheet that bears the same letter as the option you chose. Give only one answer per question and completely delete any response you wish to change. Complete all of your preliminary work on this test.

An illustration is provided below.

Red blood cells are produced within the

The bone marrow





The correct answer is “bone marrow,” indicated by the letter A. Consequently, answer space A would be filled in.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E]

Which folio wing factor influences growth and development the most?

A. Environment

B. Genetics

C. Immunology

D. Matureness



The irreversible increase in body size and structure characterizes

A. development

B. expansion.

C. growth.

D. height.

E. maturation


The body’s delicate organs are supported and held in place by connective tissue.

A. adipose

B. connective

C. cuboidal

Epithelial D.

fibrous E.


What organ is responsible for the production of male sex cells?

A. Epididymis

B. Penis

C. Testes

D. Ureter

E. Urethra


Which of the following stimulates muscle movement?

The articular cartilage

B. Ligament

C. Nerve

D. Skeleton

E. Tendon


16. The body’s position while performing an activity is the

A. modification.

B. expression.

C. physique.

D. posture.

E. stature.


The jelly-like fluid in the posterior chamber of the eye is known as vitreous humor.

A. aqueous humor.

B. cochlea fluid.

C. lacrimal fluid.

D. synovial fluid.

E. vitreous humor.

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The following are types of ear problems with the exception of:

A. astigmatism.

B.ear discharge.

C. Excessive wax on the automobile.

Foreign material in the ear.

E. otitis media infection.


19. The pancreas, a digestive and hormonal gland, secretes hormones.

A. adrenalin.

B. insulin.

C. oestrogen.

prolactin, D.

E. thyroid hormone.


Protein is for repairs and growth, just as __ is for health maintenance.

A. carbohydrate

B. fat

C. minerals

D. vitamins

E. water


Cutting larger food items into smaller pieces prior to cooking is called dicing.

A. cooking.

B. pounding.

C. shredding.

D. stewing.

E. cleaning.


22. The following are contemporary methods of food preservation, excluding

Canning is A.

B. dehydration.

C. pasteurization.

D. refrigeration.

E. smoking.


Which of the following is a cooking effect on food?

A. Reduces moisture content

B. Increases the number of germs

C. Makes it harder

D. Makes it indigestible

E. Makes it tender


The following are nuclear family members with the exception of

A. daughter.

Father B.

Mother C.

D. son.

E. uncle.

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25. Excepting, the following are reasons for marriage in Nigeria:

A. procreate.

B. enjoy happiness

C. possess wealth.

D. abide by God’s command

E. share love.


Which of the following is an irreversible method of birth control for women?

A. Coistus interrupts

B. Birth control pills

C. Tubal ligation

Use of a condom


Questions on Health Education NECO Theory

Answer any four questions for ESSAY II. All questions carry equal marks

1(a)i. Define “relief. (2 marks)

1(a)ii) Identify four fundamental needs of an IDP (IDP). (4 marks)

1(b). Include three bones from the axial and appendicular skeletons for each. (6 marks)

Describe four functions of blood in 1(c). (8 marks)

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2(a) List three dietary nutrients and one function for each. (6 marks)

2(a)ii) List four effects of food cooking. (4 marks)

Increase the importance of family to a child by four. (4 marks)

Who exactly is a quack? (2 marks)

2(c)ii)List two defining characteristics of a quack. (4 marks)


NECO Essay 3 Questions on Health Education (a). What is an infectious disease? (2 marks)

3(b). Define the terms listed below:

3(b)i. Infection time frame (2 marks)

3(b)ii) The period of incubation (2 marks)

3(b)iii. Recovery period (2 marks)

3(c). Discuss the Ebola virus under the following sections:

i. causative agent (1 mark)

iii. three transmission modes (3 marks)

iii. four signs and symptoms (4 marks) (4 marks)

four preventive measures (4 marks)

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What is drug trafficking, per 4(a)i? (2 marks)

4(a)ii) List three societal effects of drug trafficking. (3 marks)

4(b). Describe three instances of child abuse. (3 marks)

4(c) Describe four strategies for preventing workplace accidents. (4 marks)

ii. Describe two Federal Road Safety Corps functions (FRSC). (4 marks)

d) List four benefits of water to the body. (4 marks)

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