Home Management NECO Questions and Answers 2023/2024

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Questions and Answers for NECO Home Management

You can find past and infrequently occurring NECO Home Management questions for Papers 1 and 2 (OBJ & Essay) in this article, along with solutions. Make the most of the NECO home management Answers as much as you can.

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In the meantime, go through these past questions and Answers for the previous years because they are likely questions for NECO Home Managements 2023.

Likely Questions and Answers for NECO Home Management 2023

The National Examination Council (NECO) has given candidates all the information they need to do well on the home management test. Read the question and answer it correctly.

Question 1

a) Tell me what entrepreneurship is.

b) Describe the steps of being an entrepreneur.

c) Name different kinds of entrepreneurship.


Question 2

(a) Explain what it means to “manage money.”

(b) List the ways a family makes money.

c) Explain why money management is important.


Question 3

(a) Figure out what the items marked I, II, and III are.

b) Explain how each of the I, II, and III household items is used.

(c) Write down how to take care of the household items and label them I.

d) Explain how to choose the household items in the diagram with the label II.


Question 4

(a) Explain what the family does as a whole.

(b) List the things a father does around the house.


Question 5

(a) Define making decisions.

b) List the steps in making a decision.

c) Explain why making decisions is important.


Question 6

(a) Explain what it means to advertise.

(b) Write down the rules for how to compare prices before buying something.

c) Name the government agencies that set standards for goods made in the U.S.

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Home management is the natural result of how people interact with each other at home. It is the practical application of management principles to the home.


I Both the amount and quality of resources are limited. This is one of the most important things about resources. There are both limits on how much and how well something can be done. Some things are more hard to find than others. The hardest part of being a manager is having few resources and still being able to reach family goals.

(ii) Resources are Useful: Depending on the goal, all resources can be useful or satisfy a need. You can only see how useful or valuable something is in relation to a certain goal. These resources are different based on the problems to be solved or the goals to be reached.


I Growth Stopped: Protein not only helps keep muscle and bone mass, but it is also necessary for growth. Lack or not enough is especially bad for growing children, whose bodies need a steady supply.

When there isn’t enough protein in the diet, the body tends to take protein from the skeletal muscles to protect more important tissues and body functions. So, not getting enough protein leads to muscle loss over time.


I Choose thread that is the same color, thickness, and feel as the fabric.

ii) Do the darning on the back of the fabric.

(iii) Use a fine darning needle

iv. Use a herringbone pattern to join the torn edges. Stitch



Money is any tangible thing that most people in a community will accept as payment for goods and services or to settle debts. This item is legal tender, which means that it is generally accepted as a means of exchange in a certain area.


The ability to do work is called energy. The amount of energy the body needs depends on many things, such as age, size and weight, gender, level of activity, job, climate, pregnancy, and illness.


I We need money to buy the things and services we need to stay alive.

(ii) To live a comfortable life



I Lessen your chance of getting heart disease. Exercise makes your heart stronger and improves your blood flow. The increased blood flow makes your body get more oxygen. This makes it less likely that you will get a heart disease like high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, or a heart attack. Your blood pressure and triglyceride levels can also go down if you work out regularly.

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ii) Help your body control blood sugar and insulin levels. Exercise can lower your blood sugar and make your insulin work better. This can make it less likely that you will get metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes. And if you have one of these diseases already, exercise can help you deal with it.

(iii) Help you keep your weight in check. Along with what you eat, exercise is an important part of keeping your weight in check and avoiding obesity. To keep the same weight, you need to eat and drink the same number of calories as you burn. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in through food and drinks.

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I Thermosets are made of fragile parts.

ii) They can’t be bent like thermoplastics can.

They are difficult,

iv) The structure is hard to see

v) They are good at resisting electricity and heat.


I Monosaccharides

(ii) Disaccharides


Please list:



They are thin and have eggs in them.

ii. More liquid than flour is used to make batter.

iii. You often whisk or beat batter.

iv) Batter can’t be shaped.


I They are thick and can’t have any eggs in them.

(ii) Only a small amount of water or other liquid is needed to make dough.

(iii) People often knead and roll out dough.

(iv) You can shape dough.

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I Animal stains

(ii) Vegetable stains

iii. Stains from grease and oil

iv) Stains from minerals



Long-term goals are big family goals that take a long time to reach, like building a house, buying a car, saving money for retirement, having healthy kids, and giving the kids a good education.


A standard is a measure or criterion that is used to compare things. Standards are more detailed than goals or values. Standards are based on certain things. It is affected by things outside of itself.


Dyes are made from plants or chemicals that are mixed with a liquid and used to change the color of things like hair or clothing. Natural or man-made substances that are used to add color to or change the color of something are also called dyes.



I Eat different kinds of fruits (2 or more servings a day).

(ii)Drink fat-free or low-fat milk and eat dairy products with less fat.

(iii) Eat a variety of vegetables, especially those that are dark green, red, or orange.


(i)corn starch

ii) Arrowroot flour

(iii) tapioca starch

(iv)potato starch

TAKE NOTE: These are not really home management NECO Questions and Answers. Instead, they are likely questions that have been asked over and over again over the years to help students understand how their exams work. Make sure to write down each question on this page.


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