How To Become A Chartered ICAN Accountant As Student With ATS

Fewer still realize that it is possible to join ICAN as a chartered accountant without first attending college. The Accounting Technician Scheme (ATS) allows for this to occur.

Twenty-five years ago, ATS was created to meet the need for qualified support staff in the field of chartered accounting.

Consider the value that paralegals and nurses bring to their respective fields. In brief, that is what the Advanced Targeting System (ATS) is designed to do.

But if you want to advance in your career, you can take the ATS and become a chartered accountant.

If you have the opportunity, there is no reason not to go for it since there is no barrier blocking your way to the pinnacle.

If the UME exams and the policy of your preferred university are preventing you from pursuing a degree in accounting after completing secondary school, ATS may be your ticket to the top.

In addition, if you pass the ATS, you won’t have to start over at square one on your way to becoming a chartered accountant.

Graduates of postsecondary institutions and working professionals without a background in accounting are the typical students in the foundation level.

If you’re serious about becoming an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) member, read this guide carefully and put its advice into practice. To become an AAT, one must take and pass all of the ATS certification tests.

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Students need a minimum of 5 credit passes, including English and Math, in either the ACT or SAT before registering for ATS.

Two sittings are sufficient to complete the WAEC GCE SSCE.

The following are also sufficient prerequisites:

An Undergraduate Degree from a Recognized Institution of Higher Learning
Diploma of Completion in Education from a Recognized Institution of Higher Learning
Qualifications deemed acceptable by ICAN.
Leaving secondary school means you only have to worry about the first prerequisite.

Guide for Signing Up

1) Visit any national commercial bank. If you want to pay the ICAN/ATS Professional Examination Registration fee using Pay Direct, you should contact your bank to find out the specifics of doing so.

2) the current enrollment fee is N7,000.

3) the Pay Direct receipt has a website address on the back where you can finish up the registration process online.

4) Access the signup page by entering your login details.

5) Scan your passport photo in color and upload it to the online form using the space provided.

6) Complete the application and then print it out for your records.

7) Put your name on the printed form.

8) Have a CPA or AAT member vouch for you. Their name, phone number and membership number should be written in the appropriate section on the form.

9) Get your referee or sponsor to certify or endorse the application form and photocopy of your credentials

You should mail your application to the ICAN office that is most convenient for you in a sealed envelope. There is a local ICAN liaison office in most major cities across Nigeria where applications can be submitted.


When mailing in your official submission, be sure to include the following:

Evidence of your O-level performance (WASC/NECO) in photo form. Alternatively, you may submit a statement of results in the form of a computer printout or scratch-off voucher.
Proof of payment in its original form Sticker Coupon
Dual official passport pictures
Three N50 stamp-affixed, self-addressed envelopes
A certified copy of your birth certificate or an affidavit stating your age.
Authentic bank teller’s original version.
Your local ICAN office should have your registration number within four weeks. Your registration number would enable you to make the full payments after you log in to your student account on the website.

Questions concerning the ATS Examination Guidelines

The ATS exams are open for registration once you receive your registration number. Tests are given twice a year, in March and September.

There are three sections to the ATS exams. Each section includes four papers. In order to advance to the next round, candidates must first pass all four papers.

Now that the exam date has been published in newspapers, enrolled students can access their online accounts to submit payment.

You can pay with a credit card or by sending money directly to the ICAN bank account.

First, after logging in with your registration number, print out your Examination/financial status here before making any payments.

Second, the accepted methods of payment
You can Pay Direct, in which case you would make a deposit into the ICAN e-collection account at any commercial bank and receive a receipt. Sign in to your ICAN profile and

If you have a deposit slip, please enter it below.
A receipt number must be entered.
The submit button must be clicked.
You would be issued an eVoucher with a 12-digit PIN and a 6-digit serial number. They’re what you’ll need to finish up your online registration.

To finish up your exam registration, go to the website listed on the eVoucher.

Credit card payments allow you to check your account balance and payment history online at any time by logging in with your registration number.

Please select either “Pay online on Verve/Mastercard” or “Pay online on Visa card” under “Method of payment.”

Simply enter your password if you have already created an account, or click “Sign on” to begin the registration process.

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Applying Via the Web

1. Prerequisites
Upload a scanned copy of your passport.
An electronic copy of your signed document
In order to redeem an e-Voucher, two things must be done: 2) visit the address listed on the voucher, and 3) fill out the registration form. Once you are done, please hit the “Submit” button.

After pressing the “Submit” button, please print the following.

Finalized online evaluation form
Timetable and locations for examinations
Violations, and their potential punishments, are being put under the microscope.
Cautionary note regarding examination
It is imperative that you read the warnings and offenses carefully to avoid being disqualified in error.

Expenses related to taking an exam

When ICAN announces exam dates, it also notifies students of the costs associated with taking the exams and receiving exemptions. This cost shifts from year to year.

It’s important to keep in mind that the prices may change at any time.

Assembling an Exam Prep Study Group

Locating a local center that provides test preparation services for the ATS is highly recommended. It should be noted that ICAN does not own or operate all of these facilities. In any case, the trustworthy ones are ICAN-approved.

Good study centers in your area can be found with a quick Google search.

Alternatively, if you prefer to study on your own time, you can pick up the study packs from the liaison office that is most convenient for you. You can also get them in this download.

In order to do well on exams, you should use these study materials. With your registration fee, you have already purchased access to these learning tools.

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You can get a full rundown of the course requirements and suggested readings by downloading the syllabus right here. You can also get a feel for the exams’ structure and grading scheme by downloading the relevant regulations here.

Assuming all other factors are the same, you would become an AAT after 1.5 years. That should get you to the next level on the path to becoming a chartered accountant with the International Federation of Accountants (ICAN).

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