How to Calculate UNIZIK Post UTME Aggregate Score For All Course

How to Determine Your Overall Aggregate Score on the UNIZIK Post-UTME Exam

Since its early founding, Nnamdi Azikwe University (Unizik) has been one of the most sought after educational institutions in Nigeria. Today, it is still considered one of the most elite universities in the country.

Before an applicant may be considered for admission to unizik, the individual must first satisfy a number of prerequisites, which include the following items on this list in particular:

A applicant needs to have taken the JAM exam and get at least 200 points, which is the minimum required score.
In addition, admission may be granted to a candidate through the use of direct entry or pre-degree programs.
A applicant is required to have a minimum of five credits under their belt, one of which should be in English language.
The reason for producing this essay is to provide you with some insight on how Nnamdi Azikwe University marks and grades their post-utme screening score as well as how the process itself is carried out.

How to Determine Your Overall Aggregate Score on the UNIZIK Post-UTME Exam

To calculate your unizik aggregate score, you must first multiply your post-utme qualifying mark by four, then add that number to the score you received on the jamb examination, and finally divide that total by two.

Your score on the Post-UTME was a fifty.
Your JAMB Score is equal to 100.
You are aware that fifty times four is two hundred; two hundred and one hundred is three hundred; three hundred and two is one hundred and fifty. This is now your total score for the round.
unizik departmental cut off mark for several departments

Now that you are aware of how the cut off marks for Unizik are graded and determined, let’s have a look at their numerous departmental cut off marks for various departments. This will provide you with a clue and more determination to plan ahead and seek alternate possibilities.

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UNIZIK Post UTME Calculation

The candidates will be screened based on their JAMB scores and their O’ level results for the four subjects they took for JAMB. The following things will come into play:


It will be 70 percent and 30 percent.

70% of the JAMB score and 30% of the O’ level subject score. 70/100 = 0.7; 30/100 = 0.3

Putting the O-level scores in order

The results of the O’ level will be ranked as follows:

A1 = 90, B2 = 80, C4 = 60, C5 = 55, C6 = 50, D7 = 25, E8 = 0, F9 = 0.
Awaiting Result (AR) =0
The O’ level subjects used for each candidate will be the ones they took in JAMB.

For example, if a candidate took English, Math, Chemistry, and Physics in JAMB, the candidate’s O’ level grades in these subjects will be used to figure out how many O’ level points they have.

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A candidate who gets credit for all four of his or her subjects in one sitting will get 10 extra points (i.e. Bonus = 10).

A candidate who passed his or her four classes in just two sittings will not get a bonus (Bonus = 0).



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