How To Easily Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score 2023/2024

A low JAMB score makes it hard for many people who want to go to college to get in.


How to Get into College with a Low JAMB Score.

I know that you’re sad right now. It looks like you have no chance of getting in this year. Even though your JAMB score is low, you don’t have to give up.

Trust me when I say that there is always a way out of any problem. For the record, a JAMB score below 180 is considered low.

The problem is that many universities have set their minimum JAMB score at 180.

It means that you can’t apply to the school of your choice if your JAMB score is below 180.

Some students also make it past the JAMB cut off. But their score isn’t high enough for them to get into the course they want to take.

For example, in most Nigerian universities, a JAMB score of 200 is not high enough to get into courses like medicine, law, etc.

In this post, I’ll show you how to get into school even if you got a low JAMB score. Please tell me in the comment box if you need help or have questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can about what you said.

You can get in even if your JAMB score is low.
Here are the ways you can get in even if your JAMB score is low;

  • Get a high score and pass Your Post UTME
  • Change your study plan
  • Change the way you do things.
  • College of Health Technology and the Polytechnic School of Nursing
  • College of Education Institute of Technology and Management

Score well and you’ll pass the post-UTME.

The easiest way to get in is to do well on your Post-UTME exams and get a high score.

Even if your JAMB score is low, a high Post UTME score can help you get into college.

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JAMB and Post UTME are used by many universities to figure out the total score for admission.

For example, the 60:40 formula is used at the University of Nigeria.

JAMB = 60%
Post UTME = 40%
It means that you can get in if you do well on your Post-UTME.

Also, you should know that in order to get in, you need a score close to the JAMB cut-off.

For example, a student with a score of 250 can aim for a high Post-UTME score to get into law school.

But if your JAMB score is low, say below 190, you won’t be accepted. Then it may not matter much how well you do on the Post-UTME tests.

Find out more about how to do well on Post-UTME exams and pass them.

Change your study plan

At this point, buying a JAMB change of course form is the best thing to do.

With a low JAMB score, you can’t get into a competitive course.

For example, if you have a low score, you might not be able to get into Mass Communication at many universities.

The best thing to do would be to buy a form to switch to a course with less competition.

Right now, you need to find out if your JAMB score is good enough for the course you want to take.

I can help you if you tell me your JAMB score and the course you want to take.

Change the way you do things.

You have to buy a JAMB change of institution form because you got a low JAMB score.

If you think you can get into some schools with a low JAMB score, you are wasting your time.

With a low JAMB score, many people make the mistake of going to competitive schools. You won’t get in because there is so much competition.

I think you should read about how to get into Nigeria.

The best choice is to apply to a school that isn’t as popular.

It’s a good choice because you can still take your dream course at a school where it’s not as hard to get in. You can study medicine at some universities with a score as low as 270.

Don’t let the idea that you have to go to a Federal school blind you.

Don’t worry about whether the school is Federal or State as long as it has NUC accreditation.

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If you have a low JAMB score, your best bet is to apply to a polytechnic. Less people try to get into the Polytechnic than into the Universities.

Also, a JAMB score of 140 is often good enough to get into a polytechnic.

I know that you might say you don’t want to go to Polytechnic. But it’s better than staying at home for an extra year.

You can take JAMB in your first year at the Polytechnic or apply for Direct entry after your ND 1 or HND.

Pre-degree Program

The pre-degree program is an A-level academic program that lasts for one year. It is easy to get into universities in Nigeria this way.

The program is run by universities that let students in for one year. At the end of the program, admission is given to the best students.

For the pre-degree program, students must also fill out the JAMB form. It means that between pre-degree and JAMB, you will have two chances to get into college.

I have to tell you that getting in through pre-degree is hard. Most of the time, people who want to go to college end up getting a course they didn’t want.

For instance, you can get a pre-degree in Medical Laboratory Science at OAU. When the program is over, you will be able to go to Agric.

The school for nurses

In Nigeria, schools of nursing are places where people learn how to become registered nurses. The program will last for three years.

After high school, you can either go straight to college or work as a nurse full time.

There are a lot of jobs for nurses in Nigeria and around the world. But this option is only for science students who really want to work as nurses.

Here is a list of the schools in Nigeria that have been approved to teach nursing.

Health Technology College

Colleges of Health Technology are places where science students can take courses related to medicine.

At the College of Health Technology, you can take courses in medicine that can help you make money.

Here are some of the courses you can take at Nigeria’s College of Health Technology:

Technicians in medical laboratories, pharmacies, and community centers
Environment Health Science Optician Nutrition and Dietetics
College of Education UNIBEN Hall 1 hostel Health Information Management Health Education
Students with low JAMB scores have a good chance of getting into the College of Education.

In Nigeria, the College of Education has a program that lasts for two years.

With the result, you can use direct entry to get into the University.

Institute of Management Technology Institute of Management Technology (IMT) at Obafemi Awolowo University will take students with low JAMB scores.

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You can check with the Institute in your state to see if you can get in with your O-level score.

Here are some of the classes you can take at the Institute of Management Technology;

Science of computers
Management of Hospitality
Property Management Food Technology Science Laboratory Technology
Engineering for Mass Communication
Administration and Management of a Business
Architecture of the Public Administration
Planning for cities and regions
Banking and Finance
Number Counting
Fine arts and arts in use
JUPEB Admission
University students from outside the country
Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board is what JUPEB is short for. It is a one-year program that helps people get into college.

Those who did well would then be able to get in by going straight into the second year.

The best thing about the program is that if you get in through the JUPEB program, you won’t have to start from the beginning.

It’s important to remember that the program is tough. If you want to get into the course you want, you need to get a high score.

Universities Offering JUPEB in Nigeria

Here is a list of the universities in Nigeria that offer the JUPEB program.

The Nigerian University in Nsukka (UNN)
Obafemi Awolowo University is a school in Nigeria (OAU)
College of Lagos (UNILAG)
Port Harcourt University (UNIPORT)
Benin has a university (UNIBEN)
Abraka, Delta State University (DELSU)
Niger Delta University (NDU)
College of Calabar (UNICAL)
Illorin University, Illorin (UNILORIN)
Federal University of Technology, Owerri Federal University of Technology, Akure
See a list of the universities in Nigeria that accept the JUPEB.

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I hope this post has shown you how to get into college even if you have a low JAMB score. Let me know if you have any questions in the box below. I hope you get into the school you want.



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