ICAN Scholarship 2023 Application, Registration For Students and Graduates

The Institute has put in place a strategy which would make accountancy profession more attractive to the brightest adolescents from any academic subject by launching a scholarship system for outstanding students of Institutions whose Accounting/Accountancy degrees are certified by ICAN.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SCHOLARSHIP (Effective November 2021 Diet) (Effective November 2021 Diet)

As agreed by the Council of the Institute at its meeting of April 29, 2021, the terms and conditions of the Institute’s scholarship scheme effective from the November 2021 diet, are now as follows:

1. The scholarship shall cover examination expenses and provision of study packets.

2. After the award of Scholarship, scholars are obliged to pass each level within two consecutive diets, else the scholarship is forfeited.

3. ICAN will pay for each level of the examination once. Scholars with references are to sponsor the paper(s) in which the reference was received.

4. Removal of tuition costs (the Institute will no longer refund tuition fees) (the Institute will no longer refund tuition fees).

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5. Scholars who do not pass any level within the authorized two consecutive diets are to forfeit the scholarship. Complete failure of any level of the examination will lead to outright forfeiture of the scholarship.

6. Students who have previously applied are not eligible to re-present their applications.

7. Applicants are eligible to apply not more than two years after graduation, after senate permission.


DIAMOND: The Diamond Scholarship is for First Class/Distinction graduates of ICAN-Accredited Institutions, irrespective of the discipline or course of study to write the Professional Examinations of the Institute.

GOLD: The Gold scholarship is for the Best Graduating Student of an ICAN certified Accounting/Accountancy programme at professional examinational level.

SILVERThe Silver Scholarship is for the BEST STUDENT in year one of any ICAN-accredited Accounting/Accountancy curriculum in tertiary institutions to write the Accounting Technicians Scheme for West Africa (ATSWA) Examination.

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The Best Overall Student in the final level of ATSWA going to the Professional level.
To qualify for the plan, you have to:

1. Be a registered student of the Institute (ATSWA or Professional)

2. Claim necessary exemption

3. Requirement for application are:

i. Application letter

ii. Recommendation letter from your school

iii. Recommendation letter from ICAN District Society\siv. B.Sc/HND result.

A total of 150 spots are available for the scheme per annum ( to be spread throughout the diets available per year) ( to be shared amongst the diets available per year). Applications are on a first come, first served basis.


How To Apply

Send your required documents via e-mail: studentsaffairs@ican.org.ng

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