Ice Spice sucking dick of unknown young boy in alleged sex video

Despite only recently becoming famous, Ice Spice is already trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The sextape of Ice Spice was leaked on Twitter and Snapchat yesterday. Ice Spice may be seen licking the black penis of an unnamed male in the viral video.

The video went viral and stirred up discussion on various social media platforms. Comments are below.

Johnson: Lmao the whole time the ice spice a munch bih got leaked.

Jeffery: Find the leaked video of ice spice by doing a simple internet search.

Link, Matthew? put in a box? big data? reddit??? WHEREEEE!?!?!

Someone who has achieved more than you have, Richard.

Patrick: dawg she’s been famous for all of a week, and y’all are already exposing her .

Lola: dang ice spice, her s**t’s already been released.


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