Is there a Way To Upgrade JAMB Score/Results By Yourself?

How can I Improve My 2023/2024 JAMB Score/Result? This article will demonstrate how to update your jamb results online.

Many contenders have been grinning since the 2023–2024 results were announced, while many others have been sobbing. Those who are grinning are those who succeeded, while those who are sobbing are those who received low marks.

Now, the queries that people who performed poorly are considering include:

How can my JAMB score increase?
Is there a way to improve my JAMB score?
Can I improve my low JAMB score? etc.
Because you fall under one of these criteria, you are here. Search no farther; you have come to the right location.

I’ll respond to any of your inquiries and demonstrate how you can legitimately boost your JAMB score on your own. You did read that correctly. Your JAMB score can be raised on your own without spending any money.

Make sure you read this post all the way through to learn how this is accomplished. Let’s get to the major idea now.

How to check the JAMB RESULT 2019/2020 via text/SMS at 55019 or short code


Is there a way to upgrade your JAMB score?

YES is the response to this query. Your JAMB score can be raised, but there is only one way to achieve so. I’m going to show you how to increase your JAMB result on your own, so please don’t let anyone fool you.

Do not pay anyone, please. Do not, I repeat, do not pay anyone to improve your JAMB score or outcome.

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You’ll remember my advice if you choose to disregard it and pay for a result enhancement and they con you instead.

A fraud, is JAMB score Upgrade?

As I previously stated, improving your JAMB score is doable, but you are the only person who can accomplish it. Therefore, be sure to read this article all the way through to learn the one and only effective method for raising your JAMB score. Anyone who claims to work for JAMB or to be an agent of JAMB and offers to assist you improve your score is a con artist.

Don’t pay attention to the sample they give you after claiming you it was upgraded successfully. All are con artists, my dear. To trick people, they employ a computer program called Adobe Photoshop. They scan an applicant’s authentic JAMB score, modify it with Adobe Photoshop to give the candidate a high score, and then use it to con innocent pupils.

Examples of the texts or messages they send to their target are seen in the photographs above. Please be aware that these are phishing emails. Do not be duped by them.

How Do These Fraudsters Work?

You might be wondering how these alleged scammers obtained your phone number if they are not JAMB employees or agents. Obtaining your phone number is not difficult. Some of them work as CBT center employees or proprietors. They most likely obtained your phone number when you went to their location to register for the JAMB UTME.

Additionally, social media groups you joined to study for your UTME may have your contact information on them. While some join these organizations to steal your information, you do so to obtain pertinent information. Some of them even serve as group administrators.

Many of these callous people, including myself, are bloggers. In order to lure their prey, they use their blog as a platform. The way it works is that any posts they write on their blog on improving your JAMB score will be submitted to Google.

Google will show you their article if you eventually get there and search for something like, “How can I increase my JAMB score,” and if you click on it and follow their instructions, you might be on your way to being conned out of your hard-earned money.

How to Spot These Scammers

The simplest approach to spot these con artists is to be ignorant of the fact that there is no such thing as a person’s ability to improve their JAMB score. It can only be completed by you alone. Don’t worry; I will provide free instruction on how to increase your JAMB score on your own. Don’t worry; it is really simple.

Let’s get to the main reason you are here without wasting too much of your time.

The major reason you are here is because of this. You must thus read carefully now to avoid missing anything. This is for you if your JAMB UTME score was below average. Better if you haven’t written yet as well.

However, you are really fortunate to be here if you intend to take the JAMB UTME next year and want to get ready for anything.

No other person, besides you, may increase your jamb results, as I already stated. So how can you accomplish this? As follows:

If you have already taken the exam and want to upgrade your JAMB score, wait on, it’s no longer feasible.

Only individuals who have not written their jamb exams are able to enhance their marks. And working hard is the only other way to achieve your goals. By thoroughly reading your books, you may arm yourself.

To learn how to read and understand well, read this article on “How to read and understand.” You won’t have to worry about your JAMB exam thanks to this. This is the only upgrade available.

Conversely, if you have already taken the exam and received a score below the minimum required by the university, consider applying to polytechnics, colleges of education, or monotechnics. However, you can still acquire admission without JAMB if your score disqualifies you from any of these universities.

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Did you realize? Without taking the JAMB UTME, you can enroll in the course of your choosing.

They claim that knowledge is power. You are malformed if you are not informed. I didn’t enter using JAMB, but I am currently a student at one of Nigeria’s Federal Universities.

There are more than ten ways to enter a tertiary institution without having to overcome the UTME’s challenges. Look through them and select the one that best fits your needs.

Just relax and wait until the following year if, after searching through them, you still can’t find what you’re looking for. Apply my advice this time, and you’ll succeed for sure.


There isn’t such like a JAMB result or score improvement, in actuality. If you paid someone to boost your jamb results on your behalf, you were simply duped. And stop right there if you were going to pay someone else to upgrade for you.

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If you haven’t written your books yet, reading them before the tests is the finest result improvement you can give yourself. If you have previously taken the test but your score is insufficient, you should look into other options for admission or postpone the test until the next one.

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