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I want to believe you are one of those who will be writing  JAMB this year and its our great wish for you to come out in flying colors. I want you to Join the VIP JAMB JAMB lesson, which will be the best and easiest way to get a very high score on the JAMB Exam in 2023.

The Online Lesson will be held every night from 9pm to 12 am, and it will be taught by very smart and intelligent teachers. This is so you can go about your daily life and still study well for the JAMB exam.

Most JAMB candidates read their books, but they waste time on things that won’t even be on the test. One of the benefit you will gain is that our experienced tutors will only teach you things that will be on the JAMB exam, so you can do very well on it.

You see, I understand that if you do well on JAMB, you’ll get into your dream school and be able to study your dream course. When you take your dream class, you feel more than just happiness.

Available JAMB Subjects

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Literature
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Government
  • CRS
  • Commerce
  • Further mathematics


Testimonies From My Students

“We get the same education as first-year pupils. As a result, we are able to retain more information and better prepare for the Jamb examination because our teachers start at the beginning of each topic” – Shade Jambite

“It’s a pleasant environment and a fascinating instruction. It’s cheap and will be a huge aid to anyone studying for exams. Classes are great because teachers are patient and provide helpful feedback in the form of short tests that I can use to gauge my progress” – Elizabeth Jambite

“The tutorial will assist you remember what you’ve forgotten. It’s useful even in areas where I lack expertise. Especially Mr. David, who is both personable and adept at conveying complex topics in simple terms, the teachers at this school have won my heart” – Tunde Jambite


“The lessons are being taught in a manner that is very encouraging to me. They focus on the essentials of each subject and follow the most recent revision of the jamb curriculum in their lessons” – Folayemi Jambite


“This class has really sparked my interest in learning and gotten me excited to get back into school. The tutors are great, particularly the ones who help with math and physics. The methodical manner he explains things has been very helpful to me” – Alex Jambite


“The teachers are great and I really enjoy their methods of teaching. They provide a clear and concise breakdown of the material, making it easy to follow along. They’re a lot of fun because they engage with you well.” – Grace Jambite


“That was a fantastic education. You won’t have any trouble understanding them. I don’t believe anyone could fail UTME or get a score lower than 200 after taking this course, as the tutors really do their best to keep everyone on track.” – Precious Jambite

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How much is the JAMB VIP Lesson?

The right question should be how much are you willing to pay to see your DREAM COME TRUE? ANYTHING right?? Well, I have GOOD NEWS for you. With just N5,000 you can make your Dream come true.

Is the Lesson Fee Per Subject or for the 4 Jamb Subjects?

The fee is for the entire 4 JAMB Subjects. And yes, you’ll pay just once.

Is the Lesson Fee Paid Monthly?

NO! It’s paid just once. This one-time payment is valid for the entire duration of the lesson.

What are the available subjects?

For now, only these subjects are available: English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Literature, Economics, Government, and CRS.

What’s the teaching method?

Our experienced teachers teach with Voice notes, images, and typed messages.

What’s the time for the lesson?

The lesson holds every night, from 9pm – 12 midnight, depending on the subject.

How many times a week will the lesson hold?

Six (6) times a week, ie Mondays – Saturdays.

I want to pay, hope it’ll be worth it?

if you take the lesson seriously, I can assure you that you will do very well in JAMB.

When is the Tutorial starting?

The lesson started on 7th February 2023 and will end 27th April 2023.

Have I missed a lot already?

The online lesson started on 7th February. As a new member, you will have access to all the previous classes. Join Now!

How can I Jon the Online Lesson?

It’s simple. Click on the “Join Now” button below. It’ll redirect you to our payment page. Once you pay, you’ll be added immediately.

What If I don’t like the lesson?

We are so sure you’ll love it that we are offering you a 3-day Money-back guarantee.  This means if you don’t like the lesson after 3 days of adding you to the group, you will be fully refunded.

Do you still have any question to ask? ask us on WhatsApp via 09125747170

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How To Pay For JAMB Online Tutorial

You can make the N5,000 payment online or send via our Palmpay Account details below:


* are compulsory


  • Account number: 9125747170
  • Bank Name: Palmpay

NOTE: Ensure you message Sam on WhatsApp 09125747170 for confirmation and to add you up ASAP!!! Late Registration attracts extra Fee

250 Smart JAMB Candidates have joined already!!


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