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The plot of the popular video game Persona 5 revolves around the lives of high school students, including the activities they participate in on a daily basis such as going to class and completing tests.

The operation of this is straightforward. As you progress through the plot of P5R, the instructor at your school will ostensibly ask you questions at random from time to time.

However, these questions are not truly random; rather, they are predetermined events on specific dats. In addition to this, there will be times when you will be required to take tests. These exams will contain a combination of questions that are brand new to the class as well as questions that were covered earlier. If you know all of the solutions to the Persona 5 Royal questions, things will go much more smoothly for you.

In addition to random school questions being posed in the classroom during regular lessons, you will also be required to take midterm exams and final exams at various points throughout the year, including at various points during Persona 5 Royal. Because performing well on exams entails the potential to unlock some fantastic rewards, we also provide you with the answers to the exams.

Your Knowledge will increase if you answer questions correctly, and certain questions will also elevate other stats that are essential for maximizing your relationships. This is a very significant development in Persona 5 Royal in particular because certain confidant narratives are now necessary to complete in order to access the game’s actual conclusion. Your performance in the examinations has a significant impact on how rapidly you can level up in these relationships.

The more you know, the more people respect and like you. Knowledge is strength. Your performance in the tests that you do not have direct control over is also influenced by your information stat and how well you study. If you want to boost it even further – which may be necessary for exams – you can do so by following our guide on how to raise Knowledge and the other social stats quickly. If you want to boost your other social stats, you can do so by following our guide on how to raise Social.

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It is essential to note that the school questions and answers in Persona 5 Royal are entirely different from those in the vanilla version of the game if you are looking for those answers. If you are also looking for assistance with the Persona 5 Royal Crossword, we have compiled all of the solutions on a separate website. In any case, the solutions to all of the P5R school quiz questions and examinations are as follows:

4/12 – Tell me what the Devil’s Dictionary says is the main reason why people are getting better.
19 April – Between A and B… which line looks to be longer…?
There’s no difference.
4/23: Out of music, theater, and chariot racing, Nero won an Olympic gold medal in which sport?
“Every one”
4/25 – Q1: What’s the point of that phrase? “What do you think about my country?
You unquestioningly support it.
But the original meaning was different, right? So I guess it would be like…
You have to make it right.
4/27 – Do you know what theorem this number is named for?
The four-color rule.
4/30 – Q1: First of all, I think “wunder” means…
Answer 1: Wonder.
4/30 – Q2: Now, the part about being kind. That’s most likely…
Answer 2: Child.
4/30 – Q3: A “wunderkind” would then be someone who…
Answer 3: A prodigy.

5/7 – So, what does the phrase “femme fatale” mean in English?
Fatal Woman.
5/10: You know when Yoshitsune lived and worked, don’t you?
The time of the Heian.
Answers to the Persona 5 Royal Midterm Exam from May 11 to May 13

5/11: Who in history gave rise to the phrase “favoring the magistrate”?
Yoshitsune, son of Minamoto.
11/5 Q2: Did Yoshitune have a brother? I believe his name was…
Minamoto no Yoritomo.
5/11 Q3: But in the end, they had problems with each other. And in the end, when they had to fight, Yoritomo came out on top.
5/11 Q4: This is likely because people tend to feel less sympathy for people in power and more for…
The poor.
5/12 Q1: Which part of the brain is responsible for the fact that this figure looks like an illusion?
5/12 Q2: Which of the following maps can you paint so that no two adjacent areas are the same color?
5/13 Q1: Name the book that says that bad people are the most important thing for human progress.

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The Dictionary of the Devil.
5/13 Q2: What character archetype describes a mysterious, seductive woman who usually has something else in mind?
Femme Fatale.
The first set of Midterms is now over. Your Knowledge social stat will determine your final midterm performance stat. It’s a simple stat check:

For the top spot in the class, you’ll need at least level 4 Knowledge.
You’ll need 3 Knowledge to be in the top 10.
The top half of the class has 2 Knowledge and at least 3 correct answers from the list above.
The people in the bottom half need either 2 Knowledge with at least 2 right answers or 1 Knowledge with all right answers.
Lastly, you are at the bottom of the class if you only have one Knowledge and get at least one question wrong. Which you shouldn’t do because you’re on a map.
Continued from the May School Answers:

What do we call it when just believing that a treatment will work is enough to make you feel better?
The effect of the placebo.
5/19: Which well-known Edo-era ukiyo-e artist is said to have moved more than 100 times?
Katsushika Hokusai.
5/21: 1:1.618 is the golden ratio, but do you know what the silver ratio is?
5/23 – Q1: If we think about what these words have in common, “syn” might mean…
5/23 – Q2: And what is “aisthesis”? This is similar to the word “aesthetics.” I wonder if it means…
5/23 – Q3: This means that the full word means…
Coming together of the senses.
5/26 – Do you know whose writing Leblanc used?
Arthur Conan Doyle was a writer.
5/31: Do you know what historical figure with crooked legs and a parrot became a visual shorthand for pirates?
John Silver.
Persona 5 June School Answers There are more school questions, quizzes, exams, and midterms to deal with in June and July.
6/4 – What do you think this kind of thing is called?
The effect of a halo.
6/7: The red king crab is related to the hermit crab in a biological way. So how is it not the same as a crab…? Are you sure?
How many legs it has.
6/8: In what way does totalitarianism go further than authoritarianism?
Taking charge of what people think.
6/13 – What color do you think it will become?
6/15 – Which one of paper money and coins is made by the government?
6/20 – Tell me what you think. One of these, right, has small amounts of metals in it?
6/23: Do you know what this woman did for a living?
A pope.
6/27: Which of these animals is mentioned in a weather-related English idiom?
6/29: What do you think this piece says on the back?

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Persona 5 Royal Play July School Answers

7/1: What does the Chinese phrase from which these dumplings got their name mean?
Head of a barbarian.
7/4 – July and August both have 31 days because of two people. Are you familiar with those people?
Julius and Augustus.
7/7 Q1: So Tanabata is about gods crossing a night sky full of stars to meet up once a year? It could have something to do with…
The path of the Milky Way.
7/7 Q2: What is Tanabata’s traditional food?
7/9: Do you know what it looks like?
A triangle.
11/07 – Q1: What exactly is long-term memory?
Memories that stick around.
11/07 – Maruki said something about how many memories you could keep, right? Something like…
7/11 – Q3: If you have theoretically unlimited space for them, you could theoretically keep them for how long?
Do you know what he did on July 12?
Persona 5 Royal Finals Exam Answers: 7/13 – 7/15

Your next set of tests are coming up. This time, it’s semester finals, which are a bit more important than thosie.

5/13 – Q1: What is the angle between B and E if angle C is 28 degrees and angles A and D are 88 degrees?
64 degrees.
5/13 – Q2: I believe we talked about this in class. The famous guy from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” came up with them, right?
Zhuge Liang.
5/13 – Q3: They were also offering something to stop the river from flowing…
Heads of barbarians.
5/13 – Q4: This master tactician thought of the baozi to…
Instead of heads, to give them.
5/14 – Q1: Write the name of this creature and how it fits into the world of biology.
King Crab, Red (Paralithodes).
5/14 – Q2: What happened the first time the Japanese government printed paper and hard money?
It threw the economy into chaos.
5/15 – Q1: What does the Norwegian phrase “raining witches” mean in English?
It poured like cats and dogs.
5/15 – Q2: The soba noodles that are traditionally eaten on Tanabata are also called which of the following?
Demon Guts.

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