Biography and Cause of Death: Marion Llewellyn Obituary Resident Of Canterbury, Has Died

Marion Llewellyn Obituary, Cause of Death – According to the findings of an autopsy, a woman who died of sepsis could have survived if all necessary diagnostic procedures had been performed on her before she died. Marion Llewellyn, 66, of Canterbury, Kent, was readmitted to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital after being treated there for five days and then allowed to return home. She died three weeks after being readmitted to the hospital.

Despite the fact that no clinical tests were performed on her remains, the coroner in Maidstone concluded that she died from peritonitis and sepsis. The East Kent Hospitals Trust has informed the public that Mrs. Llewellyn’s death has been thoroughly investigated. Mrs. Llewellyn had a plastic stent inserted within her body on February 8, 2021, following a surgery in which kidney stones were removed from her body, according to the report. She had been suffering from agonising abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting for several days before to her visit to the Urgent Care Centre at Kent and Canterbury Hospital on February 18, that year.

The on-call physician assumed that the stent was causing the patient’s symptoms; however, an X-ray indicated that it was properly positioned in the patient’s body. Professor Sarah O’Dwyer, a consultant surgeon appearing as an expert witness, stated that the blood tests performed revealed irregularities serious enough to alert the clinician to the possibility of an infection. This was stated in her testimony.

She went on to say that the next step would have been to seek advice from an experienced colleague, and that more blood tests and examinations may have resulted in hospitalisation. She also mentioned that hospitalisation was a possibility. Mrs. Llewellyn was instead allowed to return home after being released from the hospital, according to Coroner Joanne Andrews’ evidence.

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