Mayumi Tanaka and the original “ONE PIECE” cast will dub Netflix’s live-action series.

Mayumi Tanaka and the original “ONE PIECE” cast will dub Netflix’s live-action series.


In Spanish, Inaki Godoy and Taz Skylar will voice Luffy and Sanji. Netflix premieres the series on August 31.

In May, executive producer and creator Oda said the series would not premiere until he was “satisfied.” He said “each and every entity involved is working in sync.” The series will contain eight episodes instead of 10 as announced.

One Piece fans have exciting news. At Anime Expo 2023 in Los Angeles, Netflix screened a special film with Mayumi Tanaka, who voiced Monkey D. Luffy in the original anime. Tanaka gave live-action Luffy’s straw hat to Iñaki Godoy in the video to officially welcome him to the Straw Hats. Tanaka and the anime’s whole cast will reprise their roles for the live-action show’s Japanese dub.

Tomorrow Studios and ITV Studios are producing the live-action series. Matt Owens (Luke Cage, S.H.I.E.L.D.) writes the show. Becky Clements and Steven Maeda executive produce.

Adelstein revealed in a 2017 Jump Festa video message that the live-action Hollywood television series adaptation of the manga will begin with the East Blue arc and “broaden from there.” Adelstein said the series will generate “a true One Piece” after meeting Oda.

“I think everyone has a little bit of Luffy in their heart,” Tanaka explains. “This live-action series’ Luffy, Iñaki, is so cheerful and joyful that he makes a fantastic Luffy! I’m excited to voice Luffy in this adaptation.”


“One Piece is a story whose words and images can resonate with you in different ways depending on your situation or perspective at any given moment, allowing for new discoveries,” said the voice actor. Of course, nothing would make me happier than if newcomers to One Piece could join the family through this show.”

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