Most Common Biology Exam Questions and Answers PDF

Biology is a subject that is taught in school. It is the study of living things. The history of the word “biology” shows that it comes from the Greek words “bios,” which means “life,” and “logos,” which means “study.”

Biology is mostly about figuring out how things work inside living things. For instance, how digestion works and what parts are involved in the process.

Biology Exam Questions and Answers

1. Which cells undergo cell division?
A. Cells made of bacteria B. Cells made of living things C. Both bacteria and living things
D. Cells in jail
During which phase of the cell cycle do most metabolic processes happen?
A. Phase 1 of growth B. Late prophase C. Phase in between
D. The circle of life?

Which part of the cell cycle checks to see if the DNA has been copied correctly?
A. The checkpoint for the spindle
B. The checkpoint for making DNA C. The checkpoint for changing DNA D. The checkpoint for getting a DUI
During mitosis, what happens?
A. Codominance B. The cell’s nucleus splits in two
They party like it’s 1999 C. Fragmentation D.

5. Why does the DNA have to copy itself before a cell can divide?
A. To make it easier to copy something
Because daughters are brats who want what they want when they want it.
During what part of the cell cycle do chromosomes form?
A. The middle part of mitosis
B. Whenever they want, since nobody is going to tell them what to do!
C. Mitosis during anaphase D. Mitosis during prophase

7. What is the name for the random way that homologous chromosomes are spread out when a cell divides?
Sharing. Degeneration. Gene expression. Crossing-over.
8. When do sister chromatids line up at the cell’s equator?
Metaphase B. Anaphase C. Prophase
D. When Justin Bieber tickets go on sale, sisters tend to line up.

Which of these is an example of asexual reproduction?
A. Fragmentation B. Incomplete dominance
C. Wear and tear D. Cloning
Because chromosomes pair up at different times during meiosis, crossing over can only happen during which phase?
A. The first stage B. The second stage C. The terrible twos
D. Cytokinesis

11. According to the law of independent assortment, you must pay all of your traffic tickets.
B. The things that control different traits are inherited separately from each other.
C. The factors that control different genes are passed down together.
D. The things that control different traits are not passed down from parent to child.

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12. If you look at your dog, you can tell something about A. the dog’s vivpary type B. the dog’s intergenic type C. the dog’s phenotype
D. Who in your family the dog most looks like
13. A person with the genotype Aa has the A. A heterozygous genotype.
B. A place to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting C. A homogenous genotype D. An amoeboid genotype

14. What is the pattern of inheritance when both alleles are equally expressed in a heterozygote’s phenotype?
A. Codependence B. Codominance
C. In couple’s therapy, they say what’s on their minds.
D. Intro-dominance
15. What is the pattern of inheritance for the ABO blood type in people?
A. Degeneration
B. Four cells with only one set of genes
C. Superpowers D. Having more than one allele

16. What is the pattern of inheritance when the dominant allele isn’t fully dominant?
A. Codominance
B. Who’s in charge
C. Superpowers being taken away
D. Incomplete dominance
17. One of Chargaff’s rules says: A. Don’t run in the house…
B. There are more thymine molecules than adenine molecules.
C. The amount of thymine is the same as the amount of adenine.
D. There is LESS adenine than thymine.

18. A. The Avengers found out how DNA is put together.
James Watson and Francis Crick.
Peter Fry, C. Chargraff, and Matthew Thomas
19. There are different kinds of RNA, such as:
B. Messenger RNA
C. Ribosomes
D. The cure for sweating too much

20. Nucleotides are the parts of DNA that are made up of: A. A sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing base
B. The famous members of a boy band
C. Phosphates and sugars
D. A sugar, a group of carbon, and a base with oxygen

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A. Fragmentation and degeneration are the two steps in making proteins.
B. The expression of genes and sexual reproduction C. Transcription and translation D. Going to college and getting a job, you lazy bum

22. In order for protein synthesis to start, A. DNA polymerase must bind to a gene’s promoter B. During cytokinesis, incomplete dominance must happen
C. DNA and RNA must get along. D. RNA polymerase must bind to the promoter of a gene.

23. Which of the following words describes a tRNA molecule the best?
A. Gene expression B. Multiple alleles
C. Reindeer caught in traps close to Antarctica D. Anticodon

24. What do Beneficial mutations do?
A. Helps both organizations in the same way?
B. Let organisms reproduce without mating. C. Let enzymes out that can break down organic matter like cellulose and lignin.
D. Help living things adjust to changes in their surroundings.

25. Changes to the chromosomes include deletions and…
A. Pepperoni pizzas
B. Incomplete dominance C. Haploid cells
D. Mutations that change the order of genes


26. Which of these food items is broken down in the stomach?

A) Sugars and starches B) Fats and oils
C) Proteins and fats
E) Foods with carbs and fats

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27. Urea is made when too many amino acids are turned into


28. For pollination and fruit development, the most important parts of a flower should be the

A) the corolla, B) the ovary, C) the pistil, D) the ovules, and E) the receptacle.

29. Which one of the following parts of a mammal’s body has the most to do with making urine?
A) Malpighian capsule
B) Urinary bladder C) Ureter D) Vas deferens

30. A potometer is used to measure how fast a plant A) breathes B) sucks air bubbles C) loses weight D) takes in water E) loses water through its leaves.

31. A green plant growing in a compost pit is getting food

A) holozoically B) parasitically C) saprophytically D) holophytically E) none of the above

32. The is the only part of a cell that does respiration.

A) nucleus B) nucleolus C) mitochondria D) golgi apparatus E) endoplasmic reticulum

33. Glucose is changed into one of the following during anaerobic respiration

A) Water and carbon dioxide
B) Only carbon dioxide C) Carbon dioxide and alcohol
D) Water and liquor
E) Acetic acid and water

34. When urea is passed out of the body, water is also taken back into the bloodstream. This re-soaking happens in the

A) uriniferous tubules
B) Bowman’s capsule C) glomerulus D) malpighian capsule
E) the kidney artery

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35. If the bark and phloem tissue of a woody shoot are peeled off by ringing, the whole plant will eventually die because

A) Water doesn’t get to the leaves. B) Water and salts stay below the ring. C) Soil pulls water from the roots. D) Man-made food doesn’t get to the roots.
E) Too much water is stored in the roots

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