Prison (Correctional) Service Exam Past Questions and Answers

Download in PDF a book of mostly repeated Nigerian jail (correctional) service recruitment exam/aptitude test past questions and answers that will assist you in preparing for and succeeding here:

All applicants for Nigerian prison (correctional) service recruitment must take and pass the NPS exam before being considered for the next level of the recruitment process. (Keep this in mind.)

The prison (correctional) service exam is a computer-based test that typically consists of four areas of knowledge that are blended together in one sitting. The topic areas are as follows: English language, general mathematics, general studies pertaining to the prison (correctional) service job, and current affairs.

This book of Nigerian prison (correctional) service exam past questions and answers comprises all of the questions and answers in all of the subjects covered in the prison (correctional) service exam.

So take advantage of it to prepare for the Nigerian jail (correctional) service exam and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Download it, read it, study it, and be prepared for this jail (correctional) service exam/aptitude test to advance to the next level of the recruiting process.

Here are some instances of questions and answers from the Nigerian jail (correctional) service test past questions book that we provide:
Part I: General studies and current events

1. The Prisons Arms Training School is in

Owerri, A.

B. Kano

Kaduna, C.

Minna, D.

The answer is A.

2. The Ministry in charge of overseeing the activities of Nigerian prisons is the

A. Defence Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany

B. Federal Interior Ministry

C. Federal Culture and Tourism Ministry

D. Federal Youth and Sports Ministry

B is the correct answer.

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3. How many directorates are there in Nigerian prisons?

A. 6

B. 5

C. 4

D. 3

B is the correct answer.

4. After the police and the courts, the prisons are the…. arm of the criminal justice system.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

C is the correct answer.

5. The two most important convict prisons in Nigeria nowadays are

A. Maximum and minimum security prisons

B. Maximum and medium security facilities

C. Regular and execution jails

D. Convict and trial jails

The answer is A.

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6. The intermediate prison camps are located primarily in places with courts that are remote from the main prisons.

A. intercommunity jails

B. transit jails

C. potential jails

D. satellite jails

The answer is A.

Part I: General Mathematics

7.√144 is

A) 11

B) 13

C) √146

D) 12

E) √244

D is the correct answer.

Consider the numbers 2, 6, 18, 54, 162,…. What is the value of b/a if the 48th term is A and the 51st term is B?

A) 1/27

B) 1/3

C) 9

D) 3

E) 27

The answer is E.

Part I: English language/verbal reasoning

Structures and lexicon:

Choose the word or words closest in meaning to the one printed in italics in the phrase from the terms given in A, B, C, D, or E. Fill in the blank to the left of the question number with your response.

9. Last night, I heard a strange story regarding ghostly activities.

a. True

b. Unique

c. Brief

d. Untrue

e. Unusual

The answer is E.

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10. That deceitful youngster cleverly mimicked his father’s handwriting.

a. duplicated

b. rubbed away

c. signature

d. penned

e. scratched

The answer is A.

Here is the whole book of former jail (correctional) service test questions and answers in PDF (e_book).

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