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The British Council Nigeria Internship Programme 2022 is now accepting applications. Through the arts and culture, education, and the English language, the British Council strives to foster relationships, understanding, and trust between the people of the United Kingdom and those of other countries.


They work in two different ways: directly with individuals to improve the quality of their lives, and with governments and partners to make a greater effect over the course of a longer period of time, so improving the lives of millions of people in different parts of the world.


They assist young people in acquiring the abilities, self-assurance, and connections that they require in order to realise their potential and to participate in communities that are robust and welcoming to all.


They provide assistance for them to learn English, to receive an education of a high quality, and to obtain certificates that are recognised internationally. The work that we do in the arts and cultural fields encourages creative expression and interchange, as well as the growth of creative businesses.


They bring the best of the world to the United Kingdom and bring the best of the United Kingdom to the globe. Because of these connections, we are able to better comprehend one other’s strengths, as well as the challenges and ideals that we have in common. This helps to create confidence between the people of the United Kingdom and those of other nations, which can persist even in the face of poor formal relations. We have operations in more than one hundred different nations throughout the world.


In 2019-2020, they had direct interactions with 80 million people, as well as overall interactions with 791 million people, including those that took place online and via our broadcasts and publications.


Put in an application for the internship programme offered by the British Council. Gain a Monthly Stipend of More than N100,000

If you are a student or recent graduate (within the last four years after receiving your degree), the British Council would like to present you with a chance for experiential learning in the form of an internship programme in which you can get experience in the real world.

It is a paid Internship Program in which an Intern can receive a monthly stipend of over N100,000 for a period of six months.

It is expected that the theoretical knowledge that an intern has obtained during their studies would be supplemented by the practical experience that they gain during their internship.

During the course of the internship, it is expected that the intern will contribute to the workplace in addition to gaining knowledge there. This will, in turn, provide an opportunity to develop employable skills. Because of the skills they learn, students and graduates have a better chance of finding jobs and being successful in their careers. This is one effect.

It is essential to take into consideration the fact that the applicants for these openings must have graduated within the past four years in order to be considered eligible.

As part of their commitment to the EDI principle, the British Council actively encourages applications from members of underrepresented communities.

The following are the roles available for interns as well as the websites to submit applications:

1. Arts Intern – Lagos

2. Arts Intern – Abuja

3. Marketing Intern – Abuja

4. Marketing Intern – Lagos

5. Internship for Executive Assistants in Lagos

6. Internship in Facilities, Port Harcourt (Port Harcourt)

7. Facilities Intern – Kano

8. Internship in Finance – Lagos, Nigeria




Visit the application portal listed below to submit your application for the British Council Internship Programme in Nigeria:

Application Portal for the Internship Programme of the British Council in Nigeria:




The deadline for applications to the British Council Internship Programme is the 31st of December in 2022.

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