South Korea Visa Application Form 2023/2024 | South Korea Requirements & Application Guide

South Korea, a sovereign state in East Asia, boasts a technologically advanced economy with Seoul as its capital city, ranking fifth globally. The official language is Korean, but English is widely spoken by many immigrants, making it a popular destination for business visitors.


South Korea Visa Types

South Korea offers various types of visas, including single entry, double entry, and multiple entry visas. Single and double entry visas are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, while multiple entry visas have a validity of approximately one year. Additionally, there are visa sub-types for specific purposes, such as working visas and business visas.

Visa Type Visa Sub-Types
Single Entry Visitor’s Visa
Double Entry Transit Visa
Multiple Entry Student Visa
Multiple Entry Student Visa
Double Entry Transit Visa
Single Entry Visitor’s Visa

South Korea Visa Requirements

While specific visa requirements may vary depending on the type of visa, there are common documents required for most South Korean visa applications. These include:

  • A valid Nigerian passport.
  • A properly filled and signed South Korea visa application form.
  • One passport-sized photograph of the applicant.
  • Visa processing fees.
  • A prepaid envelope from a major courier service for returning the passport and original documents.
  • Travel health insurance.

Additional supporting documents may be required based on the visa type, such as:

  • An invitation letter from a South Korean sponsor.
  • A letter from the applicant’s South Korean employer.
  • A leave letter from the applicant’s Nigerian employer.
  • Proof of provisional admission from a South Korean academic institution.
  • Proof of accommodation in South Korea.
  • A bank statement covering a minimum period of 3 months, issued within 14 days.

South Korea Visa Types

Single Entry Visa: This visa is for individuals planning to enter or visit South Korea once. It is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and can be either long-term (over 91 days) or short-term (less than 90 days).

Double Entry Visa: Designed for people intending to visit South Korea twice within the visa’s validity period, allowing a maximum stay of 30 days within 6 months. The visa’s validity is 6 months.

Multiple Entry Visa: Suitable for frequent travelers to South Korea, this visa permits multiple entries and exits from the country within a 1-year validity period.

South Korea Visa Fees

Visa Type Visa Fees (₦)
Short Term Single Entry 16,000
Long Term Single Entry 24,000
Double Entry Visa 28,000
Multiple Entry Visa 36,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How and Where to Pay South Korea Visa Fees: Visa fees should be paid at any South Korea visa application center. Please note that the fees do not include the visa service charge.

South Korea Visa Processing Time: The processing time for South Korea visas varies and is subject to change. Applicants should submit their applications well in advance of their expected travel date.

Address and Location of South Korea Embassy in Nigeria: The address and location of the South Korea Embassy in Nigeria are not provided in this document. Applicants should check with the appropriate authorities for up-to-date information.

For more detailed information and specific requirements for each visa type, applicants should refer to the South Korea Embassy or consulate in their country.

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