Complete WAEC Syllabus for Block Laying, Brick Laying and Concrete Works 2023, Text Books, and Topics

You must prepare for the exam by studying the WAEC syllabus for concrete works, bricklaying, and blocklaying. The Block Laying, Brick Laying, and Concrete Works exam’s goals and objectives, notes, and format are all included.

For exam preparation, you must read the Block Laying, Brick Laying, and Concrete Works syllabus. You can use it as a guide to help you decide which topics to read about. Additionally, there are notes on ideas that you ought to learn carefully.

The equivalent of travelling to the farm without your agricultural tools is exam preparation without using the Block Laying, Brick Laying, and Concrete Works syllabus. You won’t be effective in the end.

Make sure to use the syllabus when you start your exam preparations.

The West African Examination Council’s block laying, brick laying, and concrete works syllabus and suggested texts are included in this page (WAEC).

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment area. I look forward to hearing from you.

WAEC Block Laying, Brick Laying and Concrete Works

Papers 1, 2, and 3 are the three required papers that must all be taken.

Papers 1 and 2 will be combined into a single paper that will be graded out of 100 in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Paper 1: There will be forty multiple-choice objective questions in this section, and you will have 45 minutes to complete them all for 40 points.

Paper 2: will have five concise, organized questions. Candidates will have one hour to respond to any four questions for 60 points.

Paper 3: This practical test will last three hours and is worth 100 points. It will be a piece of work that requires the installation of a maximum of 30 blocks, or 100 bricks in the case of a piece made entirely of bricks.

When laying a workpiece made of bricks and blocks, the workpiece cannot have more than 20 bricks and 40 blocks in it. (For example, in composite walling).

Schools must get a list of the test materials at least two weeks prior to the exam date so that they can make the necessary preparations and purchases.

Alternative to Practical Test

In the alternative, the Council may consider assessing candidates’ level of theoretical proficiency with the practical skills outlined in the syllabus in the case that materials for the real practical test cannot be obtained.

There will be two mandatory questions for this alternate test, which must be completed correctly for 100 points in three hours.

WAEC Block Laying, Brick Laying and Concrete Works Syllabus

  1. Workshop and site safety
  2. Basic tools and equipment
  3. Site preparations and setting – out
  4. Manufacture, application and properties of blocks and bricks.
  5. Concreting materials
  6. Formwork for construction work.
  7. Concreting operations
  8. Basic principles of substructure construction work including ground floors
  9. Upper floors
  10. Walls
  11. Openings in walls.
  12. Stairs construction
  13. Scaffold and scaffolding
  14. Finishes
  15. Construction of drainage system.
  16. Kerbs
  17. Business opportunities in Building

List of Tools and Equipment

TOOLS                                                                       EQUIPMENT

1.         Internal angle trowel                                      1.         A complete set of scaffolding,                                                                                fittings and scaffolding pipes

2.         External angle trowels                                  2.         Block moulding machines

3.         Pointing trowel                                               3.         Buckets

4.         Hand trowel                                                    4.         Concrete mixer

5.         Block axe                                                       5.         Concrete vibrator (Poker and clamp-on)

6.         Boat level                                                       6.         Gauge box

7.         Bolster                                                            7.         Manual hand mould

8.         Club hammer                                                 8.         Hand rammer

9.         Builders square                                             9.         Hand sieves (various sizes)

10.       Brick hammer                                                10.       Headpan

11.       Cold chisel                                                     11.       Levelling instrument

12.       Corner blocks                                                12.       Measuring tape

13.       Folding rule                                                    13.       Pick axe

14.       Gauge rod or rule                                          14.       Slump test apparatus.

15.       Hawk                                                              15.       Tyrolean machine

16.       Joint duster                                                    16.       Water hoses and roses

17.       Jointers                                                          17.       Wheelbarrow.

18.       Jointing board/caulking board                     18.       Terrazzo grinding machine

19.       Line and pin

20.       Mason’s hand saw

21.       Metal float

22.       Plastering trowel

23.       Plumb rule and bob

24.       Builder’s line

25.       Spade

26.       Shovel

27.       Claw hammer

28.       Gauge lath

29.       Pointing tools

30.       Pointing trowel

31.       Range.

32.       Spirit level.

33.       Steel square

34.       Straight edge

35.       Skutch

36.       Square and bevel

37.       Tingle plate

38.       Wire brush

39.       Wooden float.

1 Barry’s introduction to construction of Buildings Stephen Emmett and Christopher A Gorse Blackwell Publishing.
2 Building Technology Ivor H. Seeley Palgrave
3 Building Construction, Volumes 1 – 4 Mckay Longman
4 Principles of construction Roger Greeno.
5 Advanced Building Construction Volumes 1 & 2 C. M. H. Baritt. Longman
6 Construction Technology Volumes 1 – 4 R. Chudley. Longman
7 Building Construction for Senior Secondary Schools. Volumes 1 – 3 L. A. Adesokan and M. O. Adeniyi. Ilesanmi
8 Blocklaying and concreting Industrial Crafts Series M. O. Obande Longman
9 Brickwork Volume 1 – 3 W. G. Nash


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