Top 10 Best Military Schools in Georgia 2023 You Can Study

When it comes to college, the best choice for parents and guardians with a difficult child is a military or military-friendly school, for boys or girls. Luckily, Georgia has a few of these schools.

If you’re worried about the best military schools in Georgia, this guide gives you a full list and explanation of each top school in the state.

We made the list by looking at schools with the right resources, track records, suggestions, and reviews, as well as those that have the tools to help veterans start a new life after they leave the military. Also, we took into account Georgia colleges that give military benefits to people in the military, veterans, and their families.

We have also thought about programmes that might help kids in this group find a passion for serving in the military.

What should you think about when picking a military school in Georgia?

When picking from the few military schools in Georgia, there are a few things to think about.

Here are some things to think about when picking from the list of the best military schools in Georgia for boys, girls, or any troubled youth;

Think about when things start.
The average cost of college is $45,000.
Does the school let you transfer points from another school?
Average first-year pay of at least $40,000
Online programmes to make the most of time
Make sure that the school’s programmes are approved by reputable groups.
Is there help with money? What kinds of cash aid are there?
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Top 10 Best Military Schools in Georgia

First of all, Georgia only has two military schools that are recognised by the government. But there are programmes at some Georgia schools that are not military schools that help kids get into military schools. Without further ado, let’s look at the best military programmes at colleges and universities in Georgia;

1. North Georgia University

Length: 4 Years
Location: Dahlonega, GA
The average cost of college is $10,444 a year.
The University of North Georgia is one of the six State Leadership Institutions in the United States. This is because it is one of the best military schools. The school is proud of its small class groups, which make it easy to learn.

There is a Corps of Cadets at UNG, and both the civilian track and the track train students to become commissioned soldiers. The civilian learning track prepares students to join the National Service Leadership programme and work in the private, non-profit, or government field.

At UNG, students can choose from majors and minors like accounting, anthropology, etc. for both undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Sign up for UNG

2. Military College of Georgia

Time: Two Years
Milledgeville, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $11,029 a year.
Georgia Military College is one of the best schools in Georgia because it is the only regular military school in the state. GMC has both online and in-person classes, as well as blended classes that are a mix of the two.

As a military school, Georgia Military College has a Corps of Cadets that trains students for service academies and early commissioning. GMC is also one of the schools that offers a state service grant. Here’s a hint: some students can enrol for free.


3. The University of Augusta

Length: 4 Years
Augusta, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $12,239 a year.
Even though Augusta University is not a military college in Georgia, it made the list because it has programmes that help people in the military get into military school. Through their military and veterans programs, Augusta University makes sure that all service members, veterans, and military families get the help they need.

To be able to receive this support, students must possess the following documents: military transcripts, previous college transcripts, high school transcript, and ACT or SAT scores.


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4. Georgia University

Length: 4 Years
Athens, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $14,257 a year.
The University of Georgia is one of the places that are linked to the best military colleges in Georgia. Like Augusta University, the University of Georgia helps people in the military or who have served in the military get started on a learning path.

The University has special financial help and scholarships for people in the military. Students can also work while getting their first or second degree.


5. The main campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology

Length: 4 Years
Atlanta, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $14,974 a year.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the best military schools in the state. It is a good choice for unhappy teens who are good at doing things with their hands.

At Georgia Tech, your military knowledge will grow because the school makes sure that service members and soldiers use their experience.

GIT has a programme called SkillBridge for service people who are leaving the military. Also, its military programmes are perfect for military partners, service members who are leaving the military, service members who are still in the military, and veterans.


6. University of Georgia Southern

Length: 4 Years
Statesboro, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $15,571 a year.
Georgia Southern University is a college with programmes for military families, soldiers, and people in the military who are still serving.

GSU unique programmes have flexible course choices. With the help of the school’s veterans affairs experts, veterans can choose a programme that lets them use their knowledge and get an education at the same time.


7. Georgia State University

Length: 4 Years
Atlanta, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $17,242 a year.
Georgia State University is one of the best military colleges in Georgia. One of its main goals is to help military students meet with each other and get the services they need to do well in school. You can get all of these perks if you are in the military or if you are a family member of someone who is.

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Remember that when you come to GSU, you will be given an armed student advocate. These people explain the area services for veterans and the best way to get around campus.


8. University of Kennesaw State

Length: 4 Years
Kennesaw, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $18,522 a year.
Kennesaw State University is the next school or college on our list for troubled teens in Georgia. KSU is not a military school, but like most schools in Georgia, it has programmes for veterans and military members.

The University’s diverse military society is run by veterans and service members with a lot of experience. KSU gives veterans and people who are still in the service special benefits while they are in undergraduate or graduate school.

There are many ways to learn at the university, including online, in person, and a mix of the two.


9. Strayer University in Georgia

Length: 4 Years
Atlanta, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $23,442 a year.
Strayer University in Georgia offers perks to people who are in the military. Service members, soldiers, and their families can save money on tuition or get help from a support team through their services.

Students in the military who want to go to Strayer University in Georgia can get the Strayer Military Scholarship and other military scholarships.

Before you sign up for Strayer University, you should know that the school will take into account your military training and experience.


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10. School of Art and Design at Savannah

Length: 4 Years
Savannah, GA is the place.
The average cost of college is $44,632 a year.
If you are in the military or have been in the service, you should think about going to Savannah College of Art and Design. If you go to Savannah College of Art and Design, you will be going to a nationally recognised school that has an agreement with the Department of Defense to help veterans.

As its name suggests, Savannah College of Art and Design is only for art, so most of the degrees it offers are in art.


How to Choose the Best Military School in Georgia in 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Georgia Military College been around?

The Georgia Military College programme happens every three months.
Students can get their degree in as little as a year and a half because each quarter is 9 weeks long.

Georgia has how many military schools?

Georgia only has two military schools for boys and girls. The Military College of Georgia, which is also called the University of Northern Georgia, and Georgia Military College are the two schools.

Where is the military school in Georgia?

Georgia Military College is the state’s military school. It is in Milledgeville, which is about 93 miles southeast of Atlanta.

How old do you have to be in Georgia to go to military school?

Georgia’s military schools are open to all 16–18-year-olds, no matter where they live or how much money they have.

How much is the Georgia Military College registration fee?

The application fee for Georgia Military College is $35, which can be paid online or at a school near you.


Having learned about the best schools in Georgia for military members and soldiers, you now know where to send a troubled boy or girl to school.

Visit the school’s website using the links we gave you for more information before you sign up.


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