Top 5 Best Military Schools in Florida 2023 You Can Study and Fees

Do you want to send your boys or girls to one of Florida’s best military schools? Do you want to figure out which military school in Florida is right for your cadet to teach him or her about studies, character, and discipline?

Here is a list of the best military schools in Florida for both boys and girls. Most of the questions you have about this topic have also been answered.

Let’s dive in!!!

5 Reasons Why Sending Your Kids to Military Schools is a Good Idea?

Most people think that military schools are for kids who don’t behave well, have anger problems, don’t do well in school, or have other behavioural problems. Even though it’s a little bit true, it’s not the whole truth.

Some kids at military schools don’t have these kinds of problems. Some bullies are sent to a military school to learn about self-respect, boost their confidence and self-esteem, and learn how to protect and stand up for themselves.

There are other good reasons why your child might do well at a military school, especially one in Florida.

To learn discipline and build good character so they can be good citizens and great leaders.
When they leave, cadets are known, confident, and well-rounded adults.
Students who finish military school have a much better chance of getting into a top college than those who went to a public school.
Small class groups at military schools make it easier for each student to get help from the teacher.
Extracurricular hobbies like drama clubs, debate clubs, band teams, and doll teams are allowed.
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What do you need to do to get into a Florida military school?

There are a lot of military schools in Florida, and each one has its own rules for getting in. This means that there is no one list of standards that will get you into all of the state’s military schools.

But all of the military schools in Florida, for girls or boys, high school, college, or undergrad, have the same standards for getting in.

To get into the military schools in Florida, you must meet the following criteria:

Be in the age range that the military school says you need to be.
Those who want to apply must be US citizens or permanent residents who live in Florida.
The applicant shouldn’t be facing any criminal charges and shouldn’t have any court cases going on.
All applicants must be able to take part in the programme both physically and mentally.
Anyone who wants to go to one of Florida’s military schools must not use drugs or other substances that are against the law.
Also, applicants must send in all of the necessary supporting documents with all of the blanks filled in.
Any other needs will depend on the school. Once you’ve chosen a school from the list below, you should go to the school’s website to learn more about the standards for that school.

How much do Florida’s military schools cost?

Like the standards for getting into a military college in Florida, the cost of tuition and other fees varies from school to school. This is because some Florida military schools are public charter schools or are owned by the government. Cadets don’t have to pay fees or any other fee at these schools.

On the other hand, college prep military schools cost between $25,000 and $50,000 per year in fees. These kinds of schools are often called “military-friendly” and “privately owned.”

Florida has how many military schools?

There are only 5 military schools for kids ages PK to 12 in Florida.


List of the best Florida military schools

There are a few military schools for boys and girls in Florida. These schools are either run by the government or are privately owned. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best military private schools in FL;

#1. Florida Air Academy

Grade: 6-12
Beginning in 1961
Type of School: Private
Acceptance rate: 100%.
Melbourne, Florida is where
Day school costs $10,000 and boarding school costs $30,000.
Florida Air Academy is a good choice if you want to send your child to a private military school in Florida. Florida Air Academy was started by the Dwight family. It is a private, fully accredited, day and boarding school for both boys and girls.

Florida Air Academy is one of the best private military schools in Florida. Its main goal is to prepare cadets for college by teaching them leadership, character, responsibility, and trust.

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The small class sizes at Florida Air Academy are a good reason to send your child there because they allow for one-on-one learning and contact. There are also grants available to every student who applies.

Remember that the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) programme at the Florida Air Academy takes four years to finish.


#2: The Sarasota Military Academy (SMA)

Grade: 6-12
Founded in 2002
Type of School: Public
Acceptance rate: 100%.
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Tuition: No fees or tuition.
If you want to go to a tuition-free military school in Florida, Sarasota Military Academy should be your first choice. Sarasota Military Academy is a public charter boarding school, which means it doesn’t make money and doesn’t charge fees.

Since it opened, Sarasota Military Academy has made a name for itself by giving its cadets excellent education, character development, and leadership training.

The school is for grades 6 through 12. But it has two programmes for this age group: one for the prep grades 6–8 and one for the high grades 9–12. Extracurricular pursuits like JROTC and a drumline squad are part of these tracks.

When they graduate, cadets have the skills, principles, and education that will allow them to go out into the real world and live productive, happy lives.


3. Gateway Military Academy

Grade: 12-17
Beginning in 1961
Type of School: Private
Acceptance rate: 100%.
Holmes County is in Florida.
$11,400 per year for tuition
Gateway Military Academy is one of the best military colleges or places for troubled teens who are ready for college. Gateway Military Academy is both a school for the military and a Christian school. Gateway Military Academy is one of the few military schools in Florida that accepts boys from all over the country. This is useful information.

The good news is that there is no admissions process, no documents needed, and no requirements to apply. All you need to do is pass the interview between the admissions worker and the cader parent or guardian. Once you pass the interview, the school gives you a welcome email and an application letter that you need to fill out and send back.

Best Military Schools in Florida 2023 You Can Study

Also, Gateway Military Academy doesn’t use drills and training exercises. Instead, its curriculum is designed to help troubled boys build character, leadership, respect, and discipline to stop acting badly and making bad choices.

Are there events outside of school? Absolutely


4. High school in Dr. Phillips

Grade: 6-12
Started in 1987
Type of School: Public Acceptance rate: 100%.
Location: Orlando, Florida
Fees: Not Mentioned
On our list of the best military schools in Florida, Dr. Phillips High School is one of them. Dr. Philips High School is a military school for both boys and girls in high school, just like the name says.

As a private school, the school has everything kids need to stay safe and busy while they are in their care. Dr. Phillips High School has a number of programmes that let students focus on things that interest them. Some of these programmes are Advanced Placement (AP), Air Force JROTC, Career, Academics, Dual Enrollment, Tech Prep, Career Pathways, and Magnet and Arts Programs.

Over the years, Dr. Philips High School has been known for its unique military programmes for both boys and girls. When they graduate, cadets have done well in school and given back to the community.


5. Admiral Farragut Academy

Grade: PK-12
1933: Started up
Type of School: Private
Acceptance rate: 90%.
St. Petersburg is in Florida.
Tuition is between $14,000 and $53,200 per year.
Admiral Farragut Academy is a private military school in Florida that helps students get ready for college. This academy can help you decide if your child should go to a day school, boarding school, or join the service.

Boys and girls in grades PK through 12 from anywhere in the country can go to Admiral Farragut Academy. Also, Admiral Farragut Academy is the only military school that takes students from outside the United States.

There are three types of classes: K–7, which are for day students, 8–12, which are for upper school, and 8–12, which are also for border students. All classes can expect to have students from all over the world, a complete academic structure, strong character, and leadership growth for all of its students.

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To apply, you need to send an inquiry, take a tour of the school, fill out an online application, send it in, and pay the application fees.


Florida Military Colleges: Frequently Asked Questions

If I go to a military school in Florida, do I have to become a soldier?

You have to decide if you want to be a soldier. But just because you go to a military school doesn’t mean you have to become a fighter.

After high school, you can go to college, join the war, or keep going to high school. It’s all up to you and what you decide.

How old do you have to be in Florida to go to a military school?

Different schools have different age requirements. Every school has a minimum age that students must be. Once you’ve made your choice, you should go to the school’s website to find out what they expect from kids your age.

Do military colleges in Florida accept students from other countries?

The only people who can go to military schools in Florida are people who live there, are American citizens, or are permanent residents of the United States. Admiral Farragut Academy is the only school that doesn’t follow this rule because it accepts students from other countries.

Do FL military schools teach school subjects?

Most people think of these schools as places where kids go through tough training to learn how to be fighters. That’s not right. The curriculum at these places is also like that of a high school, and students also earn credits.


If you want to send your child to a military school in Florida, I don’t think I need to tell you what the best choice is. We recommend that you go to the school’s website once you’ve decided on a school to meet specific needs.


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