WAEC English Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo Leaks)

Our WAEC English Questions and Answers for the 2023/2024 session are now available for free distribution to all secondary school students currently enrolled in WAEC 2023.


English WAEC Exam Questions and Answers 2023/2024

This article will provide an overview of the types of questions you will likely encounter in the Objective (OBJ), Essay, and Oral parts of papers 1, 2, and 3.

Keep refreshing this page, as we will definitely update this page as soon as the Latest 2023 WAEC English Questions and Answers are out…

In the meantime, go through these past questions and Answers for the previous years because they are likely questions for WAEC English 2023.

WAEC English Language Past Questions Examinations

Our team compiled these tips by analyzing hundreds of former questions and manuscripts with Python-based data analysis tools.

Our sample questions are likely to be comparable to those you may encounter in the test room; thus, read them as if you were preparing for exams.

Past WAEC English Questions and Answers for 2022

Use the following WAEC English Questions and Answers from past examinations for practice; further information is provided below.

Choose the word that best completes the following phrases:

1. In light of Ade’s behavior, he must be disciplined.

A. was

B. that

C. On

D. Is

E. At

The Correct Answer is Option D.

2. According to my friend, ____ bags are really hefty.

A. You’re

B. Yours

C. You

D. Your

E. You’d

The Correct Answer is Option D.

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3. With my height, I could look over the barrier.

A. Wouldn’t

B. Can

C. Could not have

D. Cannot

How should

Solution: C is the correct response.

4. The force of the blow was so .

A. Thunderous

B. Tepid

C. Bulgariaceous

D. Voluptuous

E. Expo

A is the appropriate response

In each of the following sentences, choose the term that best explains the bold word (s)

1. Patrick was so fatigued that he needed to go to bed.

A. Go to Sleep

B. Punched his bed

C. Suitable garri bag

D. Go prepare food

Solution: A is the correct response.

2. Having heard him speak and made an uninformed guess, your guess is as good as mine.

A. I literally have no idea

B. I recall every word he uttered.

C. I see what he means.

D. My prediction is superior.

E. Your assumption is as odd as mine.

Solution: A is the correct response.

Exams for WAEC English Paper 1 Objectives (OBJ) in 2022

The WAEC English Questions and Answers consists of around sixty multiple-choice questions with a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes (1hr 30 mins).

It contains text fields in which you must check only one of the five available options.

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See the example image below

English WAEC Test Questions and Answers

WAEC Theory of the English Language Questions and Answers for 2023/24 (Paper 2)
The WAEC English Language Questions and Answers Paper 2 consists of Theory, Essay, and Letter writing.

You will be needed to write professional and informal letters in letter writing.

Below are examples on how to compose Letters.

Format For English Language Letter Writing/Essay 2022

We present the 2022 format for writing an excellent letter that will impress your examiner and earn you that perfect score.

See the format below as we examine how to write a winning formal and informal letter, and study it carefully:

Formal Letter Format

English WAEC Test Questions and Answers

On the left, jot down your address.
Make an effort to welcome the recipient with Dear Sir/Madam
After addressing the recipient, place your theme or subject at the front of your letter.
In no more than 80 words, present your reasoning directly and concisely in the first paragraph.
Check the letter’s tone and make sure it is courteous.
Record your address and the date
Indicate the name and title of the recipient.
Close your message with an expression of gratitude such as “Thank you” or “I’m grateful,” followed by “Yours Sincerely” and your full name and signature.
Informal letter Format

English WAEC Exam Questions and Answers

Write your address
The address of the recipient
The core of the letter
Close with compliments.
Signature and Name of the Sender

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Questions and Answers for WAEC Oral English Paper 3

The WAEC English Questions and Answers Paper 3 is an oral examination that assesses the candidate’s knowledge of concord and phonics.

This examination will last one hour and thirty minutes (1hr 30mins) and consist of sixty questions.

This will also evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of English vowels and consonants as well as their pronunciation skills.

Below are examples of potential WAEC English Oral Exam questions and answers for 2022/23:

1. Which of the following does not have the same stress pattern as “Favicon”?

A. blower

B. Gravity

C. Radical

D. Favorite

The Answer is A

2. Which of the following words includes the / u / sound?

A. Open

B. Schwarz

C. Blade

D. Swath

The Answer is A

3. Select the word that most closely rhymes with “bright.”

A. Glider

B. Roth

C. Foil

D. Height

The Answer is D

4. The word “Umbrella” is transcribed.

A. ʌmˈbrlə

B. ʌmˈbrela

C. Amˈbrelə

D. ʌmˈbrelə

The answer is D

WAEC Question Format & Instructions 2022

There is a set of regulations that all applicants must follow to avoid failing the WAEC that they may not be aware of.

We will just review these unwritten principles to ensure their understanding:

1. Always double-check to ensure your details are appropriately written on your question paper.

2. In the exam room, do not write your name and number on multiple answer sheets.

3. Avoid doing expo at all costs.

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4. Always read and comprehend the instructions on the answer sheet prior to answering questions.

5. Do not shade more than one answer in your objectives, as shading two could result in penalties.

6. Always ensure that HB pencils are used while shading. Pen shading is absolutely banned.

7. Remember that forgetting information could land you in jail

8. Two days before your exam, review past questions and the syllabus, and on exam day, make just revisions to avoid mental fatigue.

9. Have your writing supplies, calculator, pens, and everything else you’ll need on hand.

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