WAEC Store Keeping Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo Leaks)

The WAEC Questions and Answers for Store Keeping are now available on our websites. In this article, I will provide you with free access to previous WAEC Store Keeping objectives and theory random repeated questions.

Questions and Answers on WAEC Storekeeping Exam

In addition, you will comprehend how WAEC Store Keeping questions are structured and a number of other examination specifics.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that administers the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, as well as the Jamb and University entrance examinations in West African countries.

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Objective (OBJ) of WAEC Store Keeping Questions and Answers Paper 1:

1. When arranging a store, the storekeeper must take into account

A. the price paid for goods.

B. the character of goods

C. the worth of products.

D. obsolete goods.


Which of the following documents will be required when merchandise is received?

A. Debit note.

Credit notation.

C. Consignment note.

Delivery receipt.


Which of the following is not essential to store layout design?

A. Proper format

B. Adequate lighting

C. Sufficient security

D. Adequate staffing

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A warehouse owned and operated by an independent business entity is known as a warehouse.

A. customs warehouse

B. private storage unit

C. municipal warehouse

D. business warehouse

A document that authorizes the release of materials for use is a materials release authorization.

A. document request

B. the materials request.

C. bill requisition.

D. maintenance.


A purchase order will include the following sections with the exception of:

A. materials description.

B. Purchase order number.

C. Stock code letter.

D. delivery number.


The objective of inventorying is to

A. Ensure that the store is stocked.

B. Keep the storekeeper busy.

C. Guarantee a consistent flow of production activities.

D.facilitate effective utilization of funds

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Store Keeping OBJ Answers:



21 to 30: CDBACCDBE




1.a) Describe five benefits of public warehouses.

(b) List five warehouse functions.


Describe five considerations for selecting a store layout.

Describe the following:

(a) Maximum stock level

(b) Minimum stock level

(c) Economic order quantity

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