Complete WAEC Syllabus for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2023, Text Books, and Topics

You must study the subject matter from the WAEC syllabus for refrigeration and air conditioning in order to take the test. The format, notes, and goals for the refrigeration and air conditioning exam are all included.

For exam preparation, you must read up on refrigeration and air conditioning. You can use it as a guide to help you decide which topics to read about. Additionally, there are notes on ideas that you ought to learn carefully.

Exam preparation without the use of the air conditioner and refrigerator is equivalent to traveling to the farm without your farming equipment. You won’t be effective in the end.

Make sure to use the syllabus when you start your exam preparations.

The West African Examination Council’s recommended textbooks for refrigeration and air conditioning are included in this article (WAEC).

WAEC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

There will be three papers in the exams, and each one must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be taken together in one sitting and will be composite papers.

Paper 1 will have forty multiple-choice questions that are required to be answered. Candidates will have one hour to complete the paper. It will be worth 40 points.

Paper 2: Candidates must respond to any four of the five essay questions for a total of 60 marks in one hour and 30 minutes.

Paper 3: The candidate must respond to two practical questions for 100 points in two hours.

The schools must get a list of materials (cutting list) at least two weeks prior to the exam date so they can make the necessary purchases and get ready for the test.

The job must be completed by the candidate in front of the examiner.

In the event that there are limitations on the necessary facilities, the Council may instead think about utilizing the alternative to the practical work testing technique. In this scenario, applicants will be given two mandatory questions to respond to within two hours for a total of 100 marks.

Candidates will be evaluated on their practical workshop experience, their ability to recognize and utilize the necessary tools, their proficiency with measurement tools, their ability to solve problems, etc.

It may also be necessary to create freehand sketches of hand tools, electrical circuits, and wiring schematics for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

WAEC Syllabus

  1. Safety and first aid in the workshop.
  2. Energy, matter and power.
    • Energy
    • Nature of matter.
    • power.
  3. Temperature and pressure.
    • Temperature and its measurement
    • Pressure and its measurement
  4. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
    • Introduction to refrigeration.
    • Refrigerants
    • Air-Conditioningprocesses
  5. Compressors, Condensers and Evaporators
    • Compressors
    • Condensers.
  6. Workshop practices.
    • Basic tools used in ┬árefrigeration and air-conditioning workshops
    • Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
    • Maintenance and Testing
  7. Installation processes
    • Piping, Ducting and ┬áTrunking
    • Motors and generators
    • Cold room
  8. Insulation processes
  9. Insulation of refrigeration and air-conditioning system.
  10. Entrepreneurship.
    • Business concept.
    • Marketing
    • Accounting


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