Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sports Tier 2 and 1 (Ounabara Vocational School)

Answers to questions on the Athletics Tier 2 exam in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Every question that falls under this category stirs up enthusiasm and charisma:

Basketball is a team activity in which the teams’ objective is to score points by making baskets with the ball through the hoop belonging to the opposing team. The location on the field from which the shot was taken is one of the factors that determines the number of points scored. What is the highest possible number of points that a person can earn from a single shot, excluding the points that can be earned from penalty shots? 3

The game of golf is performed on a course, and the objective of each player is to get the ball into the hole using the fewest number of strokes possible. At each hole on the course, there is a predetermined count of strokes that the golfer is supposed to achieve. A par is awarded to a player who completes the hole in the predetermined number of strokes, while a birdie is awarded to a player who completes the hole in fewer strokes than par. What is the name given to a course that has been completed with three strokes less than par? Eagle

What are the 10 different targets that the bowling ball needs to knock down in order for a player to achieve points in the game of bowling? Pins

The winter activity of skiing consists of a participant gliding down a snow-covered slope while wearing skis. A pair of tools, in addition to the components that attach the skier’s feet to the skis, is generally used by skiers to keep themselves stable while they are on the slopes. What do you name these things? Poles

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Running a distance of 42.195 kilometers is required to compete in the track and field event known as the marathon. Which of the following is the occurrence that served as the starting point for this amount of space? The conflict at Marathon

Baseball is a team sport in which the two opposing teams take turns playing offense and defense. The objective of the pitcher in the defensive half of the game is to throw the ball in such a manner that the batter in the offensive half strikes out. A fracturing ball is the term for something like this. Which of the following does not not belong to the category of shattering balls? Volley

In the sport of soccer, which is played as a team competition, the objective is to score points by kicking the ball into the goal of the opposing team. It is a foul for any player, other than the goalkeeper, to contact the ball with their hands or arms at any time during the game. What do you name this particular type of foul? Handling

What do you call the type of racing maneuver in which a vehicle navigates a turn by sliding its tires, thereby cutting down on the amount of time it takes? Drifting

In order to complete a triathlon, one must first successfully complete three separate events in consecutive order while also contending for the best overall time. Which of the following is not one of the activities that is included in the triathlon? Country to Country

What is the name of the track and field competition in which competitors contend for the greatest distance they can throw a metal ball after pushing it as far into the air as they can? The Put Drive

Answers to questions on the Sport Tier 1 exam in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Every question that falls under this category stirs up enthusiasm and charisma:

In the sport of American football, two teams compete against one another for points by attempting to advance an oval-shaped ball into the touchdown zone of the opposing squad. How many members of a single squad are permitted to take part in a game at any given time? 11 Participants

The activities of surfing, climbing, bungee leaping, and skydiving are just a few examples of the kinds of sports that, at times, can involve a significant amount of danger. What do we name all of these different sports together? Intense sports

Players compete for points in the sport of badminton by using a racket to strike a feathered ball, also known as a shuttlecock, back and forth between themselves. Which of the following represents the utmost velocity that the shuttlecock is capable of reaching? 500 km/h

When skiing, one technique that can be used is to maintain the front of the skis together while separating the back of the skis. What do you name this method of treatment? Turning the Snowplough

Two competitors face off against one another in a game of table tennis, which consists of striking a ball back and forth across a table. There are two very distinct methods to hold the racket, and they are very different from one another. The Shakehand technique is one of the options. What exactly do you name the other one? Penhold

Boxing is a one-on-one combat activity that divides competitors into a number of different weight classes based on their position in the fight. One of these categories is the featherweight division. Which of the following categories best describes the weight division that boxers who weigh even less compete in? Bantamweight

What is the name given to the occurrence in baseball when a single player gets a single, double, triple, and home run all in the same game? Attempting to Complete the Round

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The object of the game darts is to shoot small projectiles, known as darts, at a circular board that is separated into sections. The number of points obtained is proportional to how close the darts are to the center when they fall. What do you name the spot exactly in the middle of the board? Bull’s-eye

Skaters compete in the sport of figure skating, which involves judging each competitor based on their showmanship and skating technique as they move across the rink. What is the term of the maneuver in which a skater takes off from the back outside edge of one foot and lands on the back outside edge of the other foot after performing a jump? Lutz

There are presently three different fencing disciplines that are used in modern fencing. Fencing is a sport in which two athletes compete against each other in one-on-one matches. Which of the following types of assaults is considered a “cutting” attack? Sabre

Sports Tier 2

Personality Trait Boost: Passion +30, Charisma +30
Topic /Keywords Answer
Golf Albatross
Basketball 3 (pts)
Triathlon Cross Country
Track and Field Shot Put
Soccer Handling
Bowling Pin
Skiing Poles
Marathon Battle of Marathon
Car Racing Drift Driving
Baseball Volley

Sports Tier 1

Personality Trait Boost: Passion +50, Charisma +50
Topic /Keywords Answer
American Football 11 Players
Badminton 500 km/h
Baseball Hitting for the Cycle
Boxing Bantamweight
Darts Bull’s Eye
Fencing Sabre
Figure Skating Lutz
Skiing Snowplough Turn
Surfing, climbing, bungee jumping, and skydiving Extreme Sports
Table Tennis Pen Hold

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